Latest Space News
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 23:59:43 +0000
The U.S. Army has approved plans to explore the use of satellites in low Earth orbit to give soldiers dedicated communications, navigation and imaging capabilities. SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 19:41:27 +0000
The National Reconnaissance Office wants to better understand the capabilities of commercial satellite radar imagery providers. SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 16:25:07 +0000
Amazon has ordered nine Atlas 5 rockets from United Launch Alliance to help place its 3,236-strong Project Kuiper broadband constellation. SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 15:32:15 +0000
Download the digital edition of the April 19 issue of SpaceNews magazine, provided compliments of Blacksky.  SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 15:01:35 +0000
Gulf Energy Development, a Thailand-based power producer, offered April 19 to buy out the parent company of Thai satellite operator Thaicom for as much as 169 billion baht ($5.4 billion). SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 13:36:51 +0000
Canada’s space industry seems to be on the path of a relaunch. The relaunch is two-pronged — backed by an ambitious and hungry private sector and increasing government support.  SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 11:56:09 +0000
NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter successfully performed the first powered aircraft flight on another planet April 19, briefing hovering above the surface of Mars. SpaceNews
Mon, 19 Apr 2021 00:07:51 +0000
Boeing said April 17 that the next test flight of its CST-100 Starliner commercial crew vehicle won’t take place until at least August, confirming a lengthy delay widely expected because of the schedule of other launches and International Space Station missions. SpaceNews
Sun, 18 Apr 2021 14:22:58 +0000
NASA now plans to attempt a first flight of the Mars helicopter Ingenuity early April 19 after finding a workaround to a software problem that delayed the flight earlier this month. SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 22:35:16 +0000
NASA has selected SpaceX as the sole company to win a contract to develop and demonstrate a crewed lunar lander, while keeping the door open for others to compete for future missions. SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 22:25:24 +0000
Private investors deployed another $1.9 billion in SpaceX, OneWeb and other space infrastructure companies in the first three months of 2021, according to data from New York-based Space Capital. SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:46:29 +0000
Analysts said a U.S. intelligence report painted China’s space program with a broad brush and failed to draw distinctions between civilian and military pursuits. SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 19:43:11 +0000
The White House announced April 16 it will nominate former astronaut Pam Melroy to be NASA’s deputy administrator. SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 12:07:36 +0000
China is developing a mission to send a pair of spacecraft to study the far reaches of the solar system and reach interstellar space by mid-century.  SpaceNews
Fri, 16 Apr 2021 11:41:51 +0000
NASA managers approved plans to launch a SpaceX commercial crew mission to the International Space Station next week, pending the resolution of one minor issue with the Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceNews
Thu, 15 Apr 2021 22:51:10 +0000
More than a year after selecting SpaceX to deliver cargo to the lunar Gateway, NASA has yet to formally start that contract as it performs a broader review of its Artemis program. SpaceNews
Thu, 15 Apr 2021 21:28:18 +0000
LeoLabs is adding more sensors and data processing capacity to its network in preparation for a surge in satellites launches. SpaceNews
Thu, 15 Apr 2021 20:54:48 +0000
Inmarsat’s competitors have vowed to continue pursuing legal action to block its hybrid satellite and cellular European Aviation Network (EAN), after the European Union’s highest court rejected their challenge. SpaceNews
Thu, 15 Apr 2021 16:52:02 +0000
A consortium led by the State of California, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Planet announced plans April 15 for a constellation of hyperspectral satellites to pinpoint, quantify and track point sources of methane and carbon dioxide. SpaceNews
Thu, 15 Apr 2021 12:00:31 +0000
Iceye has established a satellite manufacturing facility, research and development laboratory, and mission operations center for U.S.-licensed spacecraft at its new Iceye US headquarters in Irvine, California. SpaceNews
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    Personal information
    Contact information
    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:01-04-2021
     Last Modified:01-04-2021 (12:58)
    Job information
     Current job:Snr Sales / Business Development Manager
     Employment Term:Either
     Job location:Own country
     Date available:immediately
     Keywords17+ years of technical and 15+ years of Business Development and Management experience in the Space and Aeronautical industries. Extensive range of experience in Spacecraft Operations Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Business Development and Account Man

     DATE of Birth:           21 April, 1965

    Nationality:              British

    RESIDENCE STATUS:   Verblijfstitel (until 2030).
    Permanent, renewable, full work entitlement in NL.

    EDUCATION:                 SHSSP21, International Space University / UniSA
    Online 5-week program, Jan – Feb 2021

                                          MSc. System Architecture & Engineering (GPA 3.93)

                                          University of Southern California, USA, December 2003

                                          BSc. Aeronautics and Astronautics (Upper Second Class Honours)

                                          University of Southampton, UK, July 1987


    Address:                        Leiden, Netherlands

    Mobile:                           Via Space Careers

    Email:                            Via Space Careers


    Broad technical background and overview of the Dutch and International space industry

    Networking skills – in person and online via ISU Alumni and LinkedIn

    Continuous desire to grow and develop new business and expand brand awareness

    Enthusiastic contributor of new ideas, innovation and business strategy

    Bid management and authoring skills

    Ability to balance commercial needs with client satisfaction

    First-rate communication and negotiation skills

    Comfortable dealing with colleagues, partners and clients at all levels

    Strong account management and client relationship skills

    Outstanding dedication to achieving results in a competitive environment

    Demonstrated capacity to manage, appraise, motivate and develop staff

    Creation & delivery of Technical/career/soft skills training/seminars/workshops

    Efficient & flexible recruiter – from first contact to first day, engage with multiple candidates & clients to consistently win roles at scientific, technical & management level

    Good experience of HR checks, support and processes for candidates & employees

    Outreach experience including articles, events, conferences, online webinars

    Tremendous time-management and prioritisation skills


    Through 17+ years of technical and 15+ years of Business Development and Management experience in the Space and Aeronautical industries, I have gained an extensive range of experience in Spacecraft Operations Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Business Development and Account Management. I have supported space clients in the defence, telecommunications, science and navigational services sectors. Through these diverse roles and clients, I’ve enjoyed living and working in the UK, USA, France and Italy before settling in the Netherlands in 2009.

    I have presented papers on spacecraft and deep space operations and management, propulsion subsystem experience and software tool development. Additionally, I have given lectures and seminars to industry, universities and the general public on topics such as GEO spacecraft operations and the Ulysses mission. Through regular attendance to international conferences and workshops I have maintained and developed my technical and business development presence and contacts. I have previously provided industrial representation to the UK Space Agency delegation, and have also volunteered my time to support education and outreach activities to promote space activities to the general public at Open Houses, museums and exhibitions.



    Jan – Feb 2021                                 ISU Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program

    SHSSP21 was an intensive, full-time, 5-week, online interdisciplinary program built around the themes of space exploration, space policy and space services, while giving a well-rounded exposure to the principles and concepts involved in space science, space systems engineering and technology, space business, project leadership and space legal and regulatory issues. SHSSP21 was provided in partnership by the International Space University (ISU) and the University of South Australia (UniSA).

    Core lectures: 21 e.g., Space Law, NewSpace, Remote Sensing, GIS, SSA & Debris, Space Psychology, Technology Transfer & Spinoffs. PNT, Systems Engineering & Mission Design.

    13 e.g. Leadership, Space Tourism, AI for Satellite Imagery, Cross-cultural comms.

    Team Project: Space Assets and Technology for Bushfire Management

    July 2015 – Dec 2020                        Account Director Space & Science – S&T Experts Pool (STEP), Delft, NL

    Responsible for managing accounts with STEP’s Space clients throughout the Netherlands. Providing management assistance to the existing Dutch management team as required.

    Management of end-to-end candidate selection and recruitment process

    Account management of space clients throughout the Netherlands

    Management and support of STEP employees, including annual performance reviews

    Marketing and Business Development activities

    Liaison with Dutch space organisations and agencies including SpaceNed, NVR, NSO.

    Training delivery and student/graduate/postdoc engagement activities:

    “Transitioning from Academia to Industry” seminar for postdoc Astronomers/Scientists, Amersfoort 30 June 2018 and 18 May 2019.

    Discover Your Space, . Represented S[&]T at events (held late November) in 2015, 2016-2019. Planning, delivering company pitch and networking with attendees. Post event follow up.

    September 2014 –May 2015              Business Development Executive – SSC Engineering Services, based at Aurora Technology B.V., Lisse, NL

    Supporting Aurora and LSE's key strategic proposal and bid work in the Netherlands, Spain and Germany and providing management assistance to the existing Dutch management team as required.

    Bid writing, candidate selection and recruitment for service / loan employment proposals to ESA.

    Draft of technical chapters for new business development areas for future ESA Frame Agreement ITT.

    Industry Day attendance for ESA ITTs in ESOC and ESRIN

    March 2010 – July 2014                    Contract Development Manager, Serco Nederland B.V., Noordwijk, NL

    Joined the existing Management team to support six frame contracts at ESTEC. Responsible for:

    Operational Management of staff at all levels from secretarial and administrative support through to Engineer and Scientist level

    Ongoing contract development and recruitment within these contracts.

    Following streamlining of management tasks, I became responsible for the recruitment, business development and client relationship across all Serco contracts at ESTEC from 2011 onwards.

    Key member of Serco’s successful re-bid team for the Frame Agreement tender at ESTEC in 2011. I gathered initial bid intelligence and identified and met with possible partners. As a lead member of the bid writing team, I was responsible for delivering the main Management Chapter of the final bid, and contributed to many other technical sections of the proposal, including candidate selection and preparation.

    From 2012 I led the ongoing recruitment activities for the Frame Agreement, coordinating this with colleagues in The Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Drove automation & streamlining of local recruitment processes, applied consistent branding & improved overall recruitment quality (candidates & proposals) in order to maximise results. Contractual KPIs to late 2013 confirmed Serco as top performer in 5 of the 10 competitive ESTEC FA activity domains.

    Covered routine operations management activities when required, and had an ongoing brief to explore and pursue new business opportunities within The Netherlands and to continue developing network and business contacts in support of this.

    September 2005 – February 2010     ESTEC Business Manager, SELEX Systems Integration Ltd (formerly VEGA Group PLC), Welwyn Garden City, UK

    I returned to VEGA’s UK HQ as a Space Business Development Manager in 2005 in the newly formed Aerospace Sales team. My initial remit covered clients in the UK, Italy, France and Germany with particular emphasis on the Navigation and Space Science sectors. In early 2006 I was assigned as Account Manager for VEGA’s ESTEC activities, achieving significant account growth in this competitive environment and being a key contributor to the ESTEC EOP Frame Contract win in December 2007 for manpower support in the Earth Observation Directorate.

    I collaborated with VEGA colleagues in the UK, France and Germany, providing significant contribution to work won with other clients in the Earth Observation and Science domains, thus raising VEGA’s profile in this area and positioning them for increased future business.

    I represented VEGA at the UK IPC committee meetings and was also invited to chair the Industry and Commercialisation Panel at the IBC ISS Workshop in Berlin in November 2006.

    In January 2008 I was promoted to Business Manager, ESTEC with responsibility for sales and business development across VEGA’s 3 major frame contracts at ESTEC and management of the staff and subcontractors within these contracts, including those supporting at ESAC in Spain.

    January – September 2005               Spacecraft Operations Consultant, VEGA Group PLC
    Galileo Industries (GaIn) SpA, Rome, Italy

    As a member of the VEGA Operations and ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) Team at the GaIn Rome site, I provided consultancy during Phase C of the Galileo programme. Tasks included review and analysis of system and element requirements for the space and ground segments, support to meetings with the customer (ESA) and prime contractors, and inputs to the operations plan.

    October 2004 – January 2005           Spacecraft Operations Consultant, VEGA Group PLC Eutelsat, Paris, France

    Supported Atlantic Bird 1, a GEO telecommunications satellite. This focussed on FOP validation and verification to ensure that the TM/TC database was equivalent to that used by Telespazio, who had been controlling AB1 since launch. Aligned the existing procedures, database and simulator with the Eutelsat Operations Centre and control system, and facilitated future control and monitoring of AB1.

    November 1991 – August 2004         Spacecraft Systems Engineer, VEGA Group PLC
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, USA

    Member of the Ulysses Flight Control Team (FCT) for the Jupiter Flyby in February 1992, initially for 4 months. My commitment to Ulysses led to increasing technical and managerial responsibilities. From 2000 onwards I was the most senior non-ESA member of the FCT, providing Spacecraft Operations Manager cover due to mission/vacation or sickness of both ESA staff. From 2002 I was the VEGA Ulysses Line manager. My major tasks and achievements were as follows:

    Routine operations planning, preparation and sign off.

    Support and monitoring of special operations or campaigns.

    On call support and response out of hours and at weekends.

    Liaison with 9 different science teams based throughout the USA and Europe on detailed experiment operations and planning.

    Participation and presentation in critical operations reviews for Jupiter Flyby, Nutation operations and Conjunction operations. Discussed refinements to mission strategy and science operations and devised new operating strategies.

    Mission planning and feasibility studies for the three Ulysses Mission Extensions (1995-2001, 2001-2004, 2004-2008).

    Preparation and presentation of training material for JPL and ESA operations staff on Nutation operations in 1994-1995 and 2000-2001.

    Conception, requirements definition and technical assistance on Fuzzy Logic study using MATLAB/Simulink. Led to a 3-month VEGA contract to develop a prototype tool to assess the feasibility of using Fuzzy Logic to assist controllers during Nutation operations in 2001.

    Numerous technical consultations with project management and Principal Investigators. Represented ESA in technical meetings and discussions at all levels. Provide technical guidance on issues for Ulysses involving NASA (ground segment) and ESA (space segment).

    Technical lead for the 2000-2001 Nutation operations. Identification of a major antenna configuration change which had occurred since 1994-1995, impacting the DSN’s ability to support 24-hour Nutation operations. Involved in the implementation of the hardware fix deployed to antennas in California, Spain and Australia. Assisted in the negotiations with ESA’s XMM mission over sharing of the Kourou antenna during 2001.

    Conception and mentoring of two 3-month work experience projects for International Space University (ISU) Master’s degree students in 2001 (design, production & distribution of a Nutation operations training CD to train operations staff and scientists), and 2004 (initial fatigue analysis of the Ulysses axial boom, as part of a Nutation modelling project).

    Contributed to the Ulysses Outreach effort, supporting Ulysses publicity events at the annual JPL Open House, local museums and fairs and gave Ulysses lectures to JPL staff, college students and the general public. In March 2004 I conceived and contributed to an online news article about Ulysses, published on the NASA Science News website (250,000 subscribers).

    November 1989 – October 1990        Spacecraft Operations Consultant, VEGA Group PLC INMARSAT, London, UK

    Consultancy for the Inmarsat 2 Rehearsal & Exercise Programme. This involved:

    Planning, coordinating, writing and validating plans and scripts for R&E programme based on detailed knowledge and understanding of spacecraft subsystems, ground segment computers and mission control systems, and the remote TT&C station equipment and operations.

    Supporting the R&E programme from June - October 1990. Simulated operations of 3 spacecraft and 2 TT&C stations using simulators and actual ground stations. Participation of controllers, analysts, management and all support staff in London, as well as technicians in Fucino, Italy.

    Assisting another VEGA consultant with the planning and running of the official Inmarsat controller certification programme.

    March 1988 – November 1989           Spacecraft Operations Engineer, VEGA Group PLC
    St. Albans & Harpenden, UK
    Onsite visits to ESA Redu station, Belgium

    Consultancy on the ESTEC operations support contract for the ECS-1, -2, -4, -5 GEO satellites:

    LEOP and Commissioning Tests report writing

    AOCS anomaly investigation using a subsystem simulator to replicate events from telemetry data

    Trend analysis reports for Hydrazine Mass Consumption.

    February 1988 – October 1991          VEGA Group PLC, St. Albans & Harpenden, UK

    In parallel to technical activities supported Sales & Marketing / Business Development:

    Demonstrating and marketing VEGA’s software products to clients in UK and Europe.

    Marketing and business development of VEGA’s CBT and Equipment Emulation tools

    Organizing and supporting exhibitions in the UK, France and Germany.

    Planning, coordinating and hosting a live viewing of the Ariane 4 launch of the July 1991 ERS-1 spacecraft at the client’s site (DRA, Farnborough, UK).

    Assisting with general preparation of presentation material, reports and proposal inputs for upper management.

    February 1988 – November 1989      Spacecraft Operations Engineer, VEGA Group PLC
    St. Albans & Harpenden, UK
    Onsite visits to MoD, RAF Oakhanger, UK

    Operations Engineer providing general pre- and post-launch operations support for SKYNET 4 GEO communications satellites. This included:

    Writing, validating, producing and maintaining the Operating Procedures

    Observing and umpiring during the R&E programme.

    Routine spacecraft database maintenance support

    Anomaly investigations

    Trend monitoring of spacecraft subsystems

    Co-presenting SKYNET 4 AOCS seminar to RAF operations controllers & analysts

    September 1983 – February 1988     Undergraduate/Graduate Trainee, Rolls-Royce PLC Derby, UK

    Selected for Rolls-Royce PLC (civil aviation gas turbines) University Sponsorship Programme: 2 years of training and work experience in conjunction with degree studies. This included machine shop and technical drawing training, an 11-week intensive “Design and Make” project, and 10-week training assignments to departments such as the Chemical Analysis Laboratory, Future Projects, Materiel Planning, Production, High Altitude Test Facility, Engine Development and Sales & Marketing.


    Experienced user of MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Access)

    Collaboration Tools: MS Teams, recruitment (Amris), sales pipeline tracking (Salesforce) and CRM (vTiger, Odoo).

    Some DOORS, MATLAB, and Fuzzy Logic toolkit experience.

    Experienced user of Spacecraft Simulators, Satellite Control and Flight Dynamics software.


    English                         Native

    Dutch                           Intermediate

    German                        Basic (UK ‘O’ level standard, Technical German course at Southampton University)

    French                          Basic (UK ‘O’ level standard)

    Italian                           Basic


    “Space Assets and Technology for Bushfire Management”,A. McGarry et al (32 co-authors), Team Project Final Report, ISU SHSSP21, 19 February 2021.

    “Ulysses solar mission lessons learned: A retrospective 30 years after the launch”, A. McGarry
    2020|4 edition of “Ruimtevaart” (publication of Netherlands Space Society (NVR).

    “The Ulysses mission, operations and scientific results”, A. McGarry
    Online Webinar presented to:
    -     NVR (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ruimtevaart), 1 July 2020.
    -     Space Society Twente (NL), 8 January 2021.

    “De Ulysses missie, operaties van ruimtevaartuigen & wetenschapsresultaten: 1990-2009”: A. McGarry, 7 March 2020. Lecture in Dutch to members of Nationaal Ruimtevaart Museum (NRM), Lelystad, NL.

    “Hydrazine Operations at Near-Freezing Temperatures During the Ulysses Extended Mission”
    McGarry, A.; Castro, F.; Hodges, M.
    Space Propulsion 2004, ‘4th International Spacecraft Propulsion Conference’, Chia Laguna (Cagliari), Sardinia, Italy, 2 – 9 June 2004 (ESA SP-555).

    “Increasing science with diminishing resources - extending the Ulysses mission to 2008”
    A. McGarry, F. Castro, M. L. Hodges
    SpaceOps 2004, Montreal, Canada, 17 – 21 May 2004.

    “Cold Peril: The Continuing Adventures of Ulysses”
    Dr. Tony Phillips, with contributions from A. McGarry, N. Angold, S. Suess;
    NASA Science News, March 17, 2004.

    “PHAEACIAN: Application of Fuzzy Logic to the Ulysses Nutation Problem”
    Raffaella Clivio, Andy McGarry, Alessandro Donati
    DASIA (Data Systems in Aerospace) 2001, Nice, France, 28 May – 1 June 2001.

    “Ulysses 7 Years On - Operational Challenges and Lessons Learned”
    A. McGarry, N. Angold (ESA Ulysses Mission Operations Team, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California, USA), ESA Bulletin Nr. 92., November 1997.

    “Inflight Performance of the Ulysses Reaction Control System”
    A. McGarry, W. Berry & D. Parker, 2nd European Spacecraft Propulsion Conference, ESTEC, Noordwijk, NL, May 1997 (ESA SP-398).


    Monitoring Climate Change from Space, June-July 2015, online via Coursera.

    Intensive Dutch course (25 hours), Aug 4 – 13 2014, Talencentrum, Leiden University, NL.

    Nederlands Plus Spreken, May 16 - June 20 2013, Talencentrum, Leiden University, NL.

    Foundations of Management (Module 1), 10-11 Nov 2011, NL. (3gHR Ltd at Serco Nederland B.V.)

    Dutch lessons (Delfste Methode, Niveau 1-4), Jan 2010 - March 2012, Talencentrum, Leiden University, NL.

    Winning Commercial Customers, Powerhouse (series of 3 workshops), UK, Spring 2009

    Time Management, OA Learning, UK, 27 July 2008

    Line Management Essentials, Learning Circle, UK, 2 July 2008

    Essentials of Sales, Reed Training, UK, 24-26 Oct 2005

    DOORS Requirement Management, Telelogic training course, Rome, Italy, 24-25 Feb 2005

    MS Access 2000: Caltech Technology Learning Center, Pasadena, USA, March – June 2002

    Elements of Spacecraft Propulsion, AIAA Home Study Course, Nov 1999 – April 2000

    Synthetic Aperture Radar: Design, Processing and Applications, UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, USA, Feb 1995

    Attitude and Orbit Determination Systems (James Wertz), Los Angeles, USA, November 1994

    Launch Vehicle Systems Design and Engineering (Marshall Kaplan), Los Angeles, USA, Oct 1994

    Sales and Marketing for non-marketing Managers, University of Surrey, UK, July 1991


    SHSSP21 scholarships from ISU/ESA and SSPF (Stichting Space Professionals Foundation)

    International SpaceOps Award for Outstanding Achievement-ESA/NASA Ulysses team, May 2008

    Chair of Industry & Commercialisation Panel, IBC ISS Workshop, Berlin, November 2006

    USC Office of International Services Academic Achievement Award, April 2004.

    NASA Group Achievement Award for Ulysses Nutation Operations, September 2002.

    ESA certificate in recognition of Ulysses Nutation Operations support, January 2002.

    ESA certificate in recognition of Ulysses Nutation Operations support, October 1995.

    NASA Group Achievement Award for Ulysses Team operations at Jupiter Flyby, February 1993

    Rolls-Royce PLC Undergraduate Sponsorship, 1983-88.

    Rolls-Royce PLC - Project Leader of 7 apprentices for 11-week intensive “Design and Make” project – achieved 2nd place (out of 8 group projects).


    Captain of indoor 5-a-side football team, skiing, scuba diving (PADI Advanced, 177 dives), mountain and road biking, hiking, gym for overall fitness.

    Regular international travel, international cooking

    Pub quizzes, Music and Film Festivals, Comedy events

    Photography, organising and supporting charity events.

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