Latest Space News
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:21:06 +0000
NanoRacks is preparing to conduct a brief but critical test in late 2020 of a technology it will need to turn rocket second stages into Nanoracks Space Outposts.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:01:18 +0000
Voyager Space Holdings, a company recently established to serve as a holding company and long-term funding source for space startups, has acquired its first company, space technology firm Altius Space Machines.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 14:01:17 +0000
Maxar Technologies and Thales Alenia Space abandoned plans to jointly compete to build Telesat’s low-Earth-orbit broadband constellation, setting up a now three-way race for a multibillion-dollar contract expected to be awarded soon.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 10:06:25 +0000
Agreements with NASA and the European Space Agency are the latest steps by the government of Luxembourg to support its emerging space resources industry.
Wed, 23 Oct 2019 09:56:10 +0000
A venture linked to a former space mining company announced Oct. 21 a very different project, using blockchain technology to provide crowdsourced space situational awareness (SSA) data.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 23:02:16 +0000
White House officials have asked DoD to prepare a detailed public communications plan for the new branch.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 22:19:21 +0000
Entrepreneurs and international government agencies will play important roles in NASA’s future lunar exploration, according to speakers at the 2019 International Astronautical Congress here.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 19:27:31 +0000
The goal is to complete six to eight Starlink launches to get sufficient coverage to start offering the service to consumers in 2020.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 17:28:22 +0000
Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël said the Ariane 6 rideshare mission will be able to deliver 8,500 kilograms into a lunar transfer orbit.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 14:24:54 +0000
Fred Kennedy spoke with SpaceNews about leaving the Space Development Agency, his public clash with Air Force leaders at the 2019 Space Symposium and his future plans.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:55:33 +0000
Blue Origin is joining forces with three other major aerospace firms in a “national team” to develop a human lunar lander for NASA.
Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:32:15 +0000
Noosphere Venture Partners is taking another step toward its goal of creating a vertically integrated space powerhouse.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 21:53:36 +0000
Leaders of several national space agencies endorsed continued cooperation in space exploration, including missions to the moon, and said that effort should not come into conflict with separate work to address climate change.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 20:42:15 +0000
The European Space Agency will ask its 22 member states to fund an additional two to eight Prometheus reusable engines so that the agency can further its development.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 16:58:42 +0000
Potential customers include partner countries of the U.S. government's WGS constellation.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 15:52:32 +0000
Vice President Mike Pence told an international audience that the United States intends to lead in space but seeks cooperation in space exploration with “freedom-loving” nations.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 15:00:13 +0000
After years of secrecy, Umbra Lab is revealing details of its plan to launch a constellation of 50-kilogram synthetic aperture radar satellites to capture imagery with a resolution of 25 centimeters.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 13:46:07 +0000
Airstream, maker of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer, unveiled Astrovan II, an eight-seat transport vehicle Boeing will use to transport commercial crew astronauts to the CST-100 Starliner’s Cape Canaveral, Florida, launchpad.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 12:00:45 +0000
Made In Space announced plans Oct. 21 to send a plastic recycling facility to the International Space Station on a Northrop Grumman commercial cargo resupply flight scheduled for early November.
Mon, 21 Oct 2019 01:56:40 +0000
The Japanese government plans to join NASA in its Artemis program of lunar exploration, although the details about how it will contribute remain to be worked out.
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:18-10-2018
     Last Modified:18-10-2018 (02:26)
    Job information
     Current job:Consultant
     Employment Term:Temp/Contract
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:immediately
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, ,
     KeywordsSales Business Development

    Curriculum Vitae


    Date of Birth:      05 April 1970

    Nationality:         South African

    Language:          English



    Abdurrahman has been in the Telecommunications industry for over 27-years. He has always given his best. His career started off in Telecommunications at Telkom South Africa. He held many positions with this company. He started off as a technical engineer and grew to become an Account Manager. His last engagement at Telkom was taking care of the International and Broadcast clients of the company. He was responsible for satellite and terrestrial products.

    Due to his experience in Satellite, he was approached to join a US Company called Verestar Inc. with their HQ in Washington DC. Verestar opened an office in South Africa to look at doing business in the African content. The company was selling telecommunication solutions via Satellite and international fiber. This was a new challenge for him. From a zero revenue and customer base, his territory grew to $5m/y in revenue. He covered different territories within his tenor at Verestar, mainly in Africa but for a period of time he covered the Middle East. During this period he worked with various European teleport operators for services in Africa. He built a relationship within Europe as well during his period at Verestar. Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy and the local African office was shut down together with other global offices. During this time, he earned a lot of respect from peers and the senior management of the company.

    He joined iDirect as the first Sales Director for Africa with the assistance and reference of his former MD, Africa at Verestar. iDirect is a manufacturer of VSAT HUB and Remote equipment. He grew the African territory from one VSAT Hub to such an extent that iDirect is now well-known in the satellite VSAT industry as a major role player in the African continent. He grew revenues for the company in this region where Africa contributed almost 30% of the total company revenue. He prides himself by selling over 30 VSAT hubs in this region. More than 80% of the operators in the region own and operate an iDirect platform through his efforts over the years.

    After leaving iDirect, he was approached by the CEO of Newtec in Belgium. Newtec is a manufacturer of satellite equipment for Broadcast, Trunking and VSAT markets. He was Sales Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. He promoted Newtec VSAT and Broadcast equipment into the marketplace. He was instrumental in opening new doors and a customer base in Africa that included Broadcasters, ISPs, Telcos and MNOs, for the company during a very tough period within the satellite industry. He also played a huge role with the development of the Company’s new VSAT system called DIALOG. Revenues doubled during his 2 years with the company. He was selling satellite based products for Broadcast, Trunking and VSAT solutions within this region. His major accomplishment was selling a VSAT into Africa within the 1st 3-months after joining the company – the company record! He also prides himself by over achieving his target by 155%.

    He was then approached by Ceragon Networks, based in Israel. He joined Ceragon as the Regional Sales manager for Southern & Central Africa. The company manufactures and supplies Microwave Radio equipment. The market is primarily Telco and MNO’s. During his period at Ceragon, he managed to win a huge tender in Africa. Together with this accomplishment he was actively involved in resolving many operational issues with key accounts in the region with major Telcos and MNOs. A lot more sales opportunities were opened before he left the company, with some large MNO’s in the region.

    He was then approached by the MD of ABS Africa to join the local team. ABS is a satellite operator that owns and operates 6-satellites having global coverage. He joined ABS as Senior Sales Director for Southern Africa. During his first 3-months he signed up a major Broadcaster client in Africa. The business started growing in his region. His strategy was selling solutions rather than just satellite space segment. He opened markets in Video and Internet services within his defined territory. He grew the business in his territory from an almost zero revenue base within a period of two years.

    Abdurrahman is driven by aggressive sales targets. He is an ambitious business orientated individual that always pushes to exceed his given targets. He is by nature a hunting personality that also includes maintaining and growing relationships long term. He is always very proactive and drives business. Based on targets, he forms his own strategy in line with company objectives and seeks to over achieve them.

    Abdurrahman is dedicated and very customer focused. He has been very successful in the region. Business development and Sales were his key responsibilities including maintaining and growing existing business. During the years he managed to earn the respect of his customers and people within the industry. He performed his business in an ethical manner and has been very successful. He is excellent in researching and gaining competitive knowledge which he utilizes in a professional manner.

    Abdurrahman’s sales roles involved working for vendors in his last few engagements. Due to his technical background in his early telecom days, he uses these abilities to get involved in the technical aspects of a sale. He worked with major Satellite operators like SES, Intelsat, ABS, Hellasat, Measat and Eutelsat to achieve successful satellite sales in the region. He has been involved in link budgets analysis, technical designs and 3rd party equipment (antennas, SSPAs, LNBs, etc.). His microwave career had been very promising where he had to learn very quickly as he was dumped into various customer issues. He is good at resolving customer issues and retaining customers. He will go out of his way, within company guidelines, to resolve any customer issues. He prefers working in a team environment, even if the team members are scattered around the globe. He draws strength and knowledge from team work.

    He had to negotiate and close sales on his own with the help in the background by the company’s legal, support or operational teams. He has presented at all levels including CxO levels. He has gained a good reputation in the industry with respect from individuals at all levels. Due to his various relationships in the different countries in EMEA he built up a good network which assists him in various accounts and also to penetrate new ones.

    He generally identifies leads, qualifies them, assess the strategic nature of the lead and then maps the account. Based on the strategy, he targets different organizations within that lead. It would entail, operations, engineering, support, commercial and finance. He is a good “cold caller”.

    Abdurrahman has experience in dealing at high level executives (C-Level) within any organization. He also dealt with the Belgium Ambassadors of Kenya, Angola & DRC. This interaction involved sales to Government organizations and regularly interacted with Government Ministers. His experience dealing with high level people will add tremendous value to any organization that wants to penetrate this tough African market.



    To be part of an innovative and a challenging business oriented environment with a promising potential for career growth.



    27 years of professional experience in the Telecom industry.

    Experience in Telco environment, MNOs, satellite services and satellite equipment including Broadcast equipment / solutions, VSAT, Hub Antennas, SSPAs and Space Segment.

    Experience in microwave technology for point to point and point to multi point networks. Networks involving backhaul and enterprise solutions.

    Expertise in business development.

    Understanding Sales Channel and Distribution models.

    Expertise in Vertical Sales (GSM Backhaul, Broadcast, Oil & Gas, Government, Enterprise & SME).

    Experience in Solution selling.

    Expertise in Negotiation Skills.

    Proficiency in Business Development & Management Consultancy.

    Experienced in working independently.

    Project Management of high value & complicated projects.

    Hunter Sales personality.

    Cold calling personality.

    Proven Sales track record.

    Competencies in Bid Management and RFP response.

    Experience with Optimization Products – Tellitec, Servis, RAD, Xiplink, Riverbed.

    Experience within  EMEA satellite market.





    Company:             Consultant

    HQ:                         South Africa

    Position:                Consultant

    Period:                   PRESENT


    Main Tasks / Projects

    Microwave project for Zimbabwe 56-site network

    Utilities company project in South Africa, initially 14 site VSAT Network

    Schools Project in South Africa for 12-sites including satellite capacity and installation

    IPTV project in Ghana, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

    Military project in South Africa for replacement of existing VSAT Platform

    Monitoring 27 tower sites in Botswana via ka band


    Main Achievements

    Won Microwave business in Zimbabwe

    Won Utilities business in South Africa

    Won Monitoring business in Botswana




    Company:             ABS

    HQ:                         Hong Kong

    Position:                Senior Sales Director - Africa

    Period:                   2016 - 2018

    Duration:              2+ Years


    Main Tasks

    Formulate Sales Plan for assigned territory

    Generate new business in assigned territory

    Selling Space Segment and Internet Trunking Services

    Lead generation for assigned territory

    Keep BSS system updated

    Attend weekly Sales call with Senior Management & EXCO

    Weekly Sales update reports

    Become ABS Africa Public Officer

    Arrange marketing and PR events in assigned territory


    Main Achievements

    Increased revenues for the assigned region over 10-times

    New accounts in Broadcast, Enterprise & Government sectors

    Increased awareness of company in the assigned region




    Company:             Ceragon Networks

    HQ:                         Israel

    Position:                Regional Sales Manager – Southern & Central Africa

    Period:                   2015 – 2016

    Duration:              1-year


    Main Tasks

    Prepare action plans and schedules to identify specific targets.

    Follow up on new leads and referrals resulting from field activity.

    Identify sales prospects and contract these and other accounts as assigned.

    Prepare presentations, proposals and sales contracts as directed by manager.

    Develop and increase sales revenue to meet assigned targets

    Develop and maintain sales materials and current product knowledge.

    Establish and maintain current client and potential client relationships.

    Prepare paperwork to activate and maintain contract services.

    Manage account services through quality checks and other follow-up.

    Prepare a variety of status reports, including activity, closings, follow-up, and adherence to goals.

    Communicate new product and service opportunities, special developments, information, or feedback gathered through field activity to appropriate company staff.

    Develop and implement special sales activities to reduce stock.


    Main Achievements

    Increased revenue

    Retention of 2 large accounts

    Won a large key tender





    Company:             Newtec

    HQ:                         Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

    Position:                Sales Director - Africa

    Period:                   2012 – 2014

    Duration:              3-years


    Main Tasks

    •              Promote the sales of the Company’s products in the region.

    •              Active introduction of new products in the market.

    •              Breakthrough Sat3Play VSAT sales in the region.

    Increase Sales in the Broadcast sector – DTT / DTH.

    Increase sales of VSAT hub + Remotes, Modulators, Demodulators, Switches and IP Software.

    Continue with existing Channel strategy.

    Develop and grow Channel partners.

    Successful execution of special sales programs.

    Forecast Accuracy to Management within 15%.


    Main Achievements

    Achieved significant revenue growth in the market.

    Maintained and grew Channel Partners.

    Achieved the fastest VSAT hub Sale in the company.

    Achievement of Newtec brand amongst major players in the satellite market.

    Global Sales Man of the year 2013.





    Company:               VT iDirect Inc.

    HQ:                           Herndon, VA, USA

    Position:                  Sales Director - Africa

    Period:                     2005 – 2012

    Duration:                 8-years


    Main Tasks

    The Company was re-launched and had no customers in Africa.

    •              Promote the sales of the Company’s products in the region.

    •              Business Development.

    •              Developed and implemented a unique sales strategy to serve a variety of clients in their country/region marketplace.

    •              Developed the sales channels, including customer analysis and strategy, presentations and process management.

    •              Established and maintained distribution channels for the Company's products and services.

    •              Performed market driven analysis, developed business plans and business requirements, and consulted with Marketing Department to determine product scope and direction as it related to country/region needs.

    •              Maintained high levels of customer satisfaction.

    •              Reviewed analyses of activities, costs, operations, and forecast data to determine division's progress toward stated sales goals and objectives.

    •              Participated in establishment of pricing strategies, including pricing fee structure.

    •              Worked with Presales Engineer to analyze customer's needs and assists in defining product scope and direction.


    Main Achievements

    The Company is now a well-known and a “household” name in the region.

    Gained Market leadership since the start up.

    Achieved distinguished growth and maintained high revenues.

    Achieved distinguished scores in terms of Brand Likeability, Preference and Positioning

    Worked with external vendor to develop an SNG product for the Broadcasters

    The company is ranked among the top VSAT vendors in the industry.



    I was the first Sales person employed by the company to handle Africa. During the past 7-years I have successfully manage to grow the revenue to an average of $16m per annum. This may not look significant, but understand that this was a purely equipment based business. I managed to put the company in a very dominant role within the African market. We have taken majority of the revenues from the competitors. This had a major impact to our competitors business in the region. Others were in financial problems due to the significant loss in this market.

    Our largest market was the Nigerian market, followed by South Africa and then the E.African market continues with steady growth. The verticals we concentrated our efforts on are the corporate enterprise market. Our other initiatives was to gain penetration in the government sector and Broadcast markets. We were extremely aggressive and remain the platform of choice for at least 80% within this space.

    I have travelled to most parts of Africa and have no issues doing the same. I am proud of my accomplishments and would like an opportunity at a senior level to promote a company’s product.





    Company:               Verestar Inc.

    HQ:                           Herndon, VA, USA

    Position:                  Sales Director – Central & West Africa

    Period:                     2000 – 2004

    Duration:                 5-years


    Main Tasks

    This was a new office in Africa to develop this market in Middle East and Africa.

    •              Market development.

    •              VSAT development in the region.

    •              Expanded sales in the region.

    •              Improved division revenues.

    •              Exceeded $5m revenue per annum from a zero start up.

    •              Selling of Satellite services – SCPC, VSAT, VoIP and Space Segment.

    •              Sales of large Earth Stations.


    Main Achievements

    The Company became a well-known player in the region.

    Achieved high growth and maintained high revenues.





    Company:               Telkom SA Ltd.

    HQ:                            Pretoria, South Africa

    Period:                      1991 – 1999

    Duration:                  9-years


    Positions Held at Telkom:

    1.             Data Installation Technician

    2.             Data Maintenance Technician

    3.             Regional Data Test Centre Technician – Major Accounts

    4.             National Service Desk Technician – Major Accounts

    5.             Service Manager – Major Accounts

    6.             Account Manager – Broadcast Customers (SA)


    Main Achievements

    Moved from a technical person to being an Account Manager.

    Gained signification knowledge of the VSAT industry.

    Understood what customer satisfaction truly means.

    Registered Telkom with the BCCSA and NAB.




    Completed Schooling - 1987

    Diploma in Electronic Engineering ( ETI ) - 1989

    Electrical Engineering – Johannesburg Technical College -1993



    Product Management                 USA                   

    Sales & Marketing                        USA

    Strategic Selling                            USA

    Meeting Procedures                   South Africa

    Business Marketing                     USA

    Advanced Selling Skills                USA

    Negotiation Skills                         South Africa

    Satellite Communications          USA / South Africa

    VoIP                                                USA

    Satellite Products                        USA / South Africa

    Microwave Equipment                South Africa

    Microwave Solutions                   South Africa




    I have worked throughout the African continent and within the Middle East, including a host of interactions with European teleport operators.

    However significant focus was on the African region.


    Key Countries that I’ve done business in –

    Egypt                                      Ethiopia

    Uganda                                   Kenya

    Tanzania                                 DRC

    Congo                                     Cameroon

    Rwanda                                  Angola

    Zambia                                   Zimbabwe

    Namibia                                  Botswana

    South Africa                           Nigeria

    Ghana                                    Senegal

    Ivory Coast                             Liberia

    Dubai                                      UK

    Germany                                Spain

    Lesotho                                  Swaziland

    Mozambique                          Congo

    Tanzania                                Somalia

    Algeria                                   Mauritius

    Seychelles                             Burundi

    Madagascar                           Gabon             


    Experienced in the following vertical markets –

    1. ISP

    2. Enterprise

    3. Broadcast





    4. Government + Military

    5. Schools

    6. Banking & Commerce

    7. Corporate NetworksDimension Data

    8. MNOs

    9. GSM Backhaul

    10. Trunking – Redundancy + Backhaul


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