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Sat, 25 Jun 2022 20:15:57 +0000
The British government announced a series of measures June 23, from regulations to funding active debris removal projects, intended to make the country a leader in space sustainability. The post U.K. government announces new space sustainability measures appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 22:03:52 +0000
Frank Calvelli, assistant secretary of the Air Force for space acquisition and integration, told SpaceNews one of his priorities is to impose discipline in procurement programs The post New head of Space Force acquisitions looks to get back to basics appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 21:13:06 +0000
Telespazio intends to play a key role in the future in-orbit servicing market, providing customers seeking satellite relocation, refueling, repair or removal with the necessary space and ground-based capabilities. The post Telespazio to play key role in satellite servicing market appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 20:40:59 +0000
NASA’s Psyche asteroid mission will not launch this year as previously planned after the agency concluded there was not enough time to complete testing of the spacecraft’s software before its launch window closes. The post Software testing problem delays Psyche launch appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 20:22:33 +0000
Telesat has applied for a U.K. license to connect broadband terminals with Lightspeed satellites it plans to start deploying in 2025 to low Earth orbit. The post Telesat requests UK license to connect Lightspeed terminals appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:55:27 +0000
The Space Force on June 24 established Space Delta 18, a unit that will run the National Space Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base The post Space Force establishes intelligence unit to put sharper focus on orbital threats appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:22:56 +0000
NASA managers say they have completed testing of the Space Launch System after a recent countdown rehearsal and are ready to move into preparations for a launch as soon as late August. The post NASA declares SLS countdown rehearsal complete appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 16:34:25 +0000
Propulsion startup Orbion Space Technology will supply thrusters for a U.S. Space Force prototype weather satellite under a contract with General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems. The post Orbion to supply propulsion for General Atomics weather satellite appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 11:40:22 +0000
The X Prize Foundation is considering a prize competition focused on removal of space debris to spur technological innovation in the field. The post X Prize Foundation studying active debris removal competition appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 24 Jun 2022 08:20:27 +0000
The United States' announcement of a ban on destructive ASAT tests set the stage for a UN meeting on reducing space threats. The post Parallel Paths for Space Sustainability appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 22:08:51 +0000
OneWeb, the broadband megaconstellation company whose launch plans were disrupted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, expects to resume launches late this year, an executive said June 23. The post OneWeb to resume launches in fourth quarter appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 18:47:03 +0000
SatixFy named David Ripstein as CEO June 23 to lead the satcoms equipment maker’s planned transformation into a public company. The post SatixFy names CEO to lead its public company transformation appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 18:46:57 +0000
A Hughes-OneWeb prototype network at Thule, Greenland, is fast enough to enable video conferencing, streaming video and interactive games. The post Hughes and OneWeb deploy high-speed internet for U.S. military at remote Arctic base appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:56:02 +0000
Space traffic management should be about mitigating risk, not eliminating it. The post Op-ed | There’s no perfect Space Traffic Management framework appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:03:15 +0000
Arianespace launched a pair of satellites aiming to improve broadband coverage in the Asia-Pacific region June 22 on the Ariane 5 rocket’s first flight of the year. The post First Ariane 5 flight of 2022 launches two satellites for Asia-Pacific appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 14:00:32 +0000
Over the course of just six months, three senior defense officials responsible for technology programs announced they were stepping down, voicing disappointment in a culture they view as an impediment to innovation. The post On National Security | DoD’s buying habits a continuing source of frustration appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 13:00:01 +0000
Over the last year, Microsoft and Xplore worked with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to show how commercial services could support operations of polar-orbiting weather satellites. The post Microsoft, Xplore and NOAA demonstrate cloud-based satellite operations appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:00:45 +0000
The new head of the Office of Space Commerce says he’s talking with industry on how his office can best take over civil space traffic management while also potentially taking on more regulatory responsibilities. The post Office of Space Commerce on a “listening tour” for civil space traffic management appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:20:31 +0000
Helping operators steer satellites away from potential collisions in increasingly packed orbits is a key driver for improving space traffic management, but also important is knowing when fuel draining detours are not needed. The post Connecting the Dots | Improving satellite collision predictions for efficient space appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 23 Jun 2022 08:01:11 +0000
The committee approved an amendment by Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine) to increase the defense budget by $37 billion The post House Armed Services Committee advances 2023 NDAA, increases DoD spending by $37 billion appeared first on SpaceNews.
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:25-10-2013
     Last Modified:19-03-2017 (03:19)
    Job information
     Current job:Senior EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector
     Employment Term:Either
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:immediately
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors
     KeywordsSenior EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector

    Nationality: Italian , Passport: Italian.

    High school study qualification: Diploma in Electronics, Specialization : Chief Technician for Industrial Electronic Applications.

    School: National Technical Institute for Industrial Electronics “ I.T.I.S. - M. Panetti - Bari - Italy” Diploma Released in Month / Year: July 1974

    Universityof Bari – Italy

    Only Frequence to the 1° Year and 2° Year Course of Faculty of “ Science for Information Technology.

    ( Phisics, Electronics and Information Technology) Years 1974 -1975

    Knowledge of technical english at good level as required on job activity (Advanced level)
    Basic knowledge of French
    Basic knowledge of Spanish
    Italian mother language

    2013 -2017  Unemployed ( Only  Free Cooperation with some Companies)
    Immediate availability for Employee activity available on Space, Military, Commercial Companies with mansions of Technician for space lab, Environmental Sourveillance and  Incoming inspection, or other preferred Job position in Quality & Reliability  Team Dept. as “ Senior *EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector” or *EEE Quality Assurance Assistant Dept., or *EEE Parts Technology Sourveillance Dept. for space parts. Now working Free Part time as voluntary unit in Cooperation, part-time at the request of some Italian Companies. Management and on behalf of companies requesting the activities carried out and reported herefollow  in the "Professional Experience from the year 1977 to 2013." Currently have a Part-time cooperation with others entrepreneurs that just make effort to create a new Company that develop applications on “alternative and renewable energy”, to provide necessary technical and technological support, providing to sale of technology products, research and development of new technological solutions for individuals, industry and trade , for buildings constructions. The same interest for the Municipal Company of Southern Italy in the development of urban areas, structures and technical systems that use alternative energies to the citizen’s service satisfaction, ethics Zero emission of CO2 or other greenhouse-gases.

    (*EEE = Electrics, Electromechanicals, Electronics)

    September 2011 to October 2012
    Entrepreneur- Cooperation with the Companies Energitaly Srl & Enjoy Communication Srl with Headquarter in Italy-City of Foggia(FG) and City of Ariano Irpino (AV)Job Title of “Energy Advisor” Entrepreneur, Sales Manager, Personnel Training, Consulting, and Local Development on Photovoltaic Energy Systems.

    January 2011 - September 2011
    Independent Professional  Senior EEE Parts Quality Inspector  for the inspection of Space parts and Execution of Quality and Reliability tests. Cooperation with Company : IMT srl - (General Director: Giovanni Cucinella) , with Laboratories in - Scientific Park of Tecnopolis, Addresses: Via Casamassima Km 3 - Valenzano (BA) Italy- , Via Carlo Bartolomeo Piazza, 8 -ROME - ITALY

    (*EEE = Electrics, Electromechanicals, Electronics)

    December 1991 - May 2010
    Senior *EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector, Inspection of *EEE Parts,  Sourveillance or Execution of Quality and Reliability tests.  Skilful activity of “ Senior *EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector” Responsible of Inspection of *EEE Parts used in Space, Military, Commercial fields, Employee in Toprel srl (President Chairman Ing. Antonio Vitacolonna) – Alter Italy Group Srl -  Head Office in Via dei Berio, 91 00155 ROME- ITALY // Director Ing.Vito Blasi- Laboratories in Tecnopolis-Scientific Park -  Via per Casamassima Km 3 70010Valenzano (BA) ITALY ( Company : Alter Technology Group SL Spain-Italy-France-UK) Procurements Agency and Tests of Quality and Reliability for*EEE Parts, Used in Space, Military, Commercial Fields.


    Qualifications acquired in the course of job’s career

    8) Entrepreneur” Energy Advisor” / Cooperator with Company: Energitaly (Energitaly.Srl locations Foggia-Ariano Irpino (Av) Italy 2011

    7) Independent Professional ( Registered on*CCIAA Bari) Senior EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector , Quality and Reliability Tests for*EEE Parts Used in Space, Military Fields Processing and performed at Company : IMT Srl Tecnopolis- Valenzano-BA-Italy 2011

    Legend : *CCIAA= Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship, Agriculture

    6) Senior *EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector, Responsible of Inspections Of *EEE Parts used in Space, Military Fields (Top-Rel Srl Italy of Alter Group Italy-Rome - Italy) Years 1991 to 2010


    5) Electronic Technician / Responsible for support services in Scientific Park of Tecnopolis-Valenzano-Bari-Italy - 1990

    4) Owner Partner in Services Agency. Company: Winner snc- Advertising & Marketing Consulting/Cooperation with other Companies ( Registered on*CCIAA of Bari - Winner snc - Advertising & Marketing. Years from 1984 to 1988 – Bari Italy

    3) Representative of Commerce ( Registered on *CCIAA of Bari) for Electronic components, Electronic Pre-assembled Mother Boards, Domestic Appliances, Advert.& Market. Services From Years 1984 to 1988

    2) Electronic Technician / Researcher - Laser Cutting & Welding, Electronic Responsible. Engineering for applied projects to the medium power Lasers 1981-‘82(Centro Laser Srl Bari-Italy)

    1) Electronic Technician Responsible. Use and maintenance Audio & Video Broadcast / stardards -  RVM (Recording Video Master), TBC (Time Base Correction) Ampex - Sony. Technical Manager of the Art in Recording Studio and Outdoor video recording missions. Years from 1977 to 1980.

    (Telepuglia Srl-Bari-Italy)


    Tasks- Major Job Activity - Description of "Senior *EEE Space Parts Quality Inspector"

    ( Years 1991 To 2010)

    Responsible for inspections of the *EEE Parts used in Space, Military, Commercial Fields.

    Initially as a technical inspector and later as responsible of the inspection, performing the analysis, assessment of the quality level required on the received*EEE parts. The Parts were ordered by Toprel srl to the Manufacturers and were received with related documentations that needs of Incoming inspection process . Start of inspection with " Data Review" , "Electrical Measurements" if needed, follows the External Visual Inspection of *EEE received Parts . “Incoming Inspection” always include the inspection procedures of the parts in the following inspection steps: Data Review, External Visual Inspection, Electrical Measurements if required. (running more on Passive electronic components *RLC - *RLC = Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, but also on other active devices). The Execution of the witnessing or supervision of other non-destructive tests of Reliability (eg.: PIND TEST-Particle Impact Noise Detection). The Sourveillance and check of required processes and Tests of Reliability, made or to be made about inspection lots of *EEE parts. (For Example : LAT 2, LAT 3, DPA TESTS- LAT=Lot Acceptance Tests, LAT2= Operating Life / LAT3=Destructive Tests - DPA= Destructive Physical Analysis.
    Activity was carried out by me as responsible of parts quality inspections at the Manufacturer production place in some of the most important International Manufacturers of *EEE Parts used in Space, Military, Customerized fields.

     (see list of the visited manufacturers in Europe).


    Run Time Activity To Manufacturer Plant Location

    The Major Activity of Quality & Reliability Sourveillance at the Manufacturer production plant was carried out by me in the initial parts production time batch CSI control source inspection (Pre-Cap inspection) and during the time of final acceptance of the parts FCSI final control source inspection  (Buy-Off Inspection).

    Precap Inspection

    This is a control source inspection (CSI) for quality and reliability check before capping or lidding operation of the *EEE parts used for space, military, or customer programs.

    Buy-Off inspection

    This is a final control source inspection (FCSI) lot acceptance check of the customerized *EEE parts used for space, military, or customer programs, before shipping to users or before final incoming inspection.

    Execution of other mansions

    I have witnessed, Destructive Tests (LAT 3) and non-destructive testing of all batches of inspected parts for which I was responsible of the good performing tests at the laboratories of the European Manufacturers listed below. I was carried out the activity of Senior *EEE Parts Quality Inspector with internal visual inspection of the parts verification of Technology (Pre-Cap Inspection) on the Active Components. Detection of  electronics components configuration with Internal visual inspection (Die Inspection), on the manufacturer production places below listed and at the same way periodically and continuously carried out during the years 1994 to 2008, at the Laboratory of Space Technology of Company ThalesAleniaSpace Via Pile 60, L'Aquila (AQ), Italy. I have had the responsibility for the weekly sourveillance of temperature and humidity, environmental conditions of the Incoming Inspection Laboratories of Toprel srl Bari plant and Rome plant-Italy- years 1991 to 2010.

     Training Responsible of new recruiting personnel in the mansion of *EEE Parts Quality Inspector for Company : Alter Group Italy- Toprel srl Rome – Italy, years 2008 to 2010. Produced, edited and updated forms and reports dedicated to inspections of the *EEE Parts used in Space, Military, Customerized fields. Supported makers of Logistics and Quality. Trouble- Solving immediately and notify with NCR ( Non Conformance Report) the non conforming quality of the parts. Partecipant unit of Alter Italy Group Company to MRB process (Material Review Board).

     Providing to organized execution of work with Quality coordination group of Toprel srl to optimize and reduce production costs. Detection of work priorities in accordance with the space programs and managers guide on the Purchasing and Engineering sections of the *EEE Parts used in Space, Military, Customerized fields, both in Alter Group Italy- Toprel srl Company and on mission to ispection on other *EEE parts into  ThalesAleniaSpace Laboratories ,Company plant location - Via Pile 60 - L’aquila – Italy.

    Years 1994 to 2010.

    List of European Manufacturers or EU Parts Assembly Company
    Manufacturer’s Plant where performing activity of Senior * EEE Parts Quality Inspector by Toprel Srl -  Alter Group Italy –Rome- Italy :

    Italy => ThalesAleniaSpace Via Pile 60, L'Aquila (AQ), Italy
    France=> STM-Microelectronics / / Rennes.(FR) -Tekelek/Temex-Montreuil-Paris(FR) #-Texas-Instruments Villeneuve-Loubet / Nice.(FR) # -Eurofarad-/Lagny-sur-Marne.(FR) # -CEPE-CSF-Thomson-/Argenteuil(FR) . # -UMS/United-monolithic-semic. S.A.S. - Orsay(FR). #-Electronique Deutsch Relays-St. Jean de la Ruelle-/Orleans.(FR) # Temic-DaimlerBenzGroup/Nantes.(FR) # International-Leach-Gepe St.Liguaire / Niort.(FR) # - HCM / Hybritech CM. / Perigny-La Rochelle.(FR) #
    Sweden=> MITEL-ABB/HAFO-Bruttovagen Jarfalla-STK-Stockholm-Sweden



     Years from 1991 to 2010 working at the following space satellite programs for the tasks above reported:


    Main results – GOALS  years from 1991 to 2010 (Examples)
    1) Were accepted many batches of *EEE Parts used for Space applications (Small Signal Transistors, FETs, MOSFETs, OP-AMP). Detection of rejectable defect (crack in glass seal) not in accordance with the applicable specifications with European Standard ESA- ESCC, but it’s were completely acceptable with the application of detailed specifications still applicable with American Standard U.S. - MIL-STD - NASA. Therefore the defect were considered as “ Cosmetic defect” that does not affect Form Fit and Function of the Parts. The acceptance of the inspected lots were validated by Quality Assurance Dept. and have been used as accepted criterion during the incoming inspections, actually used by Toprel srl Company Alter Group Italy- and becoming the benchmark for all other cases of similar defect recurring over time, saving the company quantifiable at the time amount of € 600,000 ( Six hundred thousand) during the first two years after acceptance and amount of € 150,000 (one hundred-fifty thousand) for others four years referring to the space programs of parts affiliation.

    2) I have proposed to the Quality Manager and to the Chairman of the Toprel srl -Alter Italy Group Company, the change of modules / inspection reports, the methods, and sampling check of the *EEE space parts in any case according to the internal procedure that allowed a time saving of 25%(twentyfive%). The new modules proposed and changing were approved, resulting an increase of production about 35% (thirtyfive%).

    3) Reject of many batches of *EEE parts (Connectors) used in Space applications. The reason of reject is : The parts show finish material that cannot be identified by visual inspection, in accordance with applicable specifications, because it is similar to another finish for appearance (Nickel finish instead of solder coated shiny type finish) detectable only with very expensive material test analysis on the finish surface of the parts. Nickel is a material with magnetic properties, therefore , I have recognized the nickel finish with the use of a directional magnet . This has enabled the company to not have costs of materials tests analysis on the finish surface and to require immediate replacement of parts from the manufacturer to obtain an economic advantage in time and costs amounting about € 450,000(four hundred-fifty thousand).

    Personal Job Availability

    I think that due to my job specialization I prefer employment like a Technician, Chief Technician for Sourveillance of Quality & Reliability of *EEE Space parts, Witnessing of Quality Tests on*EEE parts, Execution of Pre-Cap Inspection and Buy-Off inspection at the Manufacturer Plant location, but do not refuse other different open positions offered by your Company.

    I am ready to do the employee activity as Technician in Quality and Reliability of *EEE Space parts or similar mansions . I am ready to do a change of my life conditions, living place for a new Job, within the time and manners wanted by your Company, in Europe area , but at the same way I am available to transfer and live in the U.S.A., ( Pasadena-Los Angeles (CA) where are living family parents.

    Professional Experience - Chronological summary ( From year 1977 to 2013)
    Working activity in different fields, conducted in Full-time & Part-Time mode. More specifically, working as Chief Technician in Broadcast standard Audio-Video as an employee at private company in Puglia-Italy- Telepuglia Srl- and as a Cooperation with other Company TeleBari, Telenorba, Antenna Sud-Bari Cooperation with Managing group of Newspaper La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno-Bari. I worked as a Researcher Technician on electronics application on medium power lasers. Technical Support as electronics Technician services to Tecnopolis (Centro Laser-Bari Srl and Scientific and Technological Park of Tecnopolis - Valenzano-Bari Italy). I carried out the activity of salesman of Electronics Components for Industrial , professional Audio-Video, Appliances and Equipment Antenna TV / Digital / Satellite TV, CCTV system products, PC multimedia, Company Comel Ltd. Bari- Italy //Representative with company groups of Celdis-Italy / EDL-Italy, Arrows Group UK .. As Owner, Contractor, Services Agency (Winner SNC) manteining cooperation with many company. Providing, consulting services as well as electronics technician, upgrading management for Italian Hotels and Restaurants on Southern Italian area regions: Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, to improve the quality of offered client’s services, as well as the products and specialties' in the local cuisine Foods & Beverage & Wine expert service for Maitre. I have carried out inspections, supervision of quality, control of products and services, to ensure the level of certification and quality acquired by the companies, by performing comparisons and choices of orientation on National and International scenario of service and quality certifications. In Quality of Owner of Service Agency (Winner snc - Bari) I was in charge of sales, graphic design and planning, Advertising &Marketing manager with cooperation with many companies: Fidanzia Sistemi Srl-Bari, Santamato Antonio - Bari, Astrea - Milan, MI / Milan PES, AVIP - Turin, Publicolor - Lecce, and Dynamic Advertising Company IGP - Milan, throughout the national territory with spaces on Bus, Pullman, in internal and external advertising service.Curated exhibitions Fairs in Southern Italy. In particular, Exhibitions events on” Fiera del Levante” in City of Bari, for important italian companies in commercial and Industrial fields. I have managed Advertising Budgets of many Companies on the basis of Targets to be achieved through planning and scheduling of advertising Issuers Local Radio and Video ( Company : Italia Uno, Telenorba Telepuglia, Telebari, Radio Channel 100, Bari Radio uno, Radio Selene). I made production and planning of aircraft advertising performed with Banners attached to light aircraft and launch of leaflets by the same aircraft with the company Aerduemila - Bari I have received awards and recognition for the services provided to the companies. Performing more recently other activity of Entrepreneur, Cooperation, Training, Consulting and Sales of Photovoltaic Systems for Companies Energitaly Srl/ Enjoy Communication Srl/. Foggia and Ariano Irpino (AV), Italy.

    Technical Knowledge

    Energy Design for use of special home domotic power supply configurations. Energy Design with advanced technology for power supply systems on private commercial and industrial Companies.
    Knowledge and use of all European Specifications CEI-EN-IEC Rules applied to the Materials, Manufacture and Equipment of Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Technology. Quality control marking on certified parts according to CEI-EN-IEC Specifications. Knowledge and use of all applicable documentation in compliance with laws and regulations relevant to Annex 1 of the DM of the Italian Republic of 19 February 2007 on design and implementation of the PV system. Application knowledge of the DPR 547/55 and D.Lgs.81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions, safety and the prevention of accidents at work. Application of the Law 37/08 (46/90) and DM 447/91 (Rules of Implementation of the Law 46/90) and amendments and additions to electrical safety.
    Microelectronics, Testing of Reliability and Quality on *EEE Space parts, Military and Customerized parts. Knowledge of technological materials used on *EEE Space parts. Daily Use of technical specifications with European Standard of the European Space Agency ESA, ESA-Standard ESCC. / ECSS - Q- Series.  Daily Use of all the specifications of the American Standards -US-MIL-STD-GSFC-NASA-MSFC, DESC Columbus doc.U.S., as well as all other specifications Standard and Custom application procedures existing  with other Standards Accepted by the EIA / ANSI or International Space Organizations . Inspection and control of the processes of production (Screening) on*EEE Space parts, Military and Custom. Knowledge of electronics components and their applications and functions. Knowledge of equipment for inspection of the*EEE Parts, Microelectronics for Space and Military Use, equipments easy used for high quality in optics application, Photograph,  microscopes and electronics equipments. More Experience in the field of Broadcast Professional Audio / Video, Video-recording, analog and digital, systems for  Signal Receiving of Audio / Video band, CCTV(closed circuit TV) sourveillance camera systems.

    Military Service
     Italian Army - Transmissions-Telex – Telex Operator at Cavalleri Military House -San Giorgio a Cremano (NA). In Unlimited leave as Telex Operator with the degree of Major Sergeant - 1976


    -  "Energy Advisor" Entrepreneurs in Solar and Alternative Energy. Energitaly srl / srl Enjoy Communication Ariano Irpino (AV) Italy - 2011 to 2012
    - Technical Space procedures Update released by  Company Top-Rel / Alter Italy / Roma-Bari / ThalesAleniaSpace-L'Aquila (AQ) in "Technology and Inspections of*EEE space parts" from years 2000 to 2010
    - Safety Course “working in space technology environments” - ThalesAleniaSpace L'Aquila (AQ), Italy 2007
    - Course in Hotel & Restaurant Management-Maitre / Food & Wine expert -Winner snc Bari-Italy 1985
    - Course in Advertising & Marketing Management - Winner snc - Bari - Italy 1984

    Technics and Lasers Technology Update - Centro  Laser srl Via De Blasio 1 ZI Bari - Italy 1981-1982
    - Upgrading Course in Technical appl. and Commercial " Management & Purchase of Electronic Components" Comel srl Bari - Italy 1979
    -  Upgrading Course in Technical and Commercial "After Sales" for Audio Video Hi-Fi Professional Appliances and Antenna Systems  for receiving video signal Comel srl - Bari - Italy 1978
    - Upgrading Course in Technical and Commercial "Technology of Electronic Components-Cross reference guide and Substitutability" - Comel srl - Bari-Italy 1978
    - Technical Update for Professional and Quality Operations. Support for Professional Audio-Video Broadcast Equipments, Manufactures Ampex & Sony-Telepuglia srl - Bari-Italy 1977
    - Course of Telex - Award of Telex licence, Telex Operator, issued by the Italian Army ” Weapon Transmissions” at Cavalleri Military Headquarter - San Giorgio a Cremano (NA) Italy 1976
    Fortran programming language course certificate IV - V, at Bari University in the first and second Years of training of Science of Information faculty. PL1 Language, Machine Language Code EBC-DIC, Hexadecimal Code , Binary Code for IBM Computers-IBM Italy – Campus / University Section of Study “Center of Study&Applications on Advanced Technology- CSATA” - Bari 1975
    - Course in Programming Language Cobol-Wall Street Institute - Bari-Italy 1975
    - Chief Engineer Diploma - Postgraduate Industrial Electronics
    (I.T.I.S. Modesto Panetti - Bari-Italy 1974)

    I authorize the processing of my personal data pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.


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