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Mon, 24 Jul 2017 21:00:00 +0100
Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the global leader in broadband satellite networks and services, today announced it has been awarded a Wideband Communications Architecture Study (WCAS) contract to support the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) plan for resilient, cost-effective satellite communications (SATCOM) capabilities. Under the contract, Hughes will investigate a wide-ranging commercial perspective on how different satellite transports can interoperate for wideband government applicati...
Mon, 24 Jul 2017 08:37:00 +0100
It was midafternoon, but it was dark in an area in Boulder, Colorado on Aug. 3, 1998. A thick cloud appeared overhead and dimmed the land below for  more than 30 minutes. Well-calibrated radiometers showed that there were very low levels of light reaching the ground, sufficiently low that researchers decided to simulate this interesting event with computer models. Now in 2017, inspired by the event in Boulder, NASA scientists will explore the moon’s eclipse of the sun to learn more ...
Fri, 21 Jul 2017 15:08:00 +0100
International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) and Moon Express have announced a collaboration for the delivery of the first International Lunar Observatory to the South Pole of the Moon in 2019 (ILO-1). Moon Express has been contracted by ILOA to develop advanced landing technologies supporting the mission. The ILO-1 astrophysical observatory and research station will be the world's first instrument to image the Milky Way Galaxy and to conduct international astrophysical observations and...
Thu, 20 Jul 2017 19:05:00 +0100
LONDON - July 20, 2017 - Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) highlighted NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) programme to audiences around the U.K. in a series of special screenings of the documentary film Into the Unknown as part of the company's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach efforts. This is the first time Into the Unknown has been screened in the U.K. The film, developed by the Northrop Grumman Foundation as a resource for teachers, s...
Thu, 20 Jul 2017 18:00:00 +0100
Refurbishing a shuttle-era cargo container used to transfer cargo to the International Space Station, Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) is prototyping a deep space habitat for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. This prototype will integrate evolving technologies to keep astronauts safe while onboard and operate the spacecraft autonomously when unoccupied. Under a public-private partnership, NASA recently awarded Lockheed Martin a Phase II contract for the Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partners...
Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:55:00 +0100
KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) announced today its global Government Services business, KBRwyle, is one of the winning bidders on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Professional and Technical (ProTech) Satellite Domain contract in support of NOAA's satellite activities worldwide. The contract has a two-year base period and three one-year options, and belongs to the ProTech program's suite of contracts that shares a maximum ceiling value of $3 billion. Under the ProTech contr...
Thu, 20 Jul 2017 08:15:00 +0100
One night three months ago, Rosa Castro finished her dinner, opened her laptop, and uncovered a novel object that was neither planet nor star. Therapist by day and amateur astronomer by night, Castro joined the NASA-funded Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 citizen science project when it began in February — not knowing she would become one of four volunteers to help identify the project's first brown dwarf, formally known as WISEA J110125.95+540052.8. After devoting hours to skimming onli...
Thu, 20 Jul 2017 08:09:00 +0100
Working well after midnight on this day in 1977, a Rockwell Collins engineer named David Van Dusseldorp sat on the rooftop of a company building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, adjusting an antenna every five minutes to receive a signal from the world's first Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite known as NTS-2. Within a small window of time, the satellite was turned on and the message was successfully received and decoded by the team working the GPS receiver below. Since then the technology has g...
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0100
The MASCARA (Multi-site All-Sky CAmeRA) station at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile has achieved first light. This new facility will seek out transiting exoplanets as they pass in front of their bright parent stars and create a catalogue of targets for future exoplanet characterisation observations. In June 2016, ESO reached an agreement with Leiden University to site a station of MASCARA at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile, taking advantage of the excellent observing conditions of the ...
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 08:35:00 +0100
The lightweight Vega launcher for Arianespace’s upcoming mission is undergoing final checkout in French Guiana, readying it to receive a dual payload of Earth observation satellites – consisting of OPTSAT-3000 (as the upper passenger) and Venµs (in the lower passenger position). Vega was integrated at the Spaceport’s SLV launch site, bringing together the solid propellant P80 first stage, Zefiro 23 second stage and Zefiro 9 third stage; followed by the liquid biprope...
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 08:27:00 +0100
In the search for planets similar to our own, an important point of comparison is the planet's density. A low density tells scientists a planet is more likely to be gaseous like Jupiter, and a high density is associated with rocky planets like Earth. But a new study suggests some are less dense than previously thought because of a second, hidden star in their systems. As telescopes stare at particular patches of sky, they can't always differentiate between one star and two. A system...
Wed, 19 Jul 2017 08:00:00 +0100
Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced that it selected United Launch Alliance's (ULA's) commercially developed Atlas V rocket to launch the first two missions of its Dream Chaser cargo system in support of NASA's Cargo Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) contract. "ULA is pleased to partner with Sierra Nevada Corporation to launch its Dream Chaser cargo system to the International Space Station in less than three years," said Gary Wentz, ULA vice president of Human and Commercial Systems. "We reco...
Tue, 18 Jul 2017 00:56:00 +0100
QuintessenceLabs was awarded a $3.26 million AUD ($2.4 million USD) investment from the Australian Department of Defence to continue the expansion of its quantum key distribution (QKD) capabilities and extend it to free space communications. This was the largest of the eight investments recently made by the Defence Innovation Hub, a part of the Australian Department of Defence. QuintessenceLabs, which has already developed a QKD solution using commercially available off-the-shelf products, ...
Mon, 17 Jul 2017 15:20:00 +0100
In Cassini's Grand Finale orbits - the final chapter of its nearly 20-year mission - the spacecraft travels in an elliptical path that sends it diving at tens of thousands of kilometers per hour through the 2400-km space between the rings and the planet where no spacecraft has ventured before. May, June and July have been busy months for Cassini, as a series of complex ground-station tracking passes involving ESA's Deep Space Antennas (DSA) and NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) captured a serie...
Mon, 17 Jul 2017 08:37:00 +0100
Images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot reveal a tangle of dark, veinous clouds weaving their way through a massive crimson oval. The JunoCam imager aboard NASA's Juno mission snapped pics of the most iconic feature of the solar system’s largest planetary inhabitant during its Monday (July 10) flyby. The images of the Great Red Spot were downlinked from the spacecraft’s memory on Tuesday and placed on the mission’s JunoCam website Wednesday morning. “For hundred...
Fri, 14 Jul 2017 20:37:00 +0100
The Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) announced today the successful launch of two Norwegian microsatellites developed and built by SFL for the Norwegian Space Centre with support from the Norwegian Coastal Authority, Space Norway, and the European Space Agency. The Soyuz-2.1a rocket carrying the satellites into orbit launched from Baikonur at 06:36:49 UTC Friday 14 July 2017. Shortly after launch both satellites were contacted from ground stations in Svalbard and Vardo, Norway. Both satellites a...
Thu, 13 Jul 2017 16:24:00 +0100
The final days of the LISA Pathfinder mission are some of the busiest, as controllers make final tests and get ready to switch off the gravitational pioneer next Tuesday. Following 16 months of scientific effort, LISA Pathfinder completed its main mission on 30 June, having demonstrated the technology needed to operate ESA's future LISA space observatory to study gravitational waves - ripples in spacetime predicted by Albert Einstein in his General Theory of Relativity. The LISA mission wi...
Thu, 13 Jul 2017 13:00:00 +0100
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced today that The Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Sultanate of Oman has formally accepted the Advanced Space Radio Monitoring System (ASRMS) from Kratos. The multi-million dollar project started in late 2014 and includes ten years of long-term support services for the ASRMS system. The most advanced system of its kind, ASRMS is a unique satellite monitoring and geolocation solutio...
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0100
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (Nasdaq:CMTL) announced today that during its fourth quarter of fiscal 2017, its Command & Control Technologies group, which is part of Comtech's Government Solutions segment, has been awarded orders totaling approximately $1.9 million by an international Space and Communications customer. "Comtech supports a number of key projects within the global space industry," said Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. "...
Wed, 12 Jul 2017 10:23:00 +0100
NASA's Juno mission completed a close flyby of Jupiter and its Great Red Spot on July 10, during its sixth science orbit. All of Juno's science instruments and the spacecraft's JunoCam were operating during the flyby, collecting data that are now being returned to Earth. Juno's next close flyby of Jupiter will occur on Sept. 1. Raw images from the spacecraft’s latest flyby will be posted in coming days. "For generations people from all over the world and all...
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:12-07-2017
     Last Modified:18-07-2017 (01:21)
    Job information
     Current job:Senior Consultant System Engineer
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Europe only
     Date available:immediately
     Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Launch Systems, Consulting/Engineering Services
     KeywordsSystem Engineering, Thermal, Mechanical, MGSE

    Personal statement

    System Engineer (Mechanical, Thermal and Structural engineering)

    Waiting for PMP exam






    01/2017-to date

    Senior Consultant System Engineer -  Business Development Consultant for Altran Space Division in Bremen Area


    Altran Germany


    Customers Portfolio Management

    Communication plans for business development

    Interfacing with technical department leaders as system engineer expert

    Author of technical proposals for CFT as expert in system engineering (mainly for ESA and Airbus)



    Business or sector Space Business




    AIT Mechanical Lead for Exomars 2020

    Altran Germany for OHB system Bremen

    Reviewer of the MGSE documentation;

    AIT support to the System Engineering concerning the AIT impact;

    AIT and Test plan, Test procedures and Test reports writing

    PDR, CDR, MRR, TRR, DRB participation

    NCR and NRB management

    Integration and test activities and team coordination

    Schedule activities organization

    HTC clamp band course

    Crane operator certification

    Support to other programs

    Business or sector Space AIT Management


    System Thermo-Mechanical Engineer for MTG

    Altran Germany for OHB system Bremen

    Schedule activities organization for the MTG STM (Structural, Thermal Model);

    Coordination of sub-system engineering for supporting the STM dummies design;

    Supervisor for the ICDR (Interface Control Drawing) of STM dummies

    Design report writing

    Reviewer for FM/STM mechanical ICDR;

    RID/actions management through ECLIPSE tool

    RID/actions management through MAIS tool

    System Engineering AIT activity in order to support the AIT schedule and plan

    PDR, CDR, MRR participation

    Business or sector Space Mechanical System Engineering


    MGSE responsible for SarAH program

    Altran Germany for OHB system Bremen

    Support to the AIV verification plan;

    MGSE definition and specification;

    MGSE Requirements writing

    System AIT engineering for the AIT schedule/planning

    Support to FM design for the MGSE implementation

    Re-design activity has been performed respect pre-existing MGSEs.

    Business or sector  Space Mechanical System Engineering


    AIT System engineer for EDRS-C program

    Altran Germany for OHB system Bremen

    MGSE definition and specification;

    Requirements management and generation through DOORS tool

    Export of requirements from Doors to MS Word

    Specification document writing for MGSE;

    Sub-co manager activity for MGSE procurement

    Statement of Work (SoW), NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), RFQ (Request For Quotation), RFP (Request For Proposal) writing

    Selection of MGSE Suppliers;

    Technical proposal evaluation.

    Business or sector  Space Mechanical System Engineering


    Project Responsible for MGSE Production

    Highftech Engineering Modena (Italy)

    Schedule and Planning activities

    Requirements Analysis

    Verification Control Document (VCD), Design Description (DD), Structural Report, User Manual (UM) writing

    Sub-co manager activity for MGSE procurement

    Statement of Work (SoW), NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), RFQ (Request For Quotation), RFP (Request For Proposal) writing

    Selection of sub-system suppliers;

    Technical/Financial proposal evaluation.

    Kick-off, PDR, CDR, MRR, TRR, DRB participation

    Reviewer for compliance to machinery directive 2006/42/EC;

    MGSE design spacialized in welded steel structure and aluminium machined;

    Structural analyst, static and dynamic models for MGSE machinery and FM Experimental container for ISS

    Thermal designer;

    Business or sector Space Management/Engineering


    Scientific Consultant for SELENE ITT

    Highftech Engineering Modena (Italy) for  Astrium Gmbh (Dept. TO52) - Immenstaad Bodensee Germany

    SELENE cell Thermo-fluidynamic/mechanical design

    Business or sector Space Engineering





    Ph. D. in Aerospace, Naval and of quality 


    Faculty of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

    Design and development of thermal device based on heat pipes technology

    Member of Scientific team for SELENE experiment accepted by ESA

    Thermofluidynamic study of passive cooling system and heat exchanger for solving thermal management problems.

    Designer of experimental setup for  technological experiment on board microgravity platforms.

    Computational Fluidynamic (FLuent+GAMBIT).

    Authors of several scientific articles, in attachment

    Speaker in International congress IMA5 Firenze, Italia, 7-10 june 2010 and 5th ITT Workshop, Kyoto, Japan 26-29 September 2010



    Master Degree in Aerospace and Astronautic Engineering


    Faculty of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

    Design of Aircraft and Spacecraft (propulsion, structural, attitude control, fluidynamic)

    Date of graduation 1 October 2007 with final vote of 110/110 cum laude.



    Bachelor Degree in Aerospace and Astronautic Engineering


    Faculty of Engineering, University of Naples Federico II

    Basic knowledge about design of Aircraft and Spacecraft

    Date of graduation  31 September 2004 with final vote of 110/110 cum laude.





    Mother tongue(s)


    Other language(s)

    English, German (basic)

    Communication skills

    verygood communication skills gained through my experience as project responsible/business developer and also through a communication course made in Modena (Italy).

    Organisational / managerial skills

    leadership (responsible for a team of 5-10 people)

    scheduling (through the project responsible activity in Modena and during the AIT Lead)

    cost control

    Job-related skills

    Pragmatic and goal oriented

    Problem solving

    Technical and procurement documentation


    Digital competence


    Information processing


    Content creation


    Problem solving


    Proficient user

    Indipendent user

    Indipendent user

    Indipendent user

    Indipendent user


    Levels: Basic user  - Independent user  -  Proficient user

    Digital competences - Self-assessment grid




    good command of office suite (word processor, spread sheet, presentation software)

    DOORS (standard user)

    MS Office (Word, Excel, MS Project, Internet Exsplorer, Access Outlook, Power Point); Acrobat, Grapher, Matlab (with tool), FLUENT (ansys), Patran, Nastran

    CAD (Catia v5,  ThinkDesign, Autocad 3D )

    Academic Experience with C++good command of photo editing software gained as an amateur photographer


    Other skills

    Piano and guitar player self-educated

    Runner and tennis player

    MMPORG gamer (WoW Raid leader)

    MOBA gamer (LOL team leader)

    Browsergame gamer (Ogame Alliance founder and War Minister)

    Driving licence





    Publications on scientific journal


    R. Di Paola, R. Savino, D. Mirabile Gattia, R. Marazzi, M. Vittori Antisari, Self-rewetting carbon nanofluid as working fluid for space and terrestrial heat pipes, on Journal of Nanoparticle Research, November 2011, Volume 13, Issue 11, pp 6207–6216, doi:10.1007/s11051-011-0601-y, Impact factor 2,020

    Roberto Di Paola, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kotaro Tanaka, Masahide Sato, and Raffaele Savino, SELENE Experiment on ISS, Space Utiliz Res, 27 (2011), © ISAS/JAXA 2011

    A. Cecere, R. Di Paola,  R. Savino, L. Carotenuto, S. Van Vaerenbergh, Observation of Marangoni flow in ordinary and self-rewetting fluids using optical diagnostic systems, EPJ-ST, The European Physical Journal Special Topics, February 2011, Volume 192, Issue 1, pp 109–120,  doi:10.1140/epjst/e2011-01365-7, Impact factor 1,862

    R. Savino, R. Di Paola, D. Mirabile Gattia, R. Marazzi, M. Vittori Antisari, Self-rewetting Fluids with Suspended Carbon Nanostructures, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (JNN), Impact Factor 1,338.

    Raffaele Savino, Roberto Di Paola, Anselmo Cecere,Raimondo Fortezza, Self-rewetting heat transfer fluids and nano-brines for space heat pipes, accepted waiting publication on Acta Astronautica, Impact Factor, 0,508

    Jacopo Buongiorno et al., A Benchmark Study on the Thermal Conductivity of Nanofluids,: Journal of Applied Physics in data 15 settembre 2009, Impact Factor 2,072

    Savino Raffaele, Cecere Anselmo, Di Paola Roberto, Abe Yoshiyuki, Castagnolo Dario, Fortezza Raimondo, Marangoni heat pipe: an experiment on board MIOsat microsatellite, Acta Astronautica, Vol. 65, 2009, pp. 1582–1592, ISSN 0094-5765, doi:10.1016/j.actaastro.2009.04.005, Impact Factor, 0.508.

    Savino Raffaele, Cecere Anselmo, Di Paola Roberto, Surface tension-driven flow in wickless heat pipes with self-rewetting fluids, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 30, 2009, pp. 380–388, ISSN 0142-727, doi:10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2009.01.009, Impact Factor 1,498.


    Publications at congress


    R. Di Paola, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kotaro Tanaka, Masahide Sato, Raffaele Savino, SELENE Experiment on ISS, Space Utiliz Res, 27 (2011), ISAS/JAXA 201.

    R. Di Paola, R. Savino, D. Mirabile Gattia, R. Marazzi, M. Vittori Antisari, Self-rewetting carbon nanofluid as working fluid for space and terrestrial heat pipes, NANO 2010 The X International Conference on  “Nanostructured Materials”, Rome, 13-17 September 2010

    R. Di Paola, A. Cecere, R. Savino, S. Genna, C. Leone, Capillary rising of self-rewetting solutions in laser engraved micro-channels, in book of abstract pag 32-33, IMA-5 International Marangoni Association Conf. on Interfacial & Micro fluid dynamics & Processes Florence, 7-10 June 2010

    A. Cecere, R. Di Paola,  R. Savino, L. Carotenuto, S. Van Vaerenbergh, Observation of Marangoni flow in ordinary and self-rewetting fluids using optical diagnostic systems, in book of abstract pag 27-28, IMA-5 International Marangoni Association Conf. on Interfacial & Micro fluid dynamics & Processes Florence, 7-10 Juner 2010

    R. Savino, R. Di Paola, A. Cecere, D. Mirabile Gattia, Y. Abe, Self Rewetting Fluids and Brines for Thermal Energy Managment, 15th International Heat Pipe Conference (15th IHPC) Clemson, USA, April 25-30, 2010

    R. Savino, R. Di Paola, D. Mirabile Gattia, R. Marazzi, M. Vittori Antisari, Self-rewetting Fluids with Suspended Carbon Nanostructures, Nanosmat 2009, Roma, 19-22 October 2009

    Raffaele Savino, Roberto Di Paola, Anselmo Cecere, Raimondo Fortezza, Self-rewetting heat transfer fluids and nano-brines for space heat pipes, presentato al 60th International Astronautic  Congress, 12-16 October, Deajeon (Republic of Korea), 2009, paper IAC-09.A2.3.6,  9pp.

    Sato Masahide, Abe Yoshiyuki, Urita Yuki, Di Paola Roberto, Cecere Anselmo, Savino Raffaele, Thermal Performance of Self-rewetting Fluid Heat Pipe Containing Dilute solutions of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized by Microwave-Polyol Process, presentato al Sixth Interdisciplinary Transport Phenomena Conference: Fluid, Thermal, Biological, Materials and Space Sciences, October 4-9, 2009, Volterra (Italy), paper ITP-09-19, 7pp.

    Sato Masahide, Suzuki Tomohiro, Di Paola Roberto, Urita Yuki, Cecere Anselmo, Savino Raffaele, Abe Yoshiyuki, Iimura Ken-ichi, Shinmoto Yasuhisa, Ohta Haruhiko, Fukagava Masato, Anomalous Temperature Dependence of the Surface Tension in Polyol-Process-Synthesized Silver Nanofluids with Higher Alcohols, presentato al 17th Symposium on Thermophysical Properties, June 21 - 29, 2009, Colorado, Usa, 5pp.

    Yoshiyuki Abe, Tanaka Kotaro, Masahide Sato, Yuki Urita, Raffaele Savino, Roberto Di Paola Benefit of Marangoni Effects in Heat Transfer Devices (Self-rewetting Fluids as a New Working Fluid in Heat Transfer) IMA-4 International Marangoni Association Conf. on Interfacial & Micro fluid dynamics & Processes Tokyo, 21-23 October 2008

    Savino Raffaele, Cecere Anselmo, Di Paola Roberto, Castagnolo Dario, Fortezza Raimondo, Marangoni Heat pipe: an experiment on board MIOsat Italian microsatellite, presentato al  59th International Astronautic  Congress, 29 September  – 3 October, 2008, Glasgow (United Kingdom), paper IAC 08-A2.3.6, 10pp. 

    Savino Raffaele, Di Paola Roberto, Cecere Anselmo, Abe Yoshiyuki, Tanaka K., Nakagawa M., Sato Masahide, Heat pipes with Self-Rewetting Fluid for Space Applications, presentato a: 38th International Conference on Environmental Systems, June 29 - July 2, 2008, San Francisco, California, USA, paper: 2008-01-1954, 9pp




    ESOL B2 ENGLISH in 2010


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