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Tue, 27 Sep 2022 10:00:33 +0000
Colorado’s senators in a Sept. 27 to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall argue that a final basing decision on U.S. Space Command needs to be made as soon as possible in light of the Ukraine conflict and China’s expansion in the Pacific   The post Lawmakers press Air Force for final decision on U.S. Space Command appeared first on SpaceNews.
Tue, 27 Sep 2022 09:00:29 +0000
Space logistics startup TransAstra announced an agreement Sept. 27 with telescope manufacturer Celestron to develop a space-qualified version of a popular ground-based telescope. The post TransAstra and Celestron to modify telescopes for spaceflight appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022 23:59:22 +0000
A NASA spacecraft collided with a moon orbiting a near Earth asteroid Sept. 26 in a demonstration of a technology that could one day be used to protect the Earth from a hazardous object. The post DART collides with asteroid in planetary defense test appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022 18:45:23 +0000
The UK Space Agency said Sept. 26 it has shortlisted groups led by startups Astroscale and ClearSpace for a mission to remove two spacecraft from low Earth orbit in 2026. The post UK shortlists Astroscale and ClearSpace for multi-debris removal mission appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:29:57 +0000
NASA will move the Space Launch System rocket from its launch pad back the Vehicle Assembly Building as a precaution for an approaching hurricane, a decision that may delay the Artemis 1 mission until November. The post SLS to roll back to VAB as hurricane approaches Florida appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022 14:58:29 +0000
Moon, Mars or Jupiter: No matter how distant or challenging a deep space mission, products from Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space) help make space exploration a success. The post Beyond Gravity: Mission-critical supplier for exploration appeared first on SpaceNews.
Mon, 26 Sep 2022 10:27:08 +0000
NASA and the European Space Agency signed an agreement on cooperation on lunar exploration activities that could open the door to additional ESA roles in the NASA-led Artemis effort. The post NASA and ESA sign lunar cooperation statement appeared first on SpaceNews.
Sun, 25 Sep 2022 15:52:57 +0000
A NASA spacecraft is on course to deliberately collide with a small asteroid Sept. 26 to test how that technique could be used to deflect a potentially hazardous asteroid. The post DART on track for asteroid collision appeared first on SpaceNews.
Sat, 24 Sep 2022 23:12:40 +0000
ULA launched a classified National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite on a Delta 4 Heavy rocket September 24 at 3:25 p.m. Pacific from Space Launch Complex-6 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The post NRO satellite flies to orbit in Delta 4’s final West Coast launch appeared first on SpaceNews.
Sat, 24 Sep 2022 16:05:53 +0000
NASA has called off plans to attempt to launch the Artemis 1 mission on Sept. 27 as a tropical storm, with the potential to become a major hurricane, heads for Florida. The post NASA postpones Artemis 1 launch because of tropical storm appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 18:49:59 +0000
U.K.-based Avanti Communications is seeking more partnerships to grow its footprint after securing its first major deal to use another regional satellite operator’s capacity. The post Avanti turns to regional operator partnerships to expand satellite coverage appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 17:51:53 +0000
NASA has revised and expanded a set of objectives it will use to guide its architecture for lunar and Mars exploration after receiving volumes of feedback from commercial and international partners. The post NASA updates exploration objectives appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 15:03:22 +0000
After completing the NROL-91 mission, ULA will start vacating SLC-6 and consolidate operations at SLC-3 The post ULA’s Delta 4 prepares for final West Coast launch as Vandenberg seeks new tenants appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 11:24:47 +0000
Axiom Space will fly two astronauts from Saudi Arabia, one of them a woman, to space as soon as next year, the company and the Saudi government announced Sept. 22. The post Axiom Space to fly Saudi astronauts appeared first on SpaceNews.
Fri, 23 Sep 2022 06:57:29 +0000
A technology demonstration satellite for which SES will lead the development could be a prototype of a constellation by the satellite operator providing quantum-encrypted communications. The post SES considering quantum cryptography satellite system appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 22:10:56 +0000
The European Space Agency has tasked an SES-led consortium to develop a satellite and begin operating it in 2024 to validate quantum key distribution technology. The post SES-led group to deploy quantum security satellite for Europe in 2024 appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 21:24:03 +0000
DoD and the intelligence community are laying out requirements for how they would use commercial space systems during wartime The post As DoD grows more reliant on space industry, it needs to define the relationship appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 17:25:07 +0000
Mangata Networks, a U.S. satellite startup founded by a former OneWeb executive, has applied for a U.K. license to connect broadband terminals to its planned multi-orbit constellation. The post Mangata seeks permission to connect UK user terminals appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 16:25:20 +0000
Maritime connectivity specialist Marlink will offer Starlink to its customers as SpaceX’s broadband service turns to partners to expand beyond the consumer market. The post Marlink to offer Starlink to maritime and enterprise customers appeared first on SpaceNews.
Thu, 22 Sep 2022 09:45:32 +0000
One part of an instrument on the James Webb Space Telescope is out of service temporarily, although project officials are confident it will not be a long-term problem. The post NASA studying issue with JWST instrument appeared first on SpaceNews.
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     Date Submitted:26-03-2015
     Last Modified:06-11-2019 (08:12)
    Job information
     Current job:Payload Data Ground Segment Core Maintenance Service
     Employment Term:Temp/Contract
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:within 3months
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, , , Launch Systems, Consulting/Engineering Services
     Keywords(ESA EO Satellite) PDGS Core Maintenance Marine Centre dissemination facility expert products ccsds

    01//2016– (ESA EO Satellite) PDGS Core Maintenance Service for the Marine Centre ESA ESRIN (Italy), Darmstadt (Germany) ▪ Support to the current ESA PDGS Core Contractor team. ▪ Activities of formal service progress report, regarding problem encountered in the request or provision of the service; List of open ARs/NCRs and status of their resolution; Status of changes; Verification of consistency of development environments ▪ Maintenance activity, On-site support ▪ Anomaly investigation and resolution ▪ Software Configuration Management and delivery of releases and patches, Upgrade Implementation ▪ Maintenance of Project Documentation ▪ Operations Support; ▪ Engineering/Maintenance Support

    11/2015-01/2016 Solar Orbiter Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage (England) Selected after successful interview for the position AIT/AIV test supervisor responsible.

    15/09/2011–01/06/2014 Galileo FOC OHB, Bremen (Germany) ▪ Galileo FOC Electric Engineering Integration/Testing Team; Island Integration Lead, team responsible for the activities. Reporting/Support activity to Subsystems/Engineering levels. ▪ Responsible for the execution of integration and test campaign in development/environmental condition for whole satellites subsystems (Power, -Thermal, AOCS, Propulsion) and Satellites units (e.g. Power supply PCDU, CDU Central data unit, Sun Sensors, Reaction wheels, Magneto torque Bars, Gyroscopes, Pyros, Propulsion pipes and valves, thrusters, software, boards and EGSE racks. Operative Testing condition set/up maintenance in respect to all the integration/Test phases (e.g. IFT Interface Test, FAI functional after Integration –test, FPT Functional and Performance Test, FFPT Final FPT, END to END Satellite and subsystem –test) ▪ Islands trainer on EGSE system and Satellite/Procedure setting Up, for the testing and development activities. Monitor e control of ground systems such as EGSE or data simulators and applications.T est SW Data procedure and scripts management, updating and validation. ▪ System and subsystems upgrading/testing, non-regression test activity, software maintenance/test/trouble shooting of real-time data processing . ▪ Near real time HK and TT&C data management and support to OBS Software development and testing. Network communication control/maintenance. Encrypted data exchange management (keys and encrypted data connections and maintenance). Post-processing data control and management. ▪ SCOS 2000 telemetry processing, manual and automatic commanding in MS/Unix/Linux based environment, and virtualization environment (VMWare systems) on-board software management, mission archive and web-based data distribution. ▪ S/W development, configuration controlled software build environments, test S/W packaging, installation and configuration for the operatio and maintenance of large real-time Monitoring & Control/Data Processing systems (e.g. SCOS2000, satellite OBSW) ▪ development, integration, acceptance testing, operations preparation, operations of ground segment / islands monitoring & control systems and defining and implementing the verification and validation of ground segment system. Preparation of User Requirement Documents, Statements of Work, etc., as needed as input for development and/or procurement activities. ▪ Support for in-house development and validation of test tools and their maintenance. Support for procurements of test tools / test data, including the analysis of received deliverables and perform/ attending acceptance tests. Execution and Support for acceptance of test tools / test data provided by partners. ▪ Maintenance and development of the as-built software build environments; Building, packaging and distribution of software releases and patches; Support to programmers with respect to software build and development strategies; Support the delivery of software externally developed; its installation, configuration and testing; Investigation into anomalies, their documentation and classification; follow up of the delivery of S/W corrections; Participation in technical meetings and formal reviews; Analysis of the maintenance requirements and identification, procurement or implementation of SW/HW tools ; writing of maintenance procedures; Interfacing with external contractors who are providing maintenance services for ground segment facilities. Simulation of test data sets for V&V using available tools; compilation of test data sets using real data from satellite & instrument on-ground tests or in-orbit operation. In case of tools to be connected to the ground segment, input for the specification and test of relevant interfaces. Support for configuration management of tools / test data sets, using applicable space processes. Operation of the tools, or support for it, when used for system and ground segment V&V activities. Contributions to the analysis of test results and the preparation of test reports. Participation in relevant internal and external meetings. Regular review of System level documentation dealing with requirements, system concepts, architecture and design, technical analyses, to identify information of importance for test tools / test data. Organization and performing/support to the Galileo Integration/development ; tests organization and executions with the dedicated groups of subsystems specialist, anomalies handling e.g. during End to End Test, Functional Testing, Short Functional Testing, Functional After Integration test (FAI) on the Satellites AOCS system ,Thermal system, Propulsion system, Power system. Spacecraft Compatibility Test Campaigns (SCTCs). Interface for satellite and system to engineering, subsystem specialists, ground operations. On call support during critical test environment/condition. Payload Testing on the RF equipment (Amplifiers, Receivers, Frequency Generators ), Antennas. Environmental Testing (ETS Noordwijk, ESA ESTEC)during endurance and24/cycles as well. Power Units, batteries and solar arrays testing. Satellite Functional Testing at Platform Payload and Satellite level, in different integration and functional phases, Team responsible, for different integration islands. Monitor & Controlling of satellite during all AIT phases. Units, Systems and subsystems, Interfaces and harness verification and setting up; electrical/electronic support for the developing and testing in all the AIT/AIV phases; starting from the EM (Engineering model) to the FMs (Flight Models) . Functional testing on units, systems and subsystems, at platform, payload and satellite level by mean FOC (Final Orbit Constellation) EGSE. Quality management activities.QA. Satellite On-Board Software Maintenance and Testing Support, during development phases and testing activities or operational simulated e.g. FDIR (Failure Detection Isolation and Recovery) development, subsystems development (Thermal, AOCS, ,Power, propulsion). Encryption keys system managing for secure connections. Unit´s and Systems/Subsystem´s Interfaces digital and analogic signals verification. MIL-STD-1553 bus communication troubleshooting. Problems investigations and retesting solutions. Activities focused also to the support for the Mechanical activities, Platform and the Payload activities, test data analysis and production, MOIS payload test sequence generation and running. Quality Assurance activities, for the Platform and the Payload tests and coordination. Control documents and Procedural redaction/managing, NCRs follow-up during TRB /TRR flows following the integration/development /test phases. ESA controlling support for the testing/development phases. ESA SCOS 2000 and TERMA EGSE equipment control and management. Working in classified conditions, 1st level security cleared. Specific Knowledge: Galileo Satellite engineering and Functional architecture. Near Real time Data and software computation. PUS standard in HK and TT&C data. MIL-BUS troubleshooting. SCOS 2000 CCSDS Frame and the CCSDS Packet standards in the satellite Telemetry Chain and Commanding Chain. Galileo Satellite Special Check Out Equipment (ESA SCOS 2000) system. MOIS (Manufacturing and Operations Information System) Satellite/Payload test. Digital electronic data and instruments measurements ;multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyser, wave generators. Payload Engineering (Amplifiers, Reference generators, Antennas, Filters, Wave guide connections, C,S, RF bands) Precise clock references such as Rubidium Atomic Reference and PHMs (Passive Hydrogen Maser) checks and testing. Satellites platform electronics. MGSEs setting up and management. ECSS/ESA Standards. Administration/configuration of Unix and Unix-like Operating System environments and Windows Server-based environments. Networks optimization and performance configuration, networking, distributed applications, and TCP/IP services Classified environment procedures and classified data management.

    01/09/2009–01/12/2010 AIT AIV Platform Electrical Responsible. Globalstar 2 Constellation AIT/AIV Integration Testing, Environmental Test Campaign Thales Alenia Space Italia, Roma (Italy) ▪ Testing and Verifying related to the Globalstar 2 Satellite Constellation . ▪ Platform testing starting from IPT (Initial performing tests) phases to the FTP (Final performance test) phase; passing through the functional testing by mean EGSE software/hardware support (Ocoe Scoe systems). ▪ Environmental Setting-Up and Tests; Thermal Balance/Thermal vacuum, Vibration/Acoustic maintained during cycling conditions of 24/7 hours. Support to the Payload testing for the platform contribution (antennas test TX,RX Gain functions) in anechoic chamber. Complete Environmental test campaign execution ▪ Network communication administration and setting up for satellite and SCOE testing acceptance. ▪ Reporting/support activities to Engineering and subsystems specialists. Control and Test of Satellites units e.g. ; AOCS (Attitude and Orbit Control Systems) units, MTB (Magneto torque bar), GPS (global positioning system) , FSS /CSS (Fine and Coarse Sun Sensors), ESA (Earth sensor) Gyroscopes. On board software managing, load and patch for the Satellites OBPE (On board process equipment). Data handling and communication subsystems ( f.e.1553 bus); incoming check and development control. Electrical and Power equipment (PCDU,PLIU), solar wings testing. QC tasks in the test campaign foresee by the Avionic Electric and Payload teams in this project regards all the activities for the platform units, systems and subsystems. Documents redactions and NCR (Non Conformal report )managing. Test requirement control for verification of test results (Doors database). Activities focused also to the support for the Mechanical Testing, Quality Assurance/Control supervisor activities, for the Platform and the Payload tests and coordination .Support to Mechanical Integration. Particular attention for the EGSE equipment, test software and procedures to follow the ECSS regulation; this mean also software test sequences update and editing, following the PFM and FMs heritage. Test procedure software development and requirements editing and documentation production to complete the test campaign. Test data post-processing and archiving. Learnings: Quality Control and Assurance in the Aero spatial environment; Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) / Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE) knowledge & Control; solar array simulator, umbilical simulator, battery simulator, GPS software and hardware simulator (GSSL), Telecommand and Telecontrols simulators. Special CheckOut Equipment (SCOE) / Overall CheckOut Equipment (OCOE) systems in the hardware and software configurations for Satellite Testing. Digital electronic instruments ;multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, wave generators. Satellites platform electronics. Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystems (AOCS) in the Satellite configurations. DMS (Data Management system) for the document redaction and traceability. This is the list of arguments discussed during the IV&V Quality Assurance/Quality Control job training sessions: Satellite Design General Description payloads & platforms; antennas, radars, propulsions avionics, communication buses. Globalstar 2 Spacecraft Payload. Globalstar 2 T&C design description. Globalstar 2 Orbit/Constellations Description. Globalstar 2 EGSE; models characteristics, architecture, components quantity, main functions, automated checkout software, FEE/SCOE capabilities, offline management. Globalstar 2 Payload Tests; payload RF test requirements, programme test plan, AIT PDR & CDR. Spacecraft: the TCR (Telemetry Command and Ranging); Rx/Tx performances, Ranging Performances. S/C Verifications AIT/AIV processes; verifications approach, verification phases, verification methods, verification levels , verification matrix. S/C Verification AIT AIV Processes; Design Verifications Approach, Model Philosophy Definition, AIT requirements test conditions methodologies and tools, AIT nominal sequence. AIT Avionic Integration Test Flow ;initial performance test, , Environmental Testing; Thermal Chamber Thermal Vacuum Test Vibration/Acoustic test. Solar array installation testing, final performance test, reduced EMC test. Thermal test overview ; Objectives of a S/C Thermal Vacuum Thermal Balance test, objectives of a S/C Thermal Chamber test, Thermal Vacuum & Thermal Chamber test- TB/TV test requirements vs facility thermal test fixture vacuum plant procedures refrigeration plan procedures Set-Up & Deset-Up procedure DAS procedures Integrated Test Procedure Emergency Procedure -, Thermal Cycling test. Propulsion Training; introduction to the Space Propulsion, CosmoSkyMed Satellite propulsion system, Propulsion Methods Elements equipment systems fuelling. Quality assurance training; planned and systematic production processes regulations and methods.​

    01/06/2008–31/10/2009 KosmoSkyMed Requirements Verifications and tracing Thales Alenia Space Italia, Roma (Italy) ▪ Activities of Requirements and Results Verification on the executed tests at PDHT e SAR Subsystems level. ▪ NCR, Non Conformal Report; RFD, Request for Deviation; RFW, Request For Waiver identification, emerged at Units and Subsystem levels. ▪ Requirements traceability management through SAR & PDHT DVCM (Design Verification and Control Matrix) following the ECSS documentation models and standards. Requirements tracing, DVCM production and management by means RHVDB/DOORS databases. ▪ Alignment operations on the specifications documents, data and methods of verification between different subcontractors. (e.g Telespazio) Traceability documentation manage on the PDHT e SAR requirements to comply with the System specifications. Documents redaction for PDHT e SAR subsystems, related to the requirements verification, test validation, Systems and Equipment Qualifications; e.g Verification Report, Qualification Report, according to ECSS standards. Review of design and test review board activities of support. Input provisioning related to the SAR e PDHT Satellite verifications team. System Level activities; not compliance identification emerged at lower levels. Verification Data management of the System requirements and relations between upper and lower levels data, about the Mission and Ground Segment on the RHVDB Db. System DVCM generation and controls, new issue management about the System area documentations. System RTM (Report Test Matrix) generation & controls. Clean room activities on the satellite payload systems checks. ICD (interface control document) production for electrical and tele command & tele controls coupling between the satellite bus and payload. The COSMO SkyMed Project, a Remote Sensing Mission, foresee in the wider configuration to exert 4 Satellite or more equipped with a Synthetic Aperture Radar, to acquire Earth surface images exploiting the electromagnetics X band properties. Kompsat5 program : payload satellite SAR commissioning for KARI Agency

    01/03/2004–15/06/2005 Envisat 1 Project Payload Data Segment, Software Validation and Testing European Space Agency, Esrin, Frascati (Italy) ▪ Integration and software validation for the Envisat Sub-systems in relation to the on ground operative mission ▪ Integration and hardware test on the under systems constituent the Envisat’s PDS (Payload Data Segment). ▪ Control of the PDS software and hardware configuration. ▪ Management of the SPR/NCR (Software Problem Report/Non Conformal Report) opened on the software released. Sub-contractors coordination during the project in matter of software release, correction problems (patch) of the same one. All the Software Facilities and problems arisen are tested also by function simulators on the PDS parallel chain, triggering data productions from a complete orbits acquisitions stored, working in a simulated environment (Valid). Documents redaction concerning the software and the testing procedure, validation troubleshooting procedure. Software facilities developments; a single facility is intended as software function that is in charge to elaborate the data acquired by the satellite, after this processing state a scientific data item is produced than stored into dedicated database and so available for the consultation by the worlds scientific communities. Software facilities generation for the testing starting from the C, C++ source code, on AIX, Solaris, Sun Os environments, such as e.g. : ARF (Archiving Retrieval Facility), AF (Antenna Facility), PP (Product imaging Processors), PF (Planning Facilities).Auxiliary data management for the instruments data production. Software chain test administration and control (Valid), SW and HW troubleshooting, code debug and proposing to the modifications. Database-Facilities communication test and control, archiving and retrieval test on Oracle database, database managements. Facilities communications control. Development of the modifications to the configuration (HW and/or SW) in the subsystems of the centres to achieve the problems resolution encountered during the software running. On call support to anomalies of the facility. FOS ( Flight Operation Segment (on ground)) test and software development. [The Envisat-1 plan provides the supply for ESA of an integrated system (Hardware and Software) constituent the PDS (Payload Data Segment) of the Envisat-1 satellite. The PDS is composed by 5 different centres, geographically distinguished, dislocates in Italy, to Frascati (PDCC and PDSH-E) and Matera (PDAS), in Sweden to Kiruna (PDHS-K LRAC). Every centres brings different functionalities and each its own architecture, various for every centre even if constituted starting from the same assembly of subsystems.

    01/06/2000–28/02/2003 Air Traffic Control Systems development Alenia Marconi Systems, Roma (Italy) ▪ Integration, realization and software development of ATC systems. ▪ For the Romanian Upgrade and modernization project, Constanta site manager and integration responsible, Bucuresti and Romania integration team. ▪ The integration tasks provide the tests of the system, following the contractual norms of delivering, in particular, helping to the preparation of the test control and management of the system configuration. ▪ Software site Installations. Site Acceptance Test, continuity tests, operating support, technical and specialized support. Technical support for operative learning and training. Suggestions and eventual corrections to architectural and systematic aspects of the system, both in the phase of planning that in its future implementations. Installation, operative systems present in ATM systems (MARA, Digital Unix, NT Server, NT Workstation, Windows) and of the real-time and OFF-LINE diagnostic. The integration is the amount of developing activities developed in plant and on site, that concur to achieve environmental tests of the software generated on VAX Furthermore, its necessary also the configuration, generation, integration and recording of the CSCI (Computer Software Common Item). Supervision and/or preparation and setting-up of the Test Bed. Work and behavioural testing of the CSCI and HWCI (Hardware Common Item), support to the software debugging. Planning, organization and coordination of the on site jobs. Setting-Up, SW Installation, integration, configuration and tuning of the systems in situated. Location and resolution of the system problems of whichever nature. Interface with the customer on the site. Attendance to the flight tests. Good knowledge about ATC rules, Eurocontrol and ICAO rules and standards, OLDI (online data interchange) and MET (meteo) messaging. Mono and Multi Radar Alignment, set up and optimization RHP (Radar Head Processor). Configuration and optimization of the system parameters (MRT multi radar tracking, RFE radar front-end, RDP radar data process, MSAW minimal safe altitude Geography, MTCD medium term conflict detect, Geographic maps). TCP/IP Network communication realization, client server data connection management. Router, switches and protocol setting up and configuration. FDP Oracle Database administration, geography and flight data backup/restore. Database installation and managements. Load test on the configured ATC system by mean track simulators, to obtain limit situations and the alarms controlling. Installation, managing and configuration FDP ( Flight data processor) database (Oracle), relative to the management and given insertion of flight from part of the ATC Net management, optimization of all the integrated network items. First course and operating training on the ATC system and its developments to the flight controllers.


    01/09/1993–01/05/1997 Attended to 2nd University of Rome Biology/Physics Università Tor Vergata, Roma

    01/09/1992–01/06/1996 Nuclear Energy and Radioprotection Expert. Digital Electronics and microprocessor H. Hertz, Roma


    Mother tongue(s) Italian Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C2 C2 C2 C1 C2 German A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 Berliz French A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 Spanish A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 Romanian B2 B2 B2 B2 A2 Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills Good communication capability gained into multicultural experiences, living and working abroad. Carried out civil service for the support and guidance of Blind People. Organisational / managerial skills Leadership and organization of complex environments. Problem reporting and troubleshooting. Team working and team organization, working in coordination during complex operations. Training and knowledge transfer. Systems development organization. Job-related skills Satellite mission System engineering during Integration and Verification phases. Knowledge and experience with ECSS documentations. Development, upgrades, maintaining of complex systems. Leadership and support to satellite ground operations and testing development. PDS ground software components development, test and validation. Large scale computer network and IT system management . Complex integrated systems troubleshooting. Complex software integration and development. Requirements management and traceability (DOORS/RHVDB), production of verification documentation, requirements data base management and export. MOIS - The Manufacturing and Operations Information System. ( E.g. Supervisor, DB, Validator, Reporter) Infrastructure setting up and arrangements with dedicated or COTS (off the shelf components). Interface to System and subsystems specialist, support to operations and activity organization. Deep AIT/AIV development experience during development phases and testing activities, from mechanical integration to Satellite’s end to end test, environmental test campaign. Computer skills Monitoring and control of satellites, ESA SCOS 2000 trainer. House keeping packets Telemetry, TT&C management and data control flow. HK and TT&C post-processing. Integration and verification activities coordination and management. TCP/IP Networking & Communications; client server applications and configurations. Networking management, router, switches configurations, protocols analysis and communication troubleshooting, Networking data sniffing and analysis. Near Real-Time OS/software and Data Processing testing and debugging. Satellite Encrypted data communication setting up, verification. .


    1st Level Security Clearance Working in reserved environment HW/SW data protection. Encrypted keys and data management responsible.

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