Latest Space News
Wed, 19 Jan 2022 12:01:06 +0000
A fund led by Steven Mnuchin, former treasury secretary, will invest $150 million into Earth imaging company Satellogic, helping close a delayed merger with a special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC). SpaceNews
Wed, 19 Jan 2022 03:49:29 +0000
SpaceX passed the threshold of more than 2,000 Starlink satellites launched after a Falcon 9 placed another set of broadband internet spacecraft into orbit Jan. 18. SpaceNews
Wed, 19 Jan 2022 00:05:41 +0000
Col. Eric Felt, director of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate, will be moving to a new post this summer as deputy executive director of the Space Force’s architecture, science and technology directorate at the Pentagon. SpaceNews
Wed, 19 Jan 2022 00:04:24 +0000
The European Space Agency is considering accelerating the launch of a new Earth science satellite after an existing one malfunctioned last month and remains out of service. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 23:40:35 +0000
If a CR continues, two national security space missions funded in 2022 would have to be pushed into 2023 or beyond. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 23:04:29 +0000
Satellite operator SES is absorbing its SES Networks business unit ahead of deploying its next-generation O3b mPOWER broadband constellation this year.  SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 22:49:53 +0000
EarthDaily Analytics (EDA) said Jan. 18 it has selected condosat operator Loft Orbital to build, launch and operate a fleet of 10 Earth-observation satellites on its behalf.  SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 22:43:31 +0000
The U.S. Space Force will turn more attention in the coming year to the design of the military’s future space architecture, chief of space operations Gen. John “Jay” Raymond said Jan. 18. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 17:01:29 +0000
Israel will sign the U.S.-led Artemis Accords outlining best practices for space exploration, according to Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 14:37:56 +0000
Chinese private company Landspace is working towards a first launch of its new methane-fueled Zhuque-2 rocket with the construction of launch facilities at Jiuquan. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 12:21:43 +0000
NASA’s safety advisers are calling on the agency to reexamine how it manages human spaceflight programs to reflect the changing relationship with industry and to better run its core exploration effort. SpaceNews
Tue, 18 Jan 2022 09:00:30 +0000
The O’Neil Group, a real estate and asset management company based in Colorado Springs, announced Jan. 18 it is making a strategic investment in Bluestaq, a technology startup that is developing an enterprise data system for the U.S. Space Force.  SpaceNews
Mon, 17 Jan 2022 15:16:15 +0000
Military needs for weather data such as cloud coverage and theater weather imagery currently cannot be met by the commercial industry and likely will require significant new investment. SpaceNews
Mon, 17 Jan 2022 15:02:21 +0000
After a year that saw the rise and potential fall of one tool for space companies to raise money, executives and investors have varying degrees of optimism about the state of the industry heading into 2022. SpaceNews
Mon, 17 Jan 2022 10:03:43 +0000
A Long March 2D carried the classified Shiyan-13 test satellite into orbit late Sunday, marking the start of what is planned to be a busy year of launches for China. SpaceNews
Mon, 17 Jan 2022 03:29:34 +0000
Stratolaunch flew its giant aircraft Jan. 16 for just the third time as company executives promise a higher rate of flight activities this year, including the first flight of a hypersonic test vehicle. SpaceNews
Sun, 16 Jan 2022 01:26:50 +0000
The size of NASA’s astronaut corps may soon fall below the minimum level the agency needs to support space station and Artemis missions and other activities, the agency’s inspector general warns. SpaceNews
Fri, 14 Jan 2022 23:10:16 +0000
Michael Leahy, director of DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, said nuclear propulsion could give the U.S. military an advantage over enemies by making satellites more maneuverable and less vulnerable to attack. SpaceNews
Fri, 14 Jan 2022 16:44:06 +0000
Condosat operator Loft Orbital has ordered more than 15 satellite buses from Airbus in a deal announced Jan. 14 that calls for building the initial OneWeb-derived platforms in France before shifting serial production to Florida. SpaceNews
Fri, 14 Jan 2022 12:39:29 +0000
Indian hyperspectral imaging startup Pixxel has announced a partnership with mining company Rio Tinto, giving that company early access to data from satellites scheduled to launch early this year. SpaceNews
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:12-04-2011
     Last Modified:12-04-2011 (08:08)
    Job information
     Current job:System Administrator
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Own country
     Date available:within a month
     Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, , , Launch Systems
     KeywordsDesign, build, integrate and network systems. I’ve designed, installed and supported proprietary H/W and S/W platforms for SAIC (USAF, Army, Navy), Hughes, General Dynamics,Lockheed, Northrup and Motorola (SATcom) (with secret clearance).

    Security+ Network+ A+
    Active Secret Clearance

    Significant Projects:
    • IA and EKMS military compliance-proprietary projects
    • Space Shuttle Fuel Systems, (Rocketdyne-SME)
    • Military Security Projects (SATcom-team Motorola, General Dynamics)
    • Plasma Spattering Sensor System (Welding in space)(Hughes-SME)
    • AMRAAM Mobile Missile tracking stations, (Hughes-SME)
    • Advanced Tactical Fighter Project (Lockheed-team member)
    • Cray Installation Team (Hughes/HP/CDC)
    • SD Sheriff’s Dept. 911 System (sys admin/system upgrade)
    • Install/Support/Improve Clustered Hospitals Systems(team lead)

    Operating systems: Microsoft 2003R2 Server, AD, XP Pro, Win 7, OpenVMS 8.1, HP-UX 11.2, RHEL on SUN, x86, x64 and IA64 platforms including documenting system, network, software, procedure and configuration information. Supported space shuttle fuel delivery design systems (Rocketdyne) and SATcom (Motorola) systems.
    Systems: DELL 1850,2900,3250-HP blade & rack servers, desktops, laptops Dell 630-830, Disaster Recovery systems and procedures, SATCOM interface and tracking systems.
    Security: SPAWAR/DISA/ FISMA DoD 8570, Gold Disk, eEyeRetina, HBSS, MBSA, DIACAP, ATO’s, C&A, POAM’s, NMCI, Niprnet, Siprnet, Security Policy, Bus Impact Assessments.
    System Software: ESM, JAMS, Multinet, SSH2, Backup Exec, TSM, Veritas, Ultrabac.
    Application Software: Oracle 9i, 10gR2, 11i, Ingres II, Word, Excel, MS Visio, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe.
    SAN: 8TB EMC CX300-400 series Clariion, Navisphere, EMC VMAX
    Networks: DNS, DHCP, VPN’s, Ethernet, Fiber, Cisco routers, switches, Sniffer, Cisco 2600-3-4000 routers
    People: Shift supervisor for dayshift (3 yrs) and night shift (6 mo.) at SPAWAR for 4 + years, wrote reviews. Managed 2 co-workers at SD Sheriff’s dept., wrote reviews. Managed 2-8 tech’s with D.E.C. Earned 2 DEC customer service awards.
    Diagnostic/Monitoring – DECevent, WEBES, CCAT, HP OpenView, Configured, troubleshot C4I, Link 11-12 interfaces, SPAWAR, OTH, SE/I, complying with PAC, Performance Acceptance Criteria, wrote risk analysis reports for customer. Installed and supported STU III’s, KG-84c, KG-194’s
    Capacity Planning software – installed, configured and used, TeamQuest, Altiris, Foglight

    Scripp’s Health ECP – VMS System Admin Sep, 2010 – present

    Responsible for OpenVMS 7.3-2 cluster, performed EMC DMX to VMAX SAN conversion, support Cache’ IDX, document troubleshooting procedures. Support IBM AIX 5.3 and 6.1 systems. DR procedures and documentation, system monitoring. Assisted with Trendstar upgrade. Backup and monitor 21 AIX and HPUX Unix systems, use vi to edit code.

    Computer Science Corp /N.E.R.M.S. IA/System Admin Jan – April 2010

    System Admin/ IAM for N.E.R.M.S. MS 2003 Server, HP blade servers, Server Hardening, Gold Disk, eEyeRetina Scans, SPAWAR, FISMA, DIACAP, DISA compliance. Install patches, perform upgrades. DoD 8570 certification. Vulnerability assessment, remediation and justification, C&A, ATO, POAM’s. Familiar with AD/MS system internals.

    Information Security Governance and Risk Management

    Performed system vulnerability remediation on dispatcher’s XP Pro PC’s. Gold Disk scans and implemented recommended changes, rescanned to verify remediation changes worked. This was for the SPAWAR N.E.R.M.S. project. Navy Emergency Response Management System. Patches, upgrades were installed and performed to comply with DISA requirements for ATO and C & A. The project was 2 years behind when I started. Wrote POAM’s.

    iBASEt/SPAWAR System Admin Jun-Nov 2009

    Build / sys admin MS 2003 servers /Oracle 10gR2 environment on Dell 1750, 2850, 3250 systems. Support customer access, network, printing. Create/document installation procedures. DoD 8570 certification. Responsible for DoD SPAWAR Security compliance, NMCI, DITSCAP, DIACAP, HBSS, MBSA 2.1, Gold Disk, eEyeRetina scans and remediation. Installed, configured Oracle 10gR2, BIEE, APEX and wrote install/config documentation. Veritas/Symantec Backup Exec. Installed HBSS on one system and managed another. Wrote POAM’s, installed patches, performed IA as required.

    Information Security Governance and Risk Management

    Gold Disk and eEyeRetina scans to meet ATO deadlines. After running Gold Disk and eEyeRetina scans, performed remediation on servers and requested variances where the changes would impact a critical system. Changed user access, permissions, removed default accounts, replaced default administrator accounts, changed backup software parameters so certain logs were “not” created. Hid folders. Basically locked down the systems to comply with DIACAP in NMCI environment.

    S.A.I.C. Intelligence / Information Business Unit March 2008 - June 2009
    System Integrator/System Administrator
    Upgrade, patch, maintain Microsoft 2000/2003R2 Servers. Configure, support Dell laptops and desktops. Symantec install, configure. DoD 8570 certification. Performed product evaluation.Troubleshoot customer access, network, printing and security issues. Created instructional CD’s for the US Army and USAF. Install, support Microsoft XP Professional, laptops, desktops, networks and printers, Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe. Supported crypto lab, KG194’s, EKMS, secret clearance, granted interim TS. Maintained/supported EMC SAN, Navisphere.

    Access Control

    Built XP Pro laptops using Visual SourceSafe to control access to proprietary software. Created, documented installation procedures, setup VPN’s to provide secure access from anywhere in the country. Used Guardian Edge to encrypt disks.
    Supported “road warriors” remote access using RADIUS and Cisco’s VPN product.


    Built and maintained 2003R2 servers for EKMS environment. Secret clearance required. Installed, configured, maintained proprietary cryptographic software. Loaded KG’s and servers with keys, followed secure sign-in, sign-out procedures for computer components supporting U.S. Army and Air Force projects. That’s about all I can say regarding this position.

    Telecommunications and Network Security

    Built 2003R2 servers. Configured DNS, DHCP and RADIUS with Cisco VPN. These provided remote access and monitoring capabilities to customer’s networks. Used Fortigate Analyzer for analyzing logs, reporting. Did not provide WiFi or mobile support. Provided web content and SPAM filtering for some clients. Supported IDS group.

    Laid off in January 2008, rehired March 2008 by S.A.I.C. (same site, different division)


    S.A.I.C. Corporate System Admin V May 2000 to Jan 2008

    Maintained Alpha, IA64 OpenVMS systems, HP-UX, RHELinux O/S. Maintain DEC SNA-CT Gateways/IBM mainframe interfaces. Designed, built, maintained, DR system, SSH2 Implementation. Responsible for SOX 404, COBIT compliance. Document system/network information and application/production work flow, install, restore procedures. Modify VMS/DCL code, programs and procedures. Performed BIA for DR project, ROI cost/benefit analysis for system and network projects.

    Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance

    My systems were the financial systems so I was responsible for COBIT and SOX404 compliance. My systems passed two Deloitte and Touche audits. Verification, documentation and justification for all accounts. Elevated privilege accounts, who used them and why. Vendor default accounts had to be deleted, renamed or disabled.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

    Designed and supported systems in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. Setup backup schedules, specific files, performed quarterly disk, directory and file restoration providing evidence to support the restore procedures worked and kept a log of periodic restores. Worked with departments to make sure critical files were backed up, stored offsite and tested every quarter. Created a questionnaire for each department to determine the business impact, (loss expectancy) of a system, group and department being down for 8 hours, 16 hours or one week.

    Access Control

    SSH2 – implemented for ECP Data Collector which collected user logon, logoff, disk and access data for the financial systems. This was transmitted every morning to our security department server for analysis. These were VMS systems so I ended up performing all of the analysis, interpretation, error detection and correction. Provided documentation for everything and explained my actions in security meetings.

    Remote system administration – RAS, RADIUS and Cisco VPN’s. . Performed remote system administration, supporting print queues and file, system and data access issues. Worked with network tech’s to provide error detection and correction

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Install, configure, maintain HP-UX, OpenVMS, RHEL on IA64 and Alpha systems
    • Capacity Planning Team (TeamQuest) – Dell servers
    • BIA, Business Impact Analysis
    • DR Planning Team, DR Systems Admin
    • DR system design, purchase, configuration
    • Long term H/W and S/W legacy migration – Dell, HP servers
    • Planned and performed legacy system migration to DS20E’s
    • SSH2 Implementation
    • Upgrade to new disk array
    • Conversion to new backup software – TSM, Veritas / BackupExec
    • Internal Projects – SOX404, COBIT production server compliance
    • Remote system administration, user and application support in other states.

    Motorola San Diego, CA Systems Analyst Nov 1998- Apr 2000

    System Admin for VMS 6.2-1H1 clustered systems and networks. Build, test, maintain SATCOM systems on DEC/VMS workstations. Worked with design engineers to define O/S requirements for SATCOM systems. Responsible for all DEC H/W - S/W and maintenance contracts for 60 lab systems. Primary support for 150+ VAX, Alpha and NT workstations. Backup system admin for Unix systems and NT admin/security



    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Primary U.S. support for ISDN/VPN for Cisco 2500, 3000, 4500 series routers.
    • Documented/Diagrammed/Inventoried 150+ VAX/Alpha systems/network config.
    • Member of 5 Y2K teams responsible for O/S and proprietary application compliance
    • Conversion of 800+ users from MSMail to MS Exchange
    • Test/evaluate new platforms for O/S and network compatibility
    • HDLC and X.25 functionality project for S/W engineering lab
    • Most Significant Project: Zero problems after Y2K – great team effort!

    UCSD Medical Center VMS System and Network Administrator Nov 1997 – Oct 1998

    System Admin for Alpha VMS cluster. Primary support/SME for Midas financial S/W, backup for IDX MUMP's.
    Daily support of system and network (TCP/IP and LAT) end-user problems
    Maintain all system/network H/W and S/W maintenance contracts
    Install system/network patches/VMS and application upgrades
    Configure, maintain and troubleshoot network DECserver700’s and AT&T network equipment
    HP network printers support for local/remote sites
    Systems/network design/purchasing consultant liaison to other UCSD Med. departments

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Designed, installed, configured, maintained network infrastructure to replace outpatient clinic communication network from modems to Enterasys switches
    • Wrote network security policy template
    • Y2K compliance team
    • Most Significant Project: Document system, network and software configuration and procedures
    using Visio. Incredibly, it had never been done.

    San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept VMS Systems Administrator Apr 1995 – Oct 1997

    System Admin for VAX7710 clusters, responsible for DSD annual budget ($1m) and Sheriff’s 911 clustered systems. Responsible for H/W and S/W maintenance contracts. Evaluate, select, justify and order all H/W and O/S. Plan/Evaluate/Design future system and network migration. Worked with several department teams to identify and resolve any problems. Performed hardware and software performance analysis and tuning. Supervised and trained backup personnel. Researched/purchased, maintained Sheriff Department’s first firewall and wrote first security policy.

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Represent Sheriff’s Dept. on projects (ARJIS)
    • Firewall Sys Admin – Wrote Sheriff’s Dept (1st) Security Policy
    • Technical liaison H/W & S/W support for other SD county departments and projects
    • Document system and network configuration, procedures
    • Most Significant Project: Rejected “free” system upgrade to Alpha processors.Performed cost/benefit analysis and found “Free” upgrade would cost the county $276,000 in hardware and approximately $3-400,000 in man hours to recompile/test/verify existing code. Existing system was under utilized.

    Computer Dynamics Inc., Point Loma, CA. Feb 1991 – Mar 1995
    Lead VAX/VMS Systems / Network Engineer SPAWAR Systems

    System/network Lead engineer. Installed 3 of 4 VMS clusters/7 of 11 systems and 3 of 4 network backbones. H/W and S/W support using COTS/GOTS. Learned/supported UYK-43’s,44’s. Configured, troubleshot C4I, Link 11-12 interfaces, SPAWAR, OTH, SE/I, complying with PAC, Performance Acceptance Criteria, wrote risk analysis reports for customer. Supported cyber warfare environment. Used/supported STU III’s and KG-84c’s, worked with NSA. Network support for Ethernet/NTDS interfaces to T1 and FDDI. Installed/ configured HP UX on Sun SPARCstations.
    Install, configure, troubleshot Enterasys / (Cabletron) hubs, Xyplex / Sytek modem racks, Retix brouters and
    WAN-maintained a dedicated 3002 telco line, VeriLink DSU/CSU, Retix 4900 router. Used WaveTek / MicroTest Penta-Scanner. Novell LAN support. Provided computer and peripheral equipment test/evaluation, recommended equipment and vendors. Monitored clustered systems and network performance. Supported (5) offsite projects/subcontractors. Installed Novell/HP UX - Obtained Novell CNA, installed/supported STU III’s, Motorola concentrators, KG-84c’s. Day shift supervisor managing 7 computer technicians, wrote reviews. Mid-shift supervisor managing 2 computer technicians, wrote reviews. Held Top Secret clearance.

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Provided pre-purchase consultation to Navy and Government IS departments for (2) OCONUS projects and wrote pre-purchase specifications, defined system requirements, performed functional analysis for a 2-node cluster and network for a foreign military complex as a turn-key operation.
    • Completed 2 more systems. Wrote system troubleshooting and operational procedures for systems.
    • Designed, wrote course and trained foreign support personnel.

    Jan 1991 Looking for Work

    IVAC Corporation, San Diego, CA. LAN Administrator Feb 1990 – Dec 1990

    Support network software/hardware for 230 users. Support Interlink Ethernet Gateway - to (4) IBM 3090’s and VAX cluster. Became proficient with Network General’s Sniffer analyzer to troubleshoot LAN. Select/recommend/purchased network hardware and software. Negotiated maintenance contracts.
    Performed cost / benefit analysis and wrote purchase justifications.

    Hughes, NOSC, Point Loma, CA. Senior Vax Systems Engineer May 1989 – Jan 1990

    Principle field engineer supporting C4I, ACDS, NTDS interfaces for Link 11, 12 on VAX clusters. Installed, tested and supported FDDI networks between labs, (codes). Monitored and tuned clustered systems. Held a secret clearance

    Most Significant Project: Set up on-site test and repair depot for multi-vendor disks

    Control Data Corp., San Diego, CA. Senior Field Engineer Jan 1988 – Apr 1989

    General Dynamics Onsite support engineer for 47 standalone/clustered systems and networks. Dedicated support engineer for (SATCOM) systems. Collaborated with CSC personnel to provide other network and project support. Held a secret clearance

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Installed/Supported/Tested SATCOM equipment
    • Set up onsite video monitor repair facility
    • Most Significant Project: General Dynamic’s SATCOM systems

    Digital Equipment Corp., Reseda, Ca. Field Engineer III Dec 1981 - Dec 1987

    Engineer in charge of installation and upgrade team. Designed/installed/troubleshot clustered VAX systems. Completed 21 D.E.C. schools. Earned 2 D.E.C. Customer Service Awards. Support engineer for tape drives, printers, networks and VAX. Trained engineers on latest equipment. Primary/secondary support including Rocketdyne, Hughes, Lockheed, Northrup. Supported 5 hospitals, all clustered systems and networks. Held secret clearances.

    Projects - Accomplishments:

    • Engineer in charge of office memory upgrade for 55 VAX customer systems in 90 days. Completed 4 days early and under budget with “no” impact to customer.
    • Engineer in charge of installing computers and networking the California State Legislature from Bakersfield to Orange County in statewide project.

    Technical Courses

    2010 CISSP Certification – (ISC2 ID 387826)
    2010 2008R2 Server MCITP System Admin
    2009 vSphere ESX 4.0 class - completed
    2009 CompTIA A+, Net+, Sec+ Certs (CompTIA ID COMP001009100181)
    2008 Windows 2003R2 Server Security
    2007 ITIL Course (SAIC)
    2007 HP Unix System/Network Admin l-2, CISSP Prep Course
    2006 UCSD Unix System Admin I,II, Unix Shell Scripting
    2005 UCSD Unix System Security
    2004 SAIC-Univ Networking Essentials, HP-UX Essentials
    2004 SAIC-Univ HP-UX Job Control, HP-UX File Management
    2003 SAIC-Univ SQL Server 2000 Databases
    2003 SAIC-Univ SQL Install, Config, Upgrading SQL Server 2000
    2003 Microsoft Active Directory class
    1999 Cisco BSCI/ICDN class
    1998 Univ. of Phoenix, S/W Engineering (A avg.)
    1998 MSCP NT 4.0 Network Security
    1998 Toastmaster - Competent Speaker
    1995 VMS System Admin I,II,III
    1993 Novell CNA
    1981-87 (21) D.E.C. corporate classes on VMS, Storage and Cluster technology, System and Network troubleshooting
    1981 Control Data Institute - Graduated, Computer Technician


    1990 National University School of Law - Completed 1st year (Personal goal)
    1987 Pepperdine University – Business Management program. (D.E.C.)
    1974 U.C.L.A. Completed junior yr. English, Pre-Law
    1973 Pierce Junior College - Graduated, A.A. Degree

    Professional Organization

    2011 SD-ISSA

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