Latest Space News
Mon, 25 May 2020 01:04:22 +0000
A report sent to Congress last week proposing changes to Space Force acquisition programs was an “initial version” and not the final product, the Air Force said.
Mon, 25 May 2020 00:00:24 +0000
To get a new, state-of-the-art crewed spacecraft ready to carry astronauts, SpaceX and NASA had to overcome problems with a technology long thought to be understood.
Sun, 24 May 2020 17:10:50 +0000
SpaceNews Senior Staff Writer Jeff Foust and Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger lead a live panel discussion about NASA's use of public-private partnerships to develop lunar landers that could return astronauts to the surface of the moon as soon as 2024. Featuring Draper, Dynetics and the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.
Sun, 24 May 2020 01:49:38 +0000
While both the president and vice president plan to attend the Demo-2 commercial crew launch, there will be far fewer people attending the first American human orbital spaceflight in nearly a decade than once expected.
Sat, 23 May 2020 20:36:35 +0000
Virgin Orbit says that it’s ready for its first orbital launch attempt, scheduled for May 24, while acknowledging potentially long odds of successfully placing a payload into orbit.
Fri, 22 May 2020 23:05:28 +0000
NASA has given SpaceX approval to proceed with final preparations for the first commercial crew mission with astronauts on board, although there is still work to complete ahead of the planned May 27 launch.
Fri, 22 May 2020 15:58:59 +0000
Join us the day after NASA’s Demo-2 commercial crew mission, scheduled to launch May 27, for a SpaceNews Live discussion with Maj. Gen. John Shaw, the two-star general responsible for ensuring the renowned 45th Operations Group’s Detachment 3 team is ready at a moment’s notice to lead astronaut-recovery operations.
Fri, 22 May 2020 12:55:39 +0000
Many space companies began working with their banks to apply as soon as PPP was unveiled in March, but were frustrated when the initial tranche of $320 million was committed in less than two weeks.
Thu, 21 May 2020 22:56:58 +0000
The U.S. Space Force is asking for changes in the rules that currently are in place for buying new weapon systems.
Thu, 21 May 2020 21:55:30 +0000
Satellite imaging companies are embracing long-awaited reforms to commercial remote sensing regulations, although one member of Congress doesn’t think the changes go far enough.
Thu, 21 May 2020 20:46:49 +0000
SDA wants information on "potential launch solutions" for its first 30 satellites to be deployed in low Earth orbit.
Thu, 21 May 2020 17:12:00 +0000
Bruno Carvalho, D-Orbit’s vice president of business development, said the company hopes to launch one of its InOrbit Now (ION) propulsive cubesat deployers every two to three months after proving out the system and lining up customers.
Thu, 21 May 2020 15:30:04 +0000
Preparations for the launch of a SpaceX commercial crew test flight with two NASA astronauts on board are continuing despite the unexpected departure of the head of the agency’s overall human spaceflight program.
Thu, 21 May 2020 11:53:09 +0000
The Senate Commerce Committee backed the nomination of Neil Jacobs to be the head of NOAA May 20, despite some lingering concerns by some members.
Thu, 21 May 2020 00:03:53 +0000
Space Force will have a field command focused on acquisition that will bring together several existing organizations
Wed, 20 May 2020 21:50:21 +0000
Virgin Orbit announced May 20 it will make the first flight of its LauncherOne air-launched vehicle as soon as May 24, but is setting modest expectations about the probability of success.
Wed, 20 May 2020 21:31:08 +0000
The agreement was signed last week between Maj. Gen. Javier Tuesta Marquez, of Peru's space agency, and Rear Adm. Marcus Hitchcock of U.S. Space Command.
Wed, 20 May 2020 20:56:23 +0000
Mike Griffin, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said DoD will seek help from Congress to get the FCC to reverse its decision.
Wed, 20 May 2020 19:54:23 +0000
The longtime chief executive of Ruag Space, Peter Guggenbach, is leaving to “take on a new challenge outside the company,” Ruag announced May 19.
Wed, 20 May 2020 17:00:49 +0000
NASA announced May 20 it is renaming a major space telescope under development after an astronomer who led the agency’s early work in space-based astronomy, even as the mission remains under threat of cancellation.
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    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:05-04-2019
     Last Modified:06-04-2019 (07:52)
    Job information
     Current job:Project manager
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:within 2 months
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors
     KeywordsSpace Systems and Structure Engineer Space Project/ Engineering Manager and Advisor

    Space Systems and Structure Engineer

    Space Project/ Engineering Manager and Advisor

    Personal Information:

    Male, 42, Married, Having two children (one son and one daughter), Born in Iran



    Successful experience in:

    Mechanical Engineering Design, CAD CAE CAM.

    Space Project Management and Systems Engineering.

    Space Policy and Roadmap Planning.

    Technical and Engineering Documentation.


    Scientific Evidences:

    Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Solid Mechanics, Department of Mechanical engineering, AmirKabir (Polytechnic) University of Technology (AKU), Tehran, September 2000, Average: 16.34 from 20

    Dissertation: Coupled Thermoelasticity in Laminated Composite Rectangular Plates Based on Green-Lindsay Model


    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Solid Mechanics, Department of Mechanical engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, September 1998, Average: 16.18 from 20

    Dissertation: Estimating Residual Stresses in Cold working fastener Holes


    Diploma of Mathematics, Falsafi High School, Tehran, June 1994, Average: 19.14 from 20


    Work Experience and Achievements:

    Deputy of Finance and Administration, Technical and Vocational University, Technical College of Islamic Enghelab, Tehran, November 2017- Present

    Reducing costs of the college up to 25%.

    Making income from electrical and mechanical workshops and laboratories (Automotive, Machining, Wood industries, Metal working, Welding, Hydro. Lab. and so on).


    Faculty member of Technical and Vocational University, Technical College of Islamic Enghelab, Mechanical Institute, Tehran, October 2012- Present.

    Static Analysis of Structures with FEM (Finite Element Method)

    Machine Component Design (Fatigue, Welded structures, Truss, Bolt, Gears and Bearing Calculations)


    CATIA V5: Sketcher, Part and Assembly design- Prismatic and Lathe machining- Drafting

    Rapid Prototyping (Additive Manufacturing)

    AutoCAD 2D and 3D design

    Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing


    Engineering Manager of Pars1 Satellite, Khaje-Nasire-Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, April 2017- October 2017.

    Managing 25 engineers and subsidiary managers as a Teamwork

    Successful and optimum design of a micro Satellite (CAD CAE)

    Mechanical component designer based on COTS (Commercial of the Shelf) Components

    Developing part list of the system


    Head of Mechanical Institute, Technical College of Islamic Enghelab, Mechanical Institute, Tehran, September 2016- November 2017.

    Improving the quality of education in mechanical courses

    Increasing the workshop and laboratory performances


    Deputy of Research and Technology, Technical and Vocational University, Technical College of Islamic Enghelab, Tehran, August 2014- September 2016.

    Supervising and setting up innovative laboratories like IoT (Internet of Things) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

    Organizational documentation


    Engineering Manager of Pars2 Satellite, Space Research Institute, Tehran, November 2011- June 2014.

    Personnel Management of 60 engineers and subsidiary managers as a Teamwork

    Implementing engineering reviews, Quality Assurance and Feasibility study of the project.

    Implementing software and hardware in the loop (SIL and HIL) of the satellite.

    Making documents, technical reports and detail drawings based on ECSS standard.

    Product and prototype development like DM (Development Model), SM (Structural Model), STM (Structural and Thermal Model), EM (Engineering Model) and EQM (Engineering and Qualification Model) from design to detail drawings, manufacturing and assembly.

    Developing part list and configuration design.

    Making and developing composite and sandwich panels.


    Project Manager of APSCO International Project, Space Research Institute, Tehran, November 2012- June 2014.

    Organizing a team for analyzing and monitoring the technical reports.

    Managing the team and project in three groups: Project management, Product assurance and engineering.


    Head of Earth Observation Workgroup (non-military), Aerospace Headquarters, Space Roadmap Project, Tehran, June 2012-June 2013.

    Analyzing current, present and future status of space technology in IRAN and other under developing countries.

    Analyzing markets of remote sensing images in IRAN and other under developing countries.

    Developing solutions for the problems.

    Technical documentation.


    Technical Advisor, Satellite Research Center in Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, September 2008- June 2010.

    Mechanical and opto-mechanical component design with CATIA and ANSYS (CAD CAE).

    Structure and material design in primary and tertiary structures.

    Developing environmental and vibrational test plans.


    Head of Structure Department, Iranian Space Agency (Space Segment), Tehran, November 2008- October 2011.

    Feasibility study of the contractor projects

    Structure design review and editing them with CATIA

    Spacecraft design certification from a Belarusian company (TM Services).

    Product assurance manager of ISA technical deputy based on ECSS standard.

    RFP (Request for Proposal) writing for IRAN-SAT, a GEO communication satellite, in structure department.


    Chief Designer and Head of Structural Department, Advanced Electronic Research Center (Iran Electronic Industries), Tehran, December 2001- September 2008

    Structural design of satellite and electronic boxes from concept to detail drawings

    Mechanism design of solar array panels.

    Cooperation with Russian companies (DB Polyot and Optecs) in developing Sina Spacecraft structure.

    Cooperation with Indian company (Antrix) in designing and manufacturing the engineering model of Z-Sat3 (a micro remote sensing satellite).

    Implementing the system engineering of some remote sensing satellites based on ECSS standard.

    Implementing software and hardware in the loop (SIL and HIL) of some remote sensing satellites.




    Estimating Residual Stresses in Cold-working Fastener Holes, The 4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2000 (In Persian)

    Dynamic and Shock Analysis in ZS3 Satellite Structure, The 10th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Khaje-Nasir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2002 (In Persian)

    Coupled Thermoelasticity in Laminated Composite Plates Based on Green-Lindsay Model, Journal of Composite Structures, 2002, 55, 387-392

    Thermal Stresses in Laminated Composite Plates Based on Non-Classical Theories, Transaction of CSME, Vol.28, No. 2B

    Classical Coupled Thermoelasticity in Laminated Composite Plates Based on Third Order Shear Deformation Theory, Journal of Composite Structures, 2004, 64, 369-375

    Modeling the Design of Solar Arrays in Remote Sensing Satellites on the Basis of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems, Journal of Space Science Technology, Accepted paper (In Persian)



    Satellite Design: Structure and Mechanisms, Azad University Press, 2002

    Modern Methods in Finite Element Analysis, Azad University Press, 2004



    CNC Milling Controller 808D (Qeshm Voltage Company, Tehran, September 2018)

    A model of knowledge based companies, creative companies and incubators (Technical and Vocational University, Tehran, July 2018)

    Spacecraft Design (TM Services (a Belarusian company), Tehran, August 2009 )

    ICDL (International Computer Driving License) (ISIran Institute, Tehran, Feberuary 2008)

    Space Systems engineering and Structure Design of Remote Sensing Satellite (Antrix (an Indian Company), Tehran, Practical experience, No certificate)

    Structural and Thermal Design of Remote Sensing Satellite (DB Polyot and Optecs (two Russian companies), Omck, Practical experience, No certificate)

    Project/Engineering Management (Space Research Institute, Tehran, Practical experience, No certificate)

    CATIA (Sketcher, Part and Assembly Design- Prismatic and Lathe Machining, Tehran, Self-study, Practical experience, No certificate)

    AutoCAD (2D and 3D Design, Self-study, Practical experience, No certificate)

    Adobe Photoshop (Book Cover and Brochure Design, , Self-study, Practical experience, No certificate)



    Ranking the second number student of mechanical engineering during B.Sc., Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, June 1997

    Attaining the “Premier Professor” grade, Technical College of Shariaty, Tehran, May 2007



    English: Full proficiency

    German: Novice A1 (in learning)

    Persian: Mother tongue


    Computer Skills

    CATIA V5 (Sketcher, Part, Assembly, Drafting, Prismatic and Lathe modules)

    AutoCAD (2D and 3D Modeling)

    ANSYS (Structural and Thermal Analysis)

    MATLAB (Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Analysis)

    Adobe Photoshop

    Microsoft Office (MS Office)


    Surfing and Searching the Internet in Technical and Expert fields


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