Latest Space News
Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:25:42 +0000
Air Force Col. Michael “Hopper” Hopkins, commander of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-1 mission, will be commissioned into the U.S. Space Force. SpaceNews
Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:31:01 +0000
The Federal Communications Commission approved the sale of OneWeb to the British government and Bharti Global Oct. 27, as rival SpaceX started a public beta test of its Starlink system. SpaceNews
Wed, 28 Oct 2020 04:21:19 +0000
The Federal Communications Commission approved the creation Oct. 27 of a 5G Fund for Rural America to distribute as much as $9 billion over the next decade to extend 5G wireless broadband connectivity to rural communities. SpaceNews
Wed, 28 Oct 2020 00:21:53 +0000
The Aerospace Corp. is calling for U.S. government agencies to work together to develop space solar power technologies in a paper that underscores the importance of collaborating with international partners. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 21:40:01 +0000
Aerospace Corp.'s policy center rolled out "Space Agenda 2021" to influence discussions in the next administration. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:39:41 +0000
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai talks orbital debris rules, megaconstellations, C-band auction, Ligado and more with SpaceNews. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 18:29:02 +0000
Starburst Aerospace announced 14 startups and one consortium invited to share proposals for addressing important space-related challenges facing the United States and the United Kingdom at International Space Pitch Day, an event to be held in November at the virtual Defence Space Conference 2020. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 16:40:48 +0000
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced an agreement Oct. 27 with Google Cloud to explore the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the agency’s use of satellite and environmental data. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 14:18:54 +0000
NorthStar Earth and Space, a Canadian company planning a satellite constellation to track other satellites, has selected Thales Alenia Space to build its first satellites. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:43:58 +0000
Water ice may be more prevalent on the surface of the moon that previously thought, but that discovery appears unlikely to have any near-term effect on NASA’s lunar exploration plans. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 08:00:24 +0000
Peraton received a $10 million five-year contract extension from the U.S. Space Force for orbital analysis services. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 05:46:16 +0000
Swedish broadband service provider Ovzon anticipates strong demand for the type of high-capacity mobile satellite communications it demonstrated recently for a U.S. government customer. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 02:52:22 +0000
The Aerospace Corp. is working to license commercially a laser communications subsystem that downlinked data at a rate of 200 megabits per second from three-unit cubesats. SpaceNews
Tue, 27 Oct 2020 02:04:06 +0000
NASA is looking at ways to stretch out the budget for its Human Landing System program should there be further delays in a final appropriations bill while still seeking full funding for the program in 2021. SpaceNews
Mon, 26 Oct 2020 22:48:58 +0000
China launched a seventh group of Yaogan-30 reconnaissance satellites Oct. 26, marking the country’s 31st launch of 2020. SpaceNews
Mon, 26 Oct 2020 20:56:11 +0000
Ansys announced Oct. 26 it intends to acquire space data services provider Analytical Graphics Inc. for $700 million. SpaceNews
Sun, 25 Oct 2020 18:50:05 +0000
In a request for information issued Oct. 23, the SDA asks vendors to pitch ideas for the next layer of satellites known as Tranche 1. SpaceNews
Sat, 24 Oct 2020 16:48:01 +0000
SpaceX launched another set of Starlink satellites Oct. 24, marking the 100th time the company has placed payloads into orbit. SpaceNews
Fri, 23 Oct 2020 23:15:01 +0000
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft collected so much material from the surface of the asteroid Bennu that the lid of its sampling head is jammed open, causing material to leak out and changing the agency’s plans for the mission. SpaceNews
Fri, 23 Oct 2020 17:28:37 +0000
Axiom Space hopes to soon finalize its first commercial mission to the International Space Station, scheduled for late 2021, as it continues development of a commercial module for the station. SpaceNews
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    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:14-10-2020
     Last Modified:14-10-2020 (10:52)
    Job information
     Current job:System Engineer
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Europe only
     Date available:immediately
     Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors
     KeywordsEarth observation Payloads Creative

    Current Position:        

    Systems Engineer at TNO Space Systems Engineering department



    Systems Engineer with twelve years of progressive experience in the field of earth observation payloads, with expertise in optoelectronic instruments. Signing the certificate of compliance for the Sentinel 5 Precursor instrument, which now delivers daily accurate air pollution data to citizens worldwide was one of my finest hours. For the teams that I have led, I ensured smooth operation through providing stability, equal participation, and room for creativity.

    My ambition is to solve complex problems by designing cutting edge hardware that ultimately solves the biggest problems that clients and the end-users are facing.


    Work experience:        





























    2009-May 2020
























    TNO, Space Systems Engineering, see below:


    Systems Engineer (TNO)

    Coordinate and document design efforts

    Maintain system budgets (thermal, mechanical, optical, electrical)

    Set up and monitor verification and validation approach

    Interact with customers and suppliers

    Manage work packages and small teams (~5p)

    Create (math) models to simulate the performance

    Subcontract management



    CHAPS-D Optical bench

    Designing a new generation of cost-optimized spectrometers for NASA

    Flagship photon delta          

    Set up a framework to let Dutch industry create the future photonics building blocks for satellite laser communication

    MTG Sun avoidance sensor

    Created math models that flawlessly predicted performance and follow up with frequent validation by the customer resulting in development and timely delivery of a fully compliant sun avoidance sensor, which has directly led to four requests for proposals, including the recently awarded PLATO Attitude anomaly detector.

    SOLO Fine sun sensor

    Technically challenging due to 10x sun exposure, the product was developed successfully and it is now working perfectly as it is approaching the Sun.

    PLATO Attitude anomaly detector    

    Design a mission critical high reliable attitude anomaly detector for Thales


    Project Assurance manager (TNO)

    Audits and Inspections

    Non Conformance management

    Configuration control

    Parts, materials, and processes

    Reliability, availability, and safety

    Contamination and cleanliness control


    Projects as PA manager

    Sentinel 5 C&C optical ground support equipment (2019-2020)

    Sentinel 5 UV1 spectrometer (2015-2020)

    Biomass Solid State Power Amplifier (2014-2016)

    EarthCARE Multi Spectral Imager (2017)

    GOME2 calibration (2017 stand-in)

    CHEOPS calibration (2015 stand-in)

    Sentinel 5 precursor TROPOMI (2011-2014)


    Product Assurance engineer (TNO)


    Sentinel 3 Cosine Sun Sensor

    O3B Fine Sun Sensor

    Globalstar 2 Fine sun senor and Cosine Sun Sensor

    Spacebus 4000 Pyramid Sun Sensor

    Alphabus Pyramid Sun Sensor

    NIRSPEC calibration


    Test engineer  (TNO)

    Spacebus 4000 Pyramid Sun Sensor,

    Alphabus Pyramid Sun Sensor

    MultiMedia Pyramid Sun Sensor


    Fire safety advisor (Peutz)

    Assessing fire safety risks for buildings and checking against fire safety regulations and legislation



    Technical University Graz, Master of Engineering (Meng)

    SpaceTech post-graduate master in Space Systems and Business Engineering (with distinction).

    Subjects: Applied project management for space systems, business engineering

    space mission analysis & design, telecommunications, earth observation

    systems engineering, navigation, human space flight


    Technische Hogeschool Rijswijk, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

    Applied Physics

    Subjects: Control engineering, digital signal processing, image processing, integrated optics and fibers, optics, project photonics research, spectrometry, and an extra minor in acoustics


    Non-work experience:

    2005 to present


    Volunteering in the Pentecostal church “Huizen van licht”

    Elder (2009 to present) and small group leader (2005 to present)

    I am part of a five-person elder team that is leading a small church of ~50 adult members. Key aspects are the development and alignment of a vision for the upcoming years and to keep an eye on the personal and spiritual development of the church members. For the small group, I facilitate group discussions and coaching during bible studies in a home group setting.


    2016 to present

    Bookkeeper for my wife’s art business I have developed an automated income and expense tracking sheet that lines up with the applicable tax regulation.



    Intern at the TU delft Optics group (speckle interferometry)

    Improving an existing speckle interferometer setup, by implementing a new liquid crystal phase stepper and writing C+ code to retrieve the phase.



    Chairman of study association Ångström (applied physics at TH Rijswijk)

    My formal introduction to leadership, organizing social events, producing the quarterly magazine Ångfö and organizing study trips (e.g. CERN). I have been able to revitalize the association by a 30% increase in membership and by adding young students to the board to ensure sustainability.



    Professional training:


    Profesional leadership - Kwaliteit in de schijnwerpers (Zin in Zijn)


    Systems engineering (project performance international)


    Professional communication (Schouten en Nelissen)


    Professional effectiveness (Horizon)


    Product Assurance SME course (ESA)

    Optics course (TNO)

    Cleanroom course (VCCN)


    Leadership (Equip)


    Laser safety (EPSE)


    Skills and abilities:

    Expertise in optics and photonics

    Knowledge of ECSS Engineering and Quality standards

    Expertise in risk management, configuration management

    Expertise in materials and processes, expertise in cleanliness and contamination control

    Excellent communication and presentation skills (complex communication with suppliers, customers, test houses, etc. in Europe and USA)

    Problem-solving mentality

    Creative and analytic thinker

    Leadership in small teams

    Driven and taking initiative

    Flexible to changes

    Software tools: EA SysML, Microsoft Office, Eclipse Suite, Matlab, SharePoint

    Languages: Dutch level C2, English level C1, German level A2, French and Spanish level A1



    Roasting coffee

    I good cup of coffee lifts the spirit, I enjoy gaining knowledge on all aspects of the chain from the green bean to the black fluid. On my Probat sample roaster, I make the best beans for a nice espresso.

    Repairing professional audio equipment

    For a friends company, I am repairing mixers and amplifiers, which is like playing a jigsaw puzzle for engineers


    Living next to the canal, on a sunny day I enjoy lowering my canoe into the water and making a nice tour in the Hague area


    My number one preferred way of transport. Commuting by bike is great and going on a cycling holiday is even better

    Playing electric bass guitar in a band

    Playing the bass is lovely, it fits my personality so well (leading from behind). Listening carefully to the band and reacting to that, while at the same time providing a solid baseline, that keeps the whole thing together. When you can connect with the audience and create a synergy that makes my day.

    Indoor soccer

    Playing soccer is something I have done all my life, I find it to be a take a step back from the everyday worries and enjoy life.



    M.Sc. Thesis, September 2019: “High-resolution thermal infrared sensor for a small earth-observation satellite”


    Rik Jansen, James P. Day, Rob Vink, Jan de Vreugd, Erik R. van Beekum, Ludger van der Laan, C.A. van ‘t Hof, Jess Koehler Design and first light of the Sentinel-5 UV1 spectrometer optics. Conference paper, Conference: Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XXIII, October 2019


    Alberto Rubio, Ludger van der Laan, Bas Henzing, O Koudelka. Design of complementary SWIRMWIR and LWIR instruments for Oil Leak Detection from a Small LEO Satellite. Conference paper, 70th IAC 2019, Washington, D.C., USA, 21–25 October 2019.

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