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Thu, 13 May 2021 00:08:20 +0000
Ongoing work to address a problem seen on two previous Ariane 5 launches has kept that launch vehicle grounded for months and could delay the high-profile launch of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope later this year. SpaceNews
Wed, 12 May 2021 22:08:19 +0000
An amendment to a Senate bill would require NASA to select a second company for its Human Lander System program, a provision some fear could upend the overall effort to return humans to the moon as soon as 2024. SpaceNews
Wed, 12 May 2021 21:45:02 +0000
The U.S. Air Force wants to use small radar satellites to track moving objects on the ground and the Space Force will help to make it happen, chief of space operations Gen. John Raymond said May 12. SpaceNews
Wed, 12 May 2021 17:20:57 +0000
British quantum technology encryption startup Arqit is raising $400 million in the space industry’s latest SPAC deal, supporting the launch and construction of two satellites in 2023 to protect against growing hacking threats. SpaceNews
Wed, 12 May 2021 12:00:28 +0000
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign awarded a contract to Blue Canyon Technologies to provide cubesats for a space mission sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The value of the award was not disclosed. SpaceNews
Wed, 12 May 2021 12:00:25 +0000
Space hospitality company Orbite has unveiled a training program for potential space tourists, given them a taste of the spaceflight experience. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 23:06:34 +0000
The U.S. Space Force on May 11 issued requests for proposals for next-generation rocket engine testing, launch vehicle upper stage enhancements, and capabilities to maneuver in space. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 22:36:56 +0000
The FAA has denied a payload review for in-space transportation company Momentus, meaning the company will miss its second opportunity to launch its first tugs. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 20:58:31 +0000
French satellite operator Eutelsat said revenue numbers will look much better than it expected come the end of June, despite reporting a decline in sales in its latest quarterly results. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 16:12:34 +0000
The U.S. Space Force has officially renamed the 45th Space Wing that oversees Florida’s launch ranges Space Launch Delta 45. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 14:00:11 +0000
The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) is backing efforts by Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) to challenge the relocation of U.S. Space Command. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 11:41:12 +0000
Bob Cabana, a former astronaut and longtime head of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, will become NASA associate administrator later this month, replacing the retiring Steve Jurczyk. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 11:00:05 +0000
NASA says it’s seeing strong interest from companies proposing private astronaut missions to the International Space Station, with the demand for such missions exceeding the agency’s ability to accommodate them. SpaceNews
Tue, 11 May 2021 08:42:49 +0000
Virgin Galactic said May 10 that while it believes it corrected a problem with its SpaceShipTwo suborbital spaceplane that aborted a test flight five months ago, the resumption of those test flights could be further delayed by a problem with the plane that carries SpaceShipTwo aloft. SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 21:38:45 +0000
Less than two days after parts of an uncontrolled Chinese rocket fell into the Indian Ocean, the Pentagon said allowing a large booster to free fall toward Earth is “irresponsible behavior.” SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 20:52:35 +0000
Inmarsat is pivoting to an administrative court in its battle to stop the Netherlands from auctioning 3.5 GHz spectrum, which the British satellite operator says it does not want to cede to bandwidth-hungry 5G networks. SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 20:47:53 +0000
Satellite operator Orbcomm said May 10 it did not get any alternative proposals in its 30-day “go-shop” period, which followed private equity firm GI Partners’ $1.1 billion acquisition offer.  SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 16:34:51 +0000
OneWeb, the U.K.-headquartered low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband operator, is buying Texas-based managed satcoms provider TrustComm to create a new government subsidiary. SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 14:05:14 +0000
The chief of South Korea’s space agency has vowed to spin off near-term applications to the private sector and refocus the agency on long-term investments that “won’t pay off until 2050.” SpaceNews
Mon, 10 May 2021 14:00:38 +0000
The evolving quality and quantity of Earth observation data enables an ever-increasingly profound knowledge of the climate crisis, enhancing the efficacy of mitigation strategies as well as the management of risk and natural or human-made disasters. SpaceNews
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  • CV: Astronomy/Space Science Outreach, Communication and Evaluation Specialist

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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:25-05-2011
     Last Modified:25-05-2011 (05:02)
    Job information
     Current job:Astronomy/Space Science Outreach, Communication and Evaluation Specialist
     Employment Term:Either
     Job location:Own country
     Date available:immediately
     Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Business Services, Space Tourism
     KeywordsScience communication Evaluation Education/Outreach Writing/Editing


    Bridging communication gaps between scientists, engineers and the public

    Inspiring enthusiasm for science


    Science communication and writing

    Science program/exhibit development and evaluation

    Multiple project management/leadership

    Facilitating interdepartmental/-disciplinary collaboration

    Critical/analytical thinking


    M.S., Scientific Communication. Australian National University (ANU), 1999. Thesis: The impact of observatory visitor centers on the public understanding of astronomy.

    B.Sc., Astronomy, Physics, English. University of Toronto, 1997



    Principal and Owner, Science for Society (S4S), South Pasadena CA                                         


    §  Evaluating and critically reviewing science-content programs, exhibits, presentations, outreach, and other media to ensure their appropriateness for and to improve impact on non-expert audiences.


    Manager, Research and Evaluation (2002-2010)

    California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                                             

    §  Established a research/evaluation department at a major science museum.

    §  Planned, designed and managed all Education Department program research and evaluation; developed all research instruments; conducted or directed all data collection; analyzed and interpreted all data; trained evaluation support staff.

    §  Advised program and exhibit developers on how best to communicate science concepts to museum visitors and program participants; collaborated with educators to develop more effective education programs and helping them understand the process, methods, and uses of evaluation.

    §  Positively impacted program quality, outcomes and other deliverables through action research and formative/summative evaluation.

    §  Increased enrolment in and funding for programs by demonstrating positive impacts on participants.

    §  Assisted grant writers.

    §  Interfaced with other museum departments (e.g. marketing, membership, exhibit development) to fulfill their research and evaluation needs.

    §  Disseminated research/evaluation findings through journal publications and conference or other presentations. (Samples provided upon request.)


    Freelance Science Writer                                                              



    §  Published in Sky&Telescope, SkyNews and California Wild magazines and on EW Woman online magazine and Sky&Telescope website. More than 20 scripts broadcast on the USA based Earth&Sky radio science series.

    Member—Workforce Development Working Group                              


    CA Space Education and Workforce Institute, Pasadena, CA               

    §  Collaborated with educators and aerospace industry professionals to create an inventory of STEM programs that serve audiences throughout the entire STEM workforce pipeline, including career, technical, and education.



    Nov ‘00-Feb ‘01

    Institute for Learning Innovation, Annapolis, MD                                                                                           

    §  Assisted Institute staff with research and evaluation of free-choice learning environment programs and exhibits. Engaged in data collection, data analysis and report writing.


    NASA Earth&Sky Radio Broadcast Fellow                             

    Summer 2000

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

    §  Researched and wrote radio scripts explaining scientific concepts from NASA’s Earth Science Enterprise. Earth&Sky is a publicly funded radio series broadcast on National Public Radio with a mission to enhance the public awareness and understanding of science.


    Adjunct Astronomy Instructor and Field Trip Coordinator                     


    Montana State University, Bozeman, MT                              

    §  Improved student knowledge and awareness of science, the process of science, and data collection and analysis by observing variable stars.

    §  Enhanced student awareness and understanding of NASA and its missions by coordinating virtual field trips to NASA field centers.


    Curriculum Writer                                                                        

    Summer 1999

    Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, Canberra, Australia           

    §  Increased student/public awareness of the role Australia has played and still plays in space exploration. Explained the function and history of the tracking station through field trip materials and activities.


    Research Assistant                                                


    Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

    §  Assessing the impact of science museum exhibits on the public awareness and understanding of science. Research focused on mental modeling.



    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2009). Grand Canyon Star Party, North Rim. Sky&Telescope Observing Notes (website), July.

    PHOTO CREDIT: Grand Canyon Star Party, North Rim. Sky&Telescope Observing Notes (website), July.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2005). BODY WORLDS’ Family Visitors: a Demographic Study of the North American debut of BODY WORLDS, the Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. Informal Learning Review. v. 73, July-August.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly and Dr. David J. Combs (2005). Parent Chaperones as Field Trip Facilitators: A case study. Visitor Studies Today. v. 8, no. 1.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2005). Cosmic Rays Bombard LA. California Wild. 58:1.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2004). Chaperone Led Field Trips: The Road Less Traveled? ASTC Dimensions, September/October 2004.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2003). Converting Hindi to English. A graduate student is making headlines. EW Woman online magazine. August 11.

    Dierking, Lynn D, Kim Burtnyk, Kirsten Buchner, & John Falk (2002). Visitor Learning in Zoos and Aquariums: a literature review. American Zoo and Aquarium Association publication.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2001). Global Warming and Ozone. Airdate: May 25.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2001). Ozone Recovery. Airdate: May 24.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2001). Effects of Clouds. Airdate: May 13.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2001). Complexity of Clouds. Airdate: May 12.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Airdate: December 26.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Wildfire Prevention. Airdate: December 20.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Sub Glacial Lakes. Airdate: December 12.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Lake Vostok. Airdate: November 30.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Acid Runoff. Airdate: November 20.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Coral Bleaching. Airdate:  November 12.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Saltville. Airdate:  November 6.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Rainbow soil. Airdate: October 29.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Disappearing Lake. Airdate: May 19.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (2000). Jurassic Bark. Airdate: May 18.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2000). Anatomy of an Aurora. Sky&Telescope. March. v. 99, no.3, p.34-40.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (2000). Impact of Observatory Visitor Centers on the Public Understanding of Astronomy. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia. v. 17, no. 3. 275-281.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (1999). Hole through the Earth Part 2. Airdate: September 9.

    Earth&Sky Radio Script (1999). Hole through the Earth Part 1. Airdate: September 8.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1999). Astronomers study the mystery of black holes and quasars. ANU Reporter. Vol 30, no. 11. August 4.

    Kimberly M. Burtnyk (1998). A Supernova Chaser’s Story. Sky&Telescope. September. v. 96, no. 3, p.42.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly & Susan M. Stocklmayer (1998). Public Reflections on Astronomy Exhibits at Observatory Visitor Centres. Proceedings of the Learning Science in Informal Contexts Conference. Canberra, Australia. August 5-7.

    PHOTO CREDIT: Comet Hale Bopp. Thursday April 10, 1997. Cover of University of Toronto Varsity newspaper.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1997). Canada’s South American Observatory. SkyNews. Jan/Feb, p. 18-21.

    PHOTO CREDIT: Canada’s South American Observatory. SkyNews. Jan/Feb, p. 18.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1995). Waterloo prof discovers water on sun. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. July.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1995). Brain bank on the brink of closing. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. March 14.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1994). Meteorite lands at U of T. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. September 6.


    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1994). Major quake possible for Toronto, U of T geologists find. July.

    PHOTO CREDIT: Annular Solar Eclipse. May 7, 1994. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1993). Tracking arctic contamination: Computer model explains polar pollution. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. October 12.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1993). Moooove over Pasteur, Here’s Latour! University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. November 9.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1993). A tale of two telescopes: Gemini takes U of T to the heavens. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. July 23.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (1993). U of T astronomer views birth of galaxy. University of Toronto Varsity newspaper. June 8.



    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2006). Quantifying Affect: Reviewing the literature on measuring and quantifying affect outside of the museum community. Visitor Studies Association annual conference. Grand Rapids, MI. July 26-30.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2005). Analyze this! Cautionary tales from using Personal Meaning Mapping on a Summative Evaluation. Visitor Studies Association annual conference. Philadelphia, PA. August 3-6.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2005). Young Children’s Reactions to BODY WORLDS: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. Visitor Studies Association annual conference. Philadelphia, PA. August 3-6.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2003). Using formative and summative evaluation to improve field trip programs. Workshop conducted at the Visitor Studies Association annual conference.  Columbus, OH. July 15-19.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2003). The role of observatories in communicating astronomy to the public. Poster, Conference on Communicating Astronomy to the Public. Washington, DC. October 1-5.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly, Maeryta Medrano & Joe O’Connell (2003). Understanding Exhibition Design: An evaluator, designer and fabricator discuss the design process. Panel discussion, Western Museums Association annual meeting. Reno, NV. October 19-22.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly (2003). Evaluating astronomy exhibits at observatory visitor centers.  Speaker’s Forum, Association of Science Technology Centers annual meeting. St. Paul, MN. November 7-11.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly & Susan M. Stocklmayer (1999). Impact of Observatory Visitor Centers on the Public Understanding of Astronomy. Astronomy Education for the Next Millennium. Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Astronomical Society of Australia and the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand. Kingswood, Sydney Australia. July 1999.

    Burtnyk, Kimberly & Susan M. Stocklmayer (1998). Public Reflections on Astronomy Exhibits at Observatory Visitor Centres. Presentation at the Learning Science in Informal Contexts Conference. Canberra, Australia. August 5-7.



    Member, Visitor Studies Association. VSA Abstracts Editor,  2006-2008

    Member, American Evaluation Association

    Lifetime amateur astronomer and space/science enthusiast.

    Star party astronomer—star parties transcend language, ethnic and education barriers.

    Participant in drafting the Washington Charter at the Conference on Communicating Astronomy to the Public, Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, 2003.

    Volunteer, American Astronomical Society Div. of Planetary Science conference, 2010.

    Volunteer, American Astronomical Society conference, Toronto, 1997.

    Scholarship recipient: CUREA astronomy program, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasadena CA, 2008.

    California State Science Fair Judge: Earth and Planetary Science, Behavioral and Social Science, 2005-2010.

    Landscape and botanical digital photography, camping, writing, cooking.

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