Latest Space News
Fri, 22 Jun 2018 00:04:04 +0000
The Falcon Heavy beat United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4 in a competition under the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program.
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 23:41:21 +0000
To receive FIRST UP Satcom, a weekly SpaceNews newsletter for satellite and telecom professionals, sign up here. TOP STORIES Chinese hackers tried to gain control of U.S. satellites in late 2017, leading a cyber firm to notify the U.S. government. Symantec’s protection software blocked some of the tools used by attackers known as “Thrip” that attacked two […]
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 22:56:40 +0000
Blue Origin expects to start flying people on its New Shepard suborbital vehicle “soon” and start selling tickets for commercial flights next year, a company executive said June 19.
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 21:41:59 +0000
Canadian satellite antenna manufacturer C-Com said June 21 it successfully tested the building blocks of a phased array antenna it hopes to sell next year.
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:25:18 +0000
Rogers: Whether you call the new branch a Space Corps or a Space Force is not all that important.
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 10:45:26 +0000
A report released by the White House June 20 outlines a set of goals to address the small but “high-consequence” threat posed by near Earth objects (NEOs), but does not commit to spending more money to achieve them.
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 19:52:56 +0000
Former Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James: "The Air Force and the DoD have to come up with something to back up what the president said.”
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 15:57:18 +0000
China has lowered the orbit of its Tiangong-2 space lab, likely in preparation for deorbiting the orbital facility and thus averting a similar scenario to the uncontrolled re-entry of Tiangong-1 earlier this year.
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 12:13:10 +0000
Those who loathe or love a Space Force “separate but equal” to the Air Force must think and act decisively and quickly. Regardless of whether the Space Force actually materializes, deliberation alone could finally spring us into action to deal with the looming threat of space Pearl Harbor.
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 11:12:05 +0000
An advisory group dubbed the “think tank” for the National Space Council formally kicked off its work June 19 with a broad but vague mandate to study space policy issues.
Wed, 20 Jun 2018 00:08:21 +0000
Fleet operators SES and Intelsat asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to extend the deadline for their customers to register C-band dishes before the commission decides on the band’s future use.
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 11:00:08 +0000
Trump’s proposal derives from a growing debate inside military and political circles about how to best meet the threat posed to American space assets by potential enemies: Russia and China, to be precise.
Tue, 19 Jun 2018 01:45:44 +0000
A former NASA astronaut used an appearance at a National Space Council meeting June 18 to argue that a key element of NASA’s plans to return humans to the moon should be reconsidered.
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 19:35:34 +0000
Trump: Creating a Space Force and promoting space exploration by NASA and the private sector will be “important for the nation’s psyche.”
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 13:22:16 +0000
President Trump will sign a new space policy directive June 18 addressing space traffic management issues, closely following the proposed policy that Vice President Pence announced in April.
Mon, 18 Jun 2018 08:45:21 +0000
A key senator says he’s keeping an open mind regarding who in the federal government should have responsibility for the oversight of “non-traditional” commercial space activities.
Sat, 16 Jun 2018 19:45:35 +0000
The House Appropriations defense subcommittee approved $49.5 million to create a new “program of record for commercial satellite communications."
Fri, 15 Jun 2018 20:23:14 +0000
As the National Space Council prepares for its third public meeting, its activities to date have won widespread praise in the space community, even as there is some skepticism about the effectiveness of the council’s advisory group that will soon meet for the first time.
Fri, 15 Jun 2018 11:00:25 +0000
A House hearing on the reasons for cost and schedule problems with major NASA programs pointed blame at a wide variety of sources, from the tools used to track programs to the agency’s mindset to Congress itself.
Thu, 14 Jun 2018 19:59:03 +0000
Astranis, a startup developing geostationary satellites to offer broadband internet access, plans to equip its MicroGEO spacecraft with Bradford of the Netherland’s high performance green ECAPS thrusters.
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     Date Submitted:07-07-2016
     Last Modified:08-07-2016 (07:40)
    Job information
     Current job:R&D Engineering Manager
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:US only
     Date available:within a month
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, Launch Systems, Consulting/Engineering Services
     KeywordsMechanical Engineering, Design, Analysis, Systems Engineering and Program Management

    Accomplished mechanical engineer ​with experience designing, integrating and testing precision optical systems, space­rated hardware, and thermal­vacuum chemical process chambers 

    *Cleanroom Design and Manufacturing 
    *CNC, Sheetmetal, Spinning, Die Forging 
    *Spacecraft Environmental Testing 
    *Cryovac Testing 
    *Precision Optical Alignment 
    *3D CAD and PDM tools 
    *Y14.41 Model­Base Definition 
    *Y14.5 GD&T 
    *Design of Experiments 
    *Product R&D/Prototyping 
    *Systems Engineering 
    *Transition to Production 
    *Design for Manufacturability 
    Engineering and Project Management Experience 
    Applied Materials – 2012 to Present 
    R&D Chamber Engineering Manager, Mar 2012 – Present 
    Senior engineer and project manager to develop high­volume next generation thermal­vac wafer process chambers. System designs required class 100 cleanroom, chemical compatibility, thermal stability, process repeatability, and optimized cost of ownership. Responsible for full product lifecycle: design, prototype, manufacturing, integration, test, and support.  
    ○ Evolve Next Gen Systems:​
     Developed the next generation preclean process chamber for metal deposition. 
    Maximized reuse of part for designs as a basis for scaling wafer processing equipment to exceed customer requirements on etch uniformity. Implemented innovative designs utilizing past design experience to assist in the integration, test and serviceability of the system. Performed GD&T analysis and DFx (cost, serviceability, reliability, manufacturing) on all designs. Managed design, procurement, integration, and test of the system in under 4 months. Coordinated multiple US and international subcontractor to develop manufacturing and quality processes. Validate units 
    against performance requirements with analysis and test. Identify product non­conformities, analyze root cause, develop and implement corrective action. Design details include 10e­7torr base pressure, up to 30 torr throttling process pressure, 400C controllable heated pedestal with a 5C uniformity and stability, quartz plasma well, and various mechanical actuators for wafer movement and process surface placement. 
    ○ Evolve Current Systems:​
     Design Engineering Manager for high priority customer project. Customer identified a critical 
    process gap that required selective, directional etch of dielectric material. The difficulty of the problem is due to the scale of the geometry moving past 10nm. Development of the system required collaboration between internal business units, US and international vendors, and multinational customers. Design details included multiple thermal control systems capable of 150C with a temperature uniformity of <1C, Fluorine compatible materials and seals, multiple 
    pressure controllable gas injection and vacuum control systems, multiple micron repeatable mechanisms, 1kV monopolar electrostatic chuck, and a multi­frequency MHz RF delivery system. Parts consisted of CNC machined metals, ceramics, plastics, sheet metal, die forging, bonded, extruded, and various surface treatments. System was designed, procured, assembled, and integrated in under 6 months. Performed integration, test, and debugging at the customer facilities in Taiwan and Albany. 
    ○ New Process Chamber Architecture: ​
    Invented a new type of process chamber configuration designed to eliminate wafer cycle time on large batch, long cycle processes. This innovation has the potential to increase the overall tool 
    efficiency measured in wafers/time/area by 10% and facilitate using new composite substrates for flexible circuits. 
    ○ Improve Engineering Efficiency: ​
    Actively participated in defining Model­Based Definition for elimination of 2D drawing. The goal was to reduce the cycle type from concept to delivery by 50%, facilitating rapid product development 
    in a first­to­market business environment. 
    Acretus – 2010 to Present 
      Systems Engineering Manager, Aug 2010 – Mar 2012 
    ○ Established requirement and verification management process using JAMA Software. Formulated functional requirement specifications for aerospace projects. Established process for verification and validation. Generated and maintained verification tables for spacecraft subsystems. Developed automation script to generate verification matrices from functional requirements. Engineering manager responsible for making technical decisions on aerospace projects. 
    Managed multi­disciplinary team.

    Developed and maintained networking and computer infrastructure to support Windows and Linux clients. Built and maintained headless Linux server to maintain share folder, client system backup, collaboration services and video delivery. Built and maintained a ZFS managed JBOD cluster to support hardware redundancy and economic scaling. 

    BAE Systems – 2008 to 2010 
      Engineering Liaison, Enterprise Product Data Management, Oct 2008 – Apr 2010 
      Senior Technical Project Manager, Bradley Combat Systems, Jan 2008 – Feb 2009  
    ○ Bradley Battle Command Vehicle: ​
    Principal engineer for a team of 20 engineers to build, test, and deploy 4 Command and Control upgrade kits for the Bradley. The design goal was to develop an armoured communications 
    platform that could communicate on the move, house multiple communications networks and computer systems, operate in a 130F+ ambient environment, and run silently when required, without losing its defensive capabilities. Design details included 10 communication antennas including active tracking satellite, a comm rack with an array of servers, switches, inverters, and radio amplifiers, 150Ah of batteries, an auxiliary generator driven off the drivetrain, and 
    an A/C unit for equipment reliability. Upgrade kits were thoroughly tested in a surrogate environment in the US and installed in­situ on actively deployed vehicles. Design kits were transitioned to production with minimal changes. 
    Lockheed Martin Space Systems – 1997 to 2008 
    Principal Engineer­Mechanical, Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam), Apr 2003 – Jan 2008 
      Lead Mass Properties Systems Engineer, Sep 1997 – Jan 2008  
    ○ NIRCam: ​
    As a principle engineer, I was responsible for the systems design and integration of all primary cameras, stray light baffling, fold mirrors, optical system interfaces, and harnessing. Managed critical budgets including all mechanical, coefficient of thermal expansion, stray light, volume, and mass properties. Collaborated on a detailed Structure, Thermal, Optical, Performance (STOP) analysis, and closely worked with optical engineers, stray light engineers, and thermal engineers to meet difficult mission requirements. Design highlights of the camera mounts included 1 micron 
    repeatability at 37K, high electrical and low thermal isolation, integrated cosmic radiation shielding, and a 6­dof solid alignment shim. Design details of the stray light baffling included individual covers to facilitate integration and test, active N2 for contamination control, hermetic electrical feedthroughs, 1e­10W/mm stray light contamination, and low radiative coupling with adjacent instruments. Designs included brazed and welded titanium sheet metal baffling; forged extra low 
    interstitial titanium camera mounts; custom bolts designed for precision alignment, minimal stray light contribution, and multiple cryo­cycles; kinematic bipod mounts for launch loads and CTE neutral positioning. Verified DFx with full scale stereolithography model including mechanism simulators. Validated optical triplet design using LabView program to measure real­time relative optical element motion during cryo­cycle. 
    ○ Gravity Probe­-B:​
     Led verification team for detailed mass properties tests, static balance and dynamic balance of 
    Gravity Probe B. Analyzed and optimized designs to meet critical performance requirements for launch and on­orbit environments. Audited solid model and BOM to ensure accuracy of mass properties prediction. Managed all systems mass and power budgets, and negotiated all mass properties related ICDs with launch partners and NASA. Developed detailed statistical mass properties models. Reduced prediction uncertainty by measured deployable components with 
    laser trackers, photogrammetry, and precision mass properties measurements. Performed optical alignment of the spacecraft to spin axis within 2 micron and 1 arcsec. Wrote software in C++ to automate mass properties optimization during the spin balance. 
    ○ Research and Development​
    : Successfully predicted the mass properties of over 20 satellites and 15 satellite instruments, currently on­orbit. Managed the mass properties team for LMSS’ research and development campus. Performed trade studies to optimize materials, vendors, packaging configurations and manufacturing. Developed software tools and refined processes to exploit new solid modeling systems for mass properties engineering. 

    MS, Aerospace Engineering, 2006, SJSU   |   BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1997, SCU 
    AS, Mechanical Drafting, 1994, RCC   |   Project Management Professional (PMP), 2014 

    Alison Nordt, Michael Jacoby, Brent Biggs, Todd Kvamme, Ted Cahoon, "NIRCam fold mirror and mount designs", SPIE Proceedings Vol. 6692, 2007 Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XII 
    Brent Biggs, “Mass Properties using Statistical Techniques”, San Jose State University, April 2005 

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