Latest Space News
Fri, 22 Mar 2019 09:54:03 +0000
The National Space Council will likely press NASA at its upcoming meeting to speed up its plans to return humans to the moon as the agency continues to study alternative approaches for the next flight of its Orion spacecraft.
Fri, 22 Mar 2019 03:11:03 +0000
European launch provider Arianespace conducted its third launch of the year March 21, orbiting a remote-sensing satellite for the Italian Space Agency on a Vega rocket.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 23:22:21 +0000
The Canadian government has vowed to increase the level of funding for the development of low Earth orbit satellites that can bring internet services to rural parts of the country.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 22:03:11 +0000
Even before the launch, NASA officials said there was already work identified before the Demo-1 flight that needed to get done before the agency would consider flying astronauts on board.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 20:59:24 +0000
Federal Communications Commission officials urged patience with the repurposing process for satellite C-band spectrum, saying regulators are more concerned about getting it right than rushing the process.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 20:36:32 +0000
The Germany space agency DLR is beginning a study this month on a reusable launcher concept that would use a winged first-stage booster captured on descent by an aircraft and towed back to land.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 14:20:34 +0000
In the Q&A below Lesley touches on the mentor who inspired her, offers her perspective on women working in high tech careers and shares advice for those interested in building a career in the commercial space industry.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 13:02:45 +0000
The question of how SMC is positioning itself for the future is gaining attention in light of the Pentagon’s decision to establish a Space Development Agency, which some view as a long-term existential threat to SMC.
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 09:54:31 +0000
Blue Origin has studied repurposing upper stages of its future New Glenn launch vehicle to serve as habitats or for other applications as part of a series of NASA-funded commercialization studies.
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:07:08 +0000
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says the U.S. has to "grow our margin of dominance in space."
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 22:42:02 +0000
The Space Development Agency officially came into existence last week and already is causing a stir.
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 20:13:58 +0000
Arianespace’s first Ariane 6 mission will carry 30 OneWeb satellites to low Earth orbit. The launch, slated for the second half of 2020, will use the “62” version of the rocket, which has two side boosters.
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 10:58:33 +0000
The National Space Council will hold its next public meeting March 26 to discuss NASA’s human space exploration plans.
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 02:17:55 +0000
Laser communications terminal provider Mynaric says it raised 11 million euros ($12.5 million) in post-IPO funding from a mystery constellation venture that plans to buy up to 1,000 terminals.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 21:02:20 +0000
SpaceIL’s lunar lander performed a maneuver March 19 that puts the privately developed lander on course to enter orbit around the moon next month.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:42:07 +0000
With two new satellites in orbit and a third on the way, APT Satellite of Hong Kong continues to grow, but company executives remain worried about Asia-Pacific market conditions.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:10:11 +0000
Inmarsat said it remain in discussion with the consortium, which under British law has until April 16 to make a binding offer.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:19:20 +0000
I’m a firm believer that the commercialization of space is absolutely essential for the growth of the space economy and achieving all of the goals we espouse for human activities in space.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 16:34:45 +0000
Long before Ruag began producing structures for OneWeb communications satellites, the Swiss aerospace equipment supplier noted the market shift toward large constellations and began investing in automation.
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:17:20 +0000
Regardless of whether the Airbus-OneWeb joint venture gearing up to crank out dozens of satellites a month ultimately builds just 648 satellites or closer to the 900 originally envisioned, OneWeb’s constellation is the first such project large enough to truly incorporate aviation-style mass production procedures for spacecraft.
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:13-12-2018
     Last Modified:13-12-2018 (08:46)
    Job information
     Current job:Satellite Payload Hardware Engineer
     Employment Term:Either
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:within 2 months
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, ,
     KeywordsSatellite operation, RS payload camera Analysis, developing, integration, and testing

    Occupy long-term employment with an organization that is on or looking to be on the cutting edge, an organization that puts value on people and the products they are promoting in my career field. Honest and Ethical, I am looking to call this organization my family. Moreover, to develop of my skills and permits me the opportunities to acquire professional knowledge and improvement of my interpersonal skills. In addition, to become a highly productive resource that represents the VALUES that the leaders of the organization establish, fulfilling all the strategies of service that is determined by the VISION and the MISSION of the organization.

    Lund University (Sep. 2010 – June 2011) I have accomplished some courses of the master study of engineering, System On Chip program at Lund's University as an exchange student, due to the scholarship offered from the Erasmus Mundus Program -FFEEBB for 10 months of master courses study. The major study plan focused on digital ASIC/embedded systems, which I have some knowledge in the following courses due to my movement in Sweden: (Introduction to Structured VLSI Design, Digital IC Design, Integrated A/D and D/A Converters, Intellectual Property Rights Management, IPR, Advanced Digital IC Design, DSP design, Advanced A/D and D/A Converters).

    Akhbar Elyom Academy (2000-2005) I have graduated from Akhbar Elyom Academy, Faculty of Engineering, Electronics and Communications department with Excellent grade with honor degree = (87.6 %) accumulation grade percentage. My graduation project was Audio Optical Communication Systems due to the Fiber Optics Cables and its grade is Excellent.

    LANGUAGE LEVEL Reading Writing Speaking Listening Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent English Excellent Very Good Good Good

    Organization / Company Name New Cairo Academy- institute of Engineering Organization / Company location 5th district - Cairo - Egypt Type of business or sector: Higher Education Dates: Oct. 2005 - Nov.2007 Occupation or position held: Teaching Assistant (Engineer) Main activities and responsibilities As an assistant in New Cairo Academy- institute of Engineering, I was teaching the following courses: (Mechanical Engineering (static's and dynamics), Networks and Information Security, Office application Packages, Electric Circuits, and Electronics Engineering).

    Organization / Company Name National Group Company (NGC) Ltd. Organization / Company location Cairo - Egypt Type of business or sector Marketing business Dates Dec.2007 - Feb. 2008 Occupation or position held Sales & Technical Support Engineer Main activities and responsibilities As Sales and technical support Engineer, I was responsible for offering and providing an extensive range of equipment and services to NGC's clients with High service standards and customer satisfaction through pursing innovation, maintenance of operational and logistic support, and compliance with national and international standards. NGC represents a variety of Telecommunications Systems, Testing & Monitoring Solutions, and Network Optimization for optimal, fast, efficient, and reliable Telecommunications including Satellite Communications, Microwave Radio, access, and applications.

    Organization / Company Name Egyptian Space Program (ESP) – National Authority for remote sensing and space sciences (NARSS) Organization / Company location 5th district - Cairo - Egypt Type of business or sector Satellites operation & Control / Satellite Ground Control Station Dates Feb. 2008 – Aug. 2010 Occupation or position held Satellite Telemetry Data monitoring and analyzing Engineer Main activities and responsibilities I have worked in the telemetry Group unit as a Satellite Telemetry Data monitoring & Analysis Engineer in the Flight Control Center (FCC) that control the flight mission of the 1st Egyptian satellite (EgyptSat-1). The FCC located in the Ground Control station (GCS) or Space Operation Center, which follow the Egypt Space program (ESP) under NARSS supervision. I was responsible for monitoring the satellite status through the received telemetry information packets and analysing hundreds of its parameters that describe the different satellite subsystems in the space. Farther more, reporting the abnormality situations, expectation scenarios, and recommendations for controlling the satellite in the upcoming communication session with the satellite. NARSS is the pioneering Egyptian institution in the field of satellite remote sensing located in Cairo - Egypt. It is includes two major sectors: Remote Sensing and Space Sciences. Organization / Company Name Egyptian Space Program (ESP) – (NARSS)

    Organization / Company location 5th district - Cairo - Egypt Type of business or sector Satellites technology development sector Dates July. 2011 – June. 2017 Occupation or position held Satellite Payload hardware design & test Engineer Main activities and responsibilities My previous position as a Satellite Payload Embedded Systems Design and Test Engineer in the optical Payload department was a part of the Optical Payload Lab. That support key objectives beneficial to multiple projects. I have Participated in the missions, subsystem design trades, analysis, requirements and designs Using effective systems engineering and analysis skills to identify problems, develop solutions for the satellite payload subsystem, as well as modeling and simulation exercises as needed to Evaluate the concept designs and system integration strategies. The role involves being able assess design characteristics and analyze impacts to performance parameters such as MTF, spectral response, and SNR. I was Participating in Electro-Optical payload analysis, design, manufacture, integration, test, operations, and On-site hardware/software installation. I was Contributing to multiple projects as a technical resource and work with Payload team to identify the requirements related to that payload. Furthermore, Reviewing the system architecture, requirements flow-down, verification methodologies, and ICD documentation, test plans and other design artifacts across the projects and Provide a technical recommendations during working groups, technical exchange meetings, etc. I was Participating in electronic circuitry PCB designs and EO components assembly with specific characteristics according to required system specifications. I was performing Researches about component technologies and payload concepts/ capabilities. In addition, Participate in proposal activities and support the development of new remote sensing concepts from modeling and simulation through design, construction, and testing of prototypes. I was performing the required Analysis and review of interconnect diagrams, engineering drawings, schematics, and software releases according to the department head's vision. I was responsible for Designing of cables and wire harnesses that interconnect electronic equipment within the satellite subsystem and generating system cable interconnect diagrams, point-to-point cable wiring schematics, cable lengths, routing details. I was Able to supervise the technical aspects of space components procurement and/or manufacture of Electro-Optical payloads and their suppliers & commercial market. As the Ability to review technical design documentations (specifications, schematics, software code, and/or FPGA code) and work with other team members in order to generate an understanding of unit operations and create test cases. I was Preparing the status charts/reports, documentation, technical presentations and perform other duties as necessary. In addition, I had the ability to understand the verification and test activities and perform system level testing of a satellite payload and its subsystems as well as Generating test plans, test procedures, and test scripts for the operation of units, subsystems, and systems for either an engineering/ flight models of the satellite. I was Testing and qualifying performance on developed systems such as the experimental MBEI camera, as well as handling some of the typical roles performed by the project manager or Systems Engineer. I was responsible to act as a test engineer for electronic/ electrical payload processing systems, operations, subsystem assembly, system interfaces, test specifications & technical requirements, solutions design and implementation as well as execution of tests for the testing system and the subsystem under test. Furthermore, analyze the test data to measure the system performance against the requirements for imaging performance in the Lab. using LabVIEW software and NI facilities to accelerate the testing schedule. I was taking a part in a team effort to develop, lab test and qualify payload, and ground support equipment for satellite payload subsystem in a safe manner in accordance with established operating procedures and practices. I was reviewing the overall payload health during testing; detect potential issues with the system beyond what is pre-coded into test algorithms, Develop effective approaches to resolving issues, support operation of engineering systems by documenting system performance, and evaluating solutions for the improvements. Previous projects positions running under the Egyptian space program: 1. Experimental multiband RS camera (senior payload hardware engineer). 2. MIREI –CTE using NI (senior payload hardware testing engineer) 3. NexSat-1 satellite project (payload testing Engineer/ Electrical interface system engineer). 4. TeDDSat project / NARSS_Cube satellite project (Coordinator).

    Organization / Company Name Egyptian Space Program (ESP) – (NARSS) Organization / Company location 5th district - Cairo - Egypt Type of business or sector Satellites technology development sector Dates July 2017 – Aug. 2018 Occupation or position held Satellite Payload testing department head Main activities and responsibilities Due to my movement as a satellite payload testing department head, I was responsible for developing the satellite optical payload laboratory with a new facilities in different work fields such as (optical testing / electronics design, assembly, and testing / signal processing systems / payload subsystem testing using NI equipment and LabVIEW software, …etc.). The developed facilities in the laboratory conclude the Laboratory instrumentations, Cards / Modules, Cables, Connectors, Laboratory Equipment, Tools Electronics & optical Components, light detectors, and Laboratory Furniture. The position of "satellite payload testing department head" has cancelled now from the Egyptian space program after the last modification of the hierarchy structure in 2018 as well as the remaining responsibilities. Previous projects positions running under the Egyptian space program: 1. Experimental multiband RS camera (senior payload hardware engineer). 2. NexSat-1 satellite project (Electrical interface system engineer). 3. TeDDSat project / NARSS_Cube satellite project (Coordinator). 4. MisrSat-2 project (Payload System Engineer)

    Skills Year Experience **Software skills Installing, configuring, and administrating most of MS Windows OS, MS office, and MS Visio. 2003 15 Years Installing, and supporting Local Area Networks (LANs). 2005 5 years Adv.FPGA tools, Model Sim design simulator programs 2004 1 year PADS 2005 PCB design program & Cadence software 2006 3 months XILINX ISE design suite, VHDL programming 2011 1.5 years LabVIEW S/W & H/W co-design using NI equipment 2012 3 years Orcade Pspice, layout tools, Gerb tools for PCB design 2013 2 years **Hardware skills Re-Systemizing, maintaining, and supporting new computers with new hardware & software. 2003 15 years Electronics & Logic Circuits Design 2003 4 years Understanding FPGA embedded systems designs 2012 9 months PCB design and manufacturing 2013 3 years Wiring and soldering skills. 2014 4 years Understanding serial communication (RS-232/485, SPI, I2C, LVDS), networking (TCP/UDP) protocols, digital IO, DSP Fundamentals, and hardware schematics reading. 2014 2 years knowledge of Quality standards, knowledge / proficiency in utilization of ECSS Space Standards 2013 1 year **Previous projects achievements: Matrix multiplier, Sequence detector, Digital clock, FSM control, Keyboard interface, ALU, and FIR Filter design using FPGA (VHDL coding and simulation) 2010 6 weeks Simple calculator with 8051 microcontroller, Sequence flash lights with 16F84 PIC microcontroller (hardware design) 2003 3 months UART Rx/Tx due to the serial port, NAND Flash memory control (VHDL Coding and simulation) 2012 3 month Receiving and displaying the raw data image and Image compression with DCT technique using LabVIEW. 2013 3 week NIR space camera digital I/O control using LabVIEW S/W and NI equipment 2013 3 months Fully designed and manufactured of NIR control harness according to space standards with very low cost. 2013 2 months Satellite Camera's VSP with 2 layers PCB board design and manufacturing locally (space proven exp.) 2013 6 months Complete Payload Mission Analysis Using LabVIEW 2014 1 years Autonomous Test of Space proven MIR imager as a satellite subsystem using LabVIEW software, NI equipment, and developed harness. 2014 6 months Manufacturing, Assembly, integration and test of the Experimental RS MBEI payload camera electrical subsystems, boards, and harness. 2014 2 years Quality evaluation of the Experimental RS MBEI payload camera using MTF measurements. 2015 6 months Experience with imaging focal planes and relevant performance parameters. 2015 4 years Practical knowledge of laboratory hardware for EO sensor and component characterization used in EGSE, electrical measurement tools, and lab equipment such as digital multi-meters, oscilloscopes, power supplies and different high speed connectors. 2013 5 years

    Excellent writing and communication, computer, documentation, presentation, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. Self-motivated and hands-on, Good Research Abilities, Welcome new challenges and teamwork atmosphere or individual assignments. Strong technical, analytical and critical thinking / reasoning and Able to perform complex tasks in one engineering area. Ability to work well under stress. Excellent Sense of responsibility and an effective way of working. Ability to understand new concepts quickly and apply them accurately throughout an evolving environment; organize, schedule, and coordinate work phases. Ability to work extended hours as required. Ability to work under Top Secret of any Clearance Level.

    Training Year Period -Egypro company in (UPS's) uninterrupted power supply. 2002 3 weeks -Ministry of Electricity & Energy New And Renewable Energy Authority (NREA). 2003 3 weeks -Introduction training course with Jelecom Company. 2004 6 weeks -Mentor Graphic Tools under Ain Shams University supervision in VLSI application design which contains (FPGA designing- PCB design and manufacturing). 2007 3 months -I have passed the theoretical Training exam with excellent marks that include all information about Telemetry Data processing software. In addition, the On Job Training (OJT) in the (FCC) as a Telemetry Engineer specialist in operation and analysis of the Egypt Sat.1 Satellite's Telemetry related to different satellite's Subsystems. 2009 14 weeks -(80 Hours ) Project Management Course (PMP). 2012 3 months -LabVIEW Core 1, 2, and PCB design with Orcad software 2012 3 months

    M. F. Saleh, A. M. Elmahdy, "An Experimental Remote Sensing Camera System Quality Evaluation Using MTF Measurements", (not yet published).

    SALARY Total Gross Income:Available upon request, Expected :Available upon request Reason of leaving of the previous employment: Income improving, meeting new carrier challenges

    REFERENCES Available upon request.

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