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Wed, 08 Feb 2023 03:02:17 +0000
Virgin Orbit’s chief executive said Feb. 7 that a problem with a relatively inexpensive part may be linked to the failure of the company’s latest launch last month. The post Virgin Orbit narrows down cause of LauncherOne failure appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 23:27:19 +0000
The U.S. Space Force will use funds that Congress added to the 2023 defense budget to buy WGS-12, a wideband communications satellite made by Boeing. The post As directed by Congress, Space Force to procure wideband communications satellite appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 23:22:00 +0000
NASA is still working to refine an architecture for the next phases of its Artemis lunar exploration campaign which it now expects to roll out in April. The post NASA refining Artemis exploration architecture appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 22:22:16 +0000
The Pathfinder 2 military transponder will give the U.S. access to communications services during the entire lifetime of Hispasat’s Amazonas Nexus. The post Space Force touts benefits of deploying military payloads on commercial satellites appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 21:56:30 +0000
Executives with plans to connect satellites directly to smartphones sparred at the SmallSat Symposium Feb. 7 over which spectrum strategy will lead to success in this emerging market. The post Spectrum strategy divides emerging direct-to-smartphone market appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 21:47:43 +0000
Sateliot and Sentrisense plan to offer satellite connectivity for electric grid sensors. The post Sateliot and Sentrisense forge pact to monitor electric grid appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 21:20:58 +0000
The space industry does not expect its growth to be dampened by congestion or doom-and-gloom narrative, executives said Feb. 7 at the SmallSat Symposium. The post Space industry undeterred by congestion and debris appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 20:24:13 +0000
Small satellite manufacturers should prepare for the emergence of rideshare flights on the SpaceX Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy launch vehicle, according to panelists speaking Feb. 7 at the SmallSat Symposium here. The post Small satellite sector should prepare for Starship appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 18:29:01 +0000
Anuvu said Feb. 7 it is leasing ground infrastructure from Canadian satellite operator Telesat for a geostationary constellation it expects to start deploying this year. The post Anuvu’s small satellite constellation to use Telesat ground infrastructure  appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 16:06:42 +0000
French space services company Exotrail announced Feb. 7 it has raised $58 million to scale up production of electric thrusters and expand efforts to provide in-space transportation services. The post Exotrail raises $58 million to expand space logistics services appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 16:04:16 +0000
KSAT is expanding its global ground network. The post KSAT expands global ground network appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 12:54:46 +0000
Intuitive Machines is moving the landing site for its first lunar lander mission to the south polar region of the moon, a decision that will generate more revenue for the company but could delay the lander’s launch. The post Intuitive Machines moves landing site of first mission to lunar south pole appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 07 Feb 2023 03:23:15 +0000
SpaceX successfully launched the Amazonas Nexus telecoms satellite Feb. 6, which will fuel Spanish operator Hispasat’s Americas expansion while carrying a payload for the U.S. Space Force. The post SpaceX launches Hispasat’s Amazonas Nexus communications satellite appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 06 Feb 2023 23:07:31 +0000
EchoStar Corporation, a U.S. operator with around $1.6 billion in cash, is preparing to disrupt the market for connecting IoT devices after ordering satellites it needs for global services next year. The post Cash-rich EchoStar to take on global IoT market next year appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 06 Feb 2023 20:12:01 +0000
U.S. defense contractor CACI signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to collaborate on the development of space sensors and payloads for positioning, navigation and timing. The post CACI to collaborate with U.S. Army on space technologies appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 06 Feb 2023 19:00:22 +0000
In-space propulsion specialist Busek revealed its role in helping OneWeb recover from the sudden loss of Fakel satellite thrusters after Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The post Busek ramps up production for OneWeb constellation appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 06 Feb 2023 03:09:48 +0000
World View, the stratospheric ballooning company that announced plans to go public last month, is emphasizing remote sensing, and not tourism, as its primary market for the next several years. The post World View emphasizes remote sensing as it prepares to go public appeared first on SpaceNews.
Sat, 04 Feb 2023 15:20:57 +0000
U.S. and Indian officials agreed this week to expand civil space cooperation, including training Indian astronauts and flying payloads on commercial lunar landers. The post United States and India expand civil space cooperation appeared first on SpaceNews.
Sat, 04 Feb 2023 01:23:54 +0000
The White House on Feb. 3 announced the appointment of new members to President Biden’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. The post Lockheed Martin, Viasat executives named to presidential advisory panel appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 03 Feb 2023 23:07:09 +0000
Ovzon said Feb. 3 the launch of its first satellite has been pushed out by at least another five months after manufacturing delays forced it to swap out Arianespace for SpaceX. The post Ovzon taps in SpaceX for delayed debut satellite appeared first on SpaceNews.
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    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:23-09-2011
     Last Modified:07-02-2023 (03:16)
    Job information
     Current job:EILS Technician
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:within 2 months
     KeywordsProcurement, Maintenance, Inventory, Supply Chain/Logistics for ESTRACK, MOI IT and OCC Enterprise Resource Planning Software, SAP ERP 6.0 (ESA-P), Configuration Control Database ECDB, ARTS Change Management Tool, Shopping Carts for Purchase Orders and


    M.E [Master of Engineering] in Computer Science (1998-2000)

    B. E [Bachelor of Engineering] in Electronics & Communication (1994-1998)


    ITIL Foundation – Service Management



    DOB : 05/05/1977

    Nationality : German

    Place of Birth : India

    Languages : English C2, German B1



    A self-motivated Engineer with over seventeen years of work experience in different areas of the Space domain, especially in Procurement for ESA.  People oriented with strong interpersonal, problem solving and decision making skills. 


    EILS and MOI-IT Support Team Member @ European Space Operations Centre, Germany     [November 2011 – February 2023]

    Telespazio Deutschland GmbH, Darmstadt

    As a part of the ESTRACK Integrated Logistics Support (EILS) and Mission Operations Infrastructure – Information Technology and Operations Control Centre Support team, I was responsible for the following activities:

    ESTRACK Maintenance:

    Maintenance activities for the ESA Tracking Stations and the

    ESTRACK Central Spares Stocks, handling the Spare Requests, Repair Requests, Calibration Requests and Inspection Measurement and Test Activities for  the ESTRACK Configuration Control Database (ECDB).

    Procurement for ESTRACK Ground Stations:

    Procurement of Spares & Investments for ESTRACK Ground Stations and Central Spares from the Frame-Contracted Companies and Suppliers by launching Shopping Carts for Work Orders and Purchase Orders through the SAP Module.  Additionally, responsible for the Fast Track Procurement Process for Cost Reimbursable Budgets.

    Procurement for MOI IT and OCC:

    Coordination with the ESOC Procurement Department for  purchasing of hardware items and software licenses for Mission Operations IT and Operation Control Centre sections.

    Supplier identification and selection, negotiating pricing , and doing RFQs.  Analysing the Quotes from suppliers internally to save the expenses.  Management of Vendor Database.  Procurement for Renewal of software licenses.  Procurements from major IT hardware and software vendors.

    ESTRACK Logistics/Supply Chain:

    Liaisons with ESOC transport areas for incoming and outgoing goods. Preparation and completion of transport papers. Forwarding and dispatch of received equipment. Organisation of the logistic meetings with the ESTRACK stations. Coordination with the ESA Transport Office, Customs Broker and ESTRACK Ground Stations for the transportation of Ground Station equipment from Argentina/Malargue  Ground Station to ESOC and also the Frame Contracted Companies for Repairs and Calibration

    ESTRACK Inventory:

    Inventory Management Activities of the ESTRACK Central Spares Stocks (ECS) and support Physical Inspections and Audits. Responsible for the ESTRACK Central Spares. Stock and spare organisation. Organisation of the ESTRACK stocks at ESOC. Review of stock reports from the ESTRACK stations.

    Conduct physical inventories (on a yearly basis).

    Tools Used: Enterprise Resource Planning Software, SAP ERP 6.0 (ESA-P), Configuration Control Database ECDB, ARTS Change Management Tool

    ESTRACK – Monitoring & Control Technical Support @ European Space Operations Centre, Germany   [August 2008 - April 2011]

    Makalumedia GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany

    As a part of the M&C Support team, I was involved in the following areas of work:

    Tailoring the ESTRACK Ground Station Database according to the requirements from the Station Engineers.

    Maintaining the ESTRACK Configuration Control Database (ECDB) with the goal of eventually getting them all the ESTRACK Stations on the same software release version.

    Synchronization of ECDB with the Operational station database version.

    Participation in Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and On-site Acceptance Test (OSAT) for new versions of GSTS, OTTO and STC.

    Preparing relevant Documentation for the Tailoring Team & ECDB Maintenance Team.

    Participation in the Tailoring Review Board Meetings and Technical Meetings within the M&C (Monitoring and Control) Support Team.

    Tools used : STC, ECDB, ARTS

    IT Consultant  [January 2007 - July 2008]

    Quipu GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

      The Company has two software modules, "Bankware" and Customware"; Bankware is tailored to the administration, bookkeeping and general accounting requirements of small and medium-sized financial institutions and Customware is designed to administer loan portfolios, deposit-side operations and payment transactions. There is an abstraction layer, "Excavator Interface" for the translation of every meaningful Customware transaction or log file event into one or more correspondent Bankware transactions. I was involved in the Design, Plan and Implementation phases of the Excavator. Net Interface.

    Software Used: Python 2.5, SQL Server 2000

    Research Assistant  [January 2002 - December 2003]

    Fraunhofer Research Institute (IGD), Darmstadt, Germany

      WiBA-Modular Training System is based on the MTS Learning Management System, which is customized to the specific user requirements of the WiBA-NET project.  Its application area is the university education in the field of architecture and civil engineering.  It represents a combination of the general LMS on one hand and application specific modules and user functionalities on the other. The System Components of WiBa-Net are central repository for learning objects, LOM-based metadata editor, the communication Module and Realization module.

    In this project, my focus was the module called Realization, a web-based solution which allows the user (learner or author), to access to the whole system via internet browser. The realization aspects contains

    Implementation in Java

    XML for the separation of presentation and logic

    XSLT for personalization and internationalization

    Software Used: XML, XSLT, Xpath, XSL-FO, CSS, Java2, JSP and Servlets

    Software Engineer [March 2001 – December 2001]

    FS-Forth Systeme GmbH, Breisach, Germany

    I was a part of the project team which measured the level of Glucose in the blood samples of Diabetes Patients and suggests the amount of Insulin to be injected.  I was working on the CRC Algorithm, which was included in the Welcome Application of the project.

    Software Used: C, Palm OS on Windows 98

    Software Engineer Trainee [October 2000 – February 2001]

    Heiler Software AG, Stuttgart, Germany

    As a part of the Green Profi project team, I was trained to develop Business Objects and Data Access Objects.

    Software Used: Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, and Visual  SourceSafe on Windows 2000

    Lecturer [January 2000 – September 2000]

    Department of Electronics and Communication and Computer Science Engineering, Satyabama College of Engineering, India

    I was teaching various subjects related to Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology and Electronics and Communication to the final year Engineering College Students

    Academic Project for Master’s Degree [May 1999 – December 1999]

    Electronics Research and Development Centre, Trivandrum, India  

    Flight Simulator

    Within the scope of the Academic project, I developed a Software Program in VC++ based on Fuzzy Logic Concepts of Neural Networks.  By defining and applying a few input parameters, the project demonstrated the Thrust Efficiency and Pressure on a Flight Simulator.

    Software Used: Visual C++


    ITIL Certification in IT Service Management (2016)

    Time Management Training, Telespazio (2012)

    Appealing Rhetoric Training, Telespazio (2012)

    Configuration Management Training, Telespazio (2009)

    Anomaly Report Tracking System (ARTS), ESOC (2008)

    XML&XSLT, Fraunhofer Research Institute (2002)


    STEMFAS e.V ( [February 2020 till date]

    As a founding member and Chairperson of STEMFAS e.V, actively involved in imparting STEM based subjects to school children and young engineers. Some of the projects which we have executed so far include:

    Building Moon Camp Base in 3D Modelling

    Astro Pi with Raspberry Pi

    Climate Detectives

    CADSAT – 3D Modelling of a small satellite using TinkerCAD

    CANSAT – Designing a mini satellite

    Robotics Mini Lab

    Secretary of ESOC Science & Space Club [January 2018 – December 2019]

    Was actively involved in the execution of various projects in  Space Exploration for School Children

    KRIONICS SPACE ( [March 2020 till September 2022]

    As the Director of Operations and Content Development for Krionics Space Inc, a start-up in Washington D.C. I was actively involved in educating school children in the Space Domain.

    Founder of the Organization, Thankaian Memorial School of Innovation, Research and Engineering, (TMIRE Makerspace India –, a start up in India [March 2020 till date]

    Have set up a STEM Lab in Abdul Kalam International School, Kanyakumari, India where school students learn about STEM subjects and do practical experiments using STEM Lab.  Currently training a batch of College Students in various Technologies in the area of Electronics and Communication, Computer Science and Space Education.


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