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 Date Submitted:14-07-2009
 Last Modified:23-07-2009 (02:15)
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 Current job:Senior design engineer (mechanical)
 Employment Term:Either
 Job location:Europe only
 Date available:immediately
 Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors
 Keywordscatia design
Status:                         Married, 1 daughter. Italian citizen
Education:                  Dr. Engineer in Aeronautics in 1990, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy
Titles:                           Structural & Systems Design Engineer, Team Leader in Aerospace Mechanical Design Engineering, Supervisor in Aerospace Operations, AIT (Assembly, Integration &Testing) Specialist
Clearance:                  Clearance obtained in UK for Military programs
From Feb 2009 – Jun 2009, SKY AIRCRAFT SAS, Chamblay, FR
Program: SK-105 Aircraft
Designer of the Flight Control System of the SK-105 new Aircraft with CATIA V5. Based on a full mechanical design architecture was responsible as Team Leader of the design installation of aileron, elevator, rudder primary flight controls, secondary flight controls, mechanical components sizing, cockpit control columns, bellcranks, push-pull rods and cable system,kinematics of the movable parts, stress determination.
Use of CS 23 Certification and MIL–F–9490D Flight Control Systems Specifications.
From Apr 2008 – Dec 2008, THALES ALENIA SPACE and AURORA INGEGNERIA, Turin, IT
Program: MPLM Upgrading
Designer for AURORA INGEGNERIA s.r.l. about the modification of some structural parts of the MDPS (Micro-meteorites and Debris Protection System) MPLM Module, part of the ISS (International Space Station). Team Leader of a group of designers by means of CATIA V5. Migration of existent CATIA V4 models to V5.
Formation to young designers of CATIA V5 Part Design functions.
From Sep 2006 – Ago 2008, GKN AEROSPACE Ltd, Weston Super-Mare, UK
Program: Future LYNX Helicopter
Designer for WINNWITH with CATIA V4 of the Future Lynx Helicopter Forward Module. Design of Subsystems accommodation such as Flotation S/S, Environmental Control System, Harness routing lines. Modification of existent Flying Control parts. Design of brackets and other secondary structure components aimed at fastening S/S components such as Equipment, valves, piping, harness. Use of Agusta Westland Ltd standard parts.
Check with ENOVIA of clearances between S/S components and structure. Definition of static and dynamic envelopes.
Design of the Helicopter Primary and Secondary Structure such as Beams, Frames, Nose, Skin, Floor and Mechanical I/F with Flying Controls (brackets/supports).

Design of Aluminum Machined and Sheet Metal parts within CATIA V4 Virtual Product Model (VPM).
Modification of envelope surfaces to take into account changed requirements.
Preparation of the Bill of Material and 3D FD&T text/tolerance dimensions.
2D installation drawings of some S/S secondary structure change of the Chinook MK3 Program.
Program: BN100-based Li-Ion battery for the ITALIAN SPACE AGENCY(ASI)
In parallel with the previous program was awarded by ARTHE ENGINEERING of the design development responsibility of the new Equipment needed to fill multi-PCB electronic packaging configuration with the BN100 new filler technology. CATIA V5 design drawings produced for ARTHE.
Program: BN100-Power MOSFET & IGBT Prototype activity and Equipment design
Awarded by ARTHE as Supervisor and design concept responsible of the new Equipment needed to fill with the BN100 technology MOSFET & IGBT packaging for the SEMIKRON Company. CATIA V5 design drawings produced for ARTHE.
From Mar 2006 to August 2006, OFFICINE AERONAVALI S.p.A., Mestre (VE), Italy
Program: Retrofit of B767 aircraft from Passenger to Freighter
Designer for ASSYSTEMBRIME with CATIA V4 of the installation and part list details drawings. 3D modeling and 2D manufacturing drawings for the B767 section 41 parts, mainly Cockpit Entry Sill Door and Floor Beams installation layout. Use of Boeing standard parts.
Re-design of the structural parts to be modified to take into account changing load specifications and new design requirements. 
From 2003 to 2006, ARTHE ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS s.r.l., Turin
Program: Development and Qualification of the BN100 Technology
Design and Technical Manager of the experimental Program aimed at building electronic bobbins packaging mounted on Formula 1 racing cars for the Magneti Marelli Motorsport Company based on the ARTHE Boron Nitride Superior Thermal Conductive Filler technology (BN100 technology).
Technical responsible for the Qualification of the BN100 new Electronic Packaging Technology Program awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA). AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test) Officer of the thermo-mechanical breadboard activities aimed at verifying the BN100 performance.
Responsible of the Marketing Survey and Technical Officer of the BN100 Superior Thermal Conductive Filler Technology. The ARTHE PCT Patent has been claimed in partnership with the former ALENIA SPAZIO recently turned into ALCATEL ALENIA SPACE.
Responsible of the Research & Development of this new filler technology aimed at enhancing the thermal conductivity of high powered electronic Packaging, protecting them against vibrations and permitting a quick maintenance to high-rel. components.
More in detail I was responsible of the:
- Development of the Electronic Equipment casing with CATIA V5 (Prototype units)
- Filling tuning of the Industrial process and characterization of the thermo-mechanical properties.
- Test validation and Qualification of some major samples.
Technical Designer and Responsible for the Development with CATIA V5, Manufacturing and Qualification of an Automatic Filling Equipment designed to fill with Boron Nitride powder (BN100) variegate electronic packaging shapes.
From 1998 to 2003, NEGESAT s.n.c., Turin
From 2001 to 2003, Program: NEGESAR-LEONARDO and ADM
Development of a new Design Architecture optimized for the micro-satellite market aimed at reducing the thermo-mechanical environmental requirements that would permit to lower costs by permitting to host COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf Equipment) and standard Equipment in place of high-rel. Avionic Equipment. Mechanical Engineer responsible of the 3D modeling (CATIA V5), development and manufacturing of the satellite prototypes: NEGESAR-LEONARDO and ADVANCED DEMONSTRATOR (ADM), 2nd and 3rd demonstrators of the NEGESAR (NEw GEneration Satellite ARchitecture) technology.
Responsible of the structural and thermal FEM models, static, dynamic and thermal analysis.
Assembly and laboratory test verification of the Prototypes for the thermo-mechanical validation.
In 2001, Program: Turbo pump of the Vulcain 2 LOX Engine, ARIANE 5
Consultant for FIAT AVIO, Turin, for the study and development of the Vulcain 2 LOX turbo pump. 3D Modeling with UNIGRAPHICS. 
In 2000, Program: SOFTEQ
Project and Technical responsible of the mechanical design (CATIA V4) of the Flight prototype SOFTEQ (a transponder) built following the NEGESAR technology rules for the Italian MEGSAT s.p.a. Company and launched on board of the MEGSAT 1 micro-satellite, October 2000.
In 1999 Program: NEGESAR (NEw GEneration Satellite ARchitecture) technology
Responsible of the design, 3D modeling (CATIA V4), manufacturing drawings of the SMALL DEMONSTRATOR, first prototype of the NEGESAR technology.
Leader of the team responsible of the mechanical and thermal test campaign.
In 1998 Program: EFA 2000
Consultant for the ALENIA SPAZIO Defense Division in Turin. 3D modeling with CATIA V4 and development of a tool used to hot-forming the fiber carbon J-SPARs of the EFA 2000.
In 1997 Program: ATV, NODE, MPLM and ARIANE 5 LH2 TANK
AIT (Assembly, Integration & Test) Responsible for the ATV, NODE, MPLM Space Modules. Responsible inside the Integration Department of ALENIA SPAZIO for the technical specifications of the MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment), design conception and 3D modeling with CATIA V4.
Responsible of the mechanical and thermal test specifications of the ATV (Automatic Transfer Vehicle).
Leader of the team dealing with the Assembly, Integration and Test of the MPLM Flight Module destined to be sent on-orbit the International Space Station (ISS).
From 1994 to 1997, ARIANESPACE at Kourou, French Guyane.
Program: ARIANE 4 Launcher
Responsible of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Stage (L220, L33 et H10), PAP and PAL (Propulseur d’Appoint Liquide et Propulseur d’Appoint à Poudre) Assembly and of the all mechanical Operations during the ARIANE 4 Launcher Campaign. More specifically:
Leader of the Operational team responsible of the Composite Assembly (1st Satellite over the Adaptor + Internal and External Cones + Spelda + 2nd Satellite + Adaptor + Fairing) and all the mechanical operations of the Launcher aimed at receiving the Composite over the Ariane 4 3st Stage in the ELA2 Launcher Facilities. Mechanical Engineer inside the Launch Operations Division of the Flight and on-Ground Mechanical Interfaces.
Operations Flight and on-Ground Procedures management, writing and execution.Time Schedule Operations Manager and Supervisor responsibility aimed at coordinating the daily Operations in the ELA2 Launch Site with special regard to interdictions and safety requirements. Planning and procedures updating with regard to the specific Launcher campaign and Satellite specifications.
Team Leader of the following Launch Campaigns: V76 (Panamsat4), V79 (Astra 1E), V83 (N-StarB), V86 (Amos/Palapa2C), V90 (Telecom C2, Italsat2), V93 (Nahuel-1A, GE2), V98 (PAS6) and, more generally, follow up of 33 launches and 55 satellites sent on-orbit.

In 1993, ALENIA SPAZIO (hired at EUROCOLUMBUS in Bremen, Germany)
Responsible of the APM COLUMBUS thermo-mechanical configuration with CATIA V4.
From 1990 to 1993 ALENIA Space Division, Turin   
Mechanical Engineer in the COLUMBUS Mechanical System Department.
q       1 year experience (undergoing in 2009) in Flight Control Mechanical System Design, Control Columns design, bellcranks, rods and cables, Components installation, design stress verification.
q       6 years experienced in System and S/S Configuration Design and Drawings: external, internal layout Aerospace systems, accommodation of Avionic Equipment, fluid components, pipework and harness routing lines, mechanical I/F’s definition.
q       6 years experience as Mechanical Engineering Officer (Design conception, Development, Manufacturing and Qualification) in a small Aerospace Company. Inventor and R&D Engineer of new patented thermo-mechanical technologies applicable to Space and on-Ground products.
q       14 years of Design Conception and Development of Aluminum Alloys Structures and MGSE for large Aerospace Companies: machined primary structures of Space Modules, machined secondary structures (bracketry, supports), Aluminum honeycomb panels. Development of Test rigs, fixtures and special tools. New design architecture and mass optimization of electronic casings and highly rigid structures. Mechanical design requirements and product specification. Design structure optimization, Trade-offs, Mass budget. Participation and Management of Reviews (Design, PDR, CDR, daily meeting). Preparation of Specifications, SOW, WBS.  
q       10 years experienced in 3-D modeling with CATIA V4 (>4000 h) and V5 (>3000 h), from the conceptual design up to the manufacturing drawings: V4 included SOLIDE, SURF1, SURF2, TUBING, GENERATIVE SHEET METAL and F,D&T functions. All CATIA V5 Part and Assembly Design included sketched-based features, dress-up features, surface-based features, setting constraints, Aerospace Sheet Metal Design, Kinematics, DMU.
q       1 year experienced in 3-D modeling with UNIGRAPHICS.
q       3 years experienced in FEM thermal and mechanical analysis with FEMAP + NASTRAN and design mechanical verification: static, dynamic, frequency response, random analysis, thermal balance, transient response.
q       8 years experienced in Assembly, Integration and Test Operations: Integration of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ARIANE 4 stages included PAP and PAL (Solid and Liquid boosters), satellite clamping and bend integration, Composite assembly with the Launcher; electronic units mechanical assembly, PCBs integration, accelerometers, strain gages and PT100 integration, mechanical sine and random dynamic tests, thermal balance tests, test reports.
q       6 years experienced in Operations Procedures writing for thermo-mechanical activities: integration and assembly procedures with respect to the product design specifications, mechanical and thermal test procedures.
Note: the years of experience upon the above activities are intended to be carried out for a cumulative duration of at least 4 months/year

This is a list of Patents/Publications made by me, some of which have been purchased by the former ALENIA SPAZIO S.p.A., now entered as Patent assets of the FINMECCANICA Group:
1.      The n°TO2002A000416 Italian Patent, with title: “STRUTTURA DI CONTENIMENTO E DISSIPAZIONE TERMICA PER APPARECCHIATURE ELETTRONICHE”, dated 16 May 2002, related to the BN100-P filler technology, extended with PCT procedure with Ref. PCT/IB03/01873, International filing date 7 May 2003 with title “RETAINING AND HEAT DISSIPATING STRUCTURE FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT”
2.       The n°98830170.1 European Patent extended also to the USA Country, published in the European Patent Bulletin 1999/42, number 0951207 with title: ”PROTECTIVE HOUSING FOR SPACE APPLICATIONS”, dated 23 March 1998, and already awarded by the European and US Patent Office
  1. The n°99119751.8 European Patent extended also to the USA Country published in the European Patent Bulletin 2000/15, number 0992430 with title: ”HOUSING PROVIDING COOLING FOR EQUIPMENT ABOARD AIRCRAFT OR SPACECRAFT”, dated 6 October 1999, and already awarded by the European and US Patent Office
4.       The n°00106877 European Patent extended also to the USA Country published in the European Patent Bulletin 2000/40, number 1041002 with title: ”PROTECTIVE CASING WITH COOLING FOR EQUIPMENT IN AIR, SPACE OR LAND VEHICLES”, dated 31 March 2000.
·     CATIA CAD SYSTEM (V4 >4000 h and V5 about 3000h) included ENOVIA DMU Navigator and VPM
·     UNIGRAPHICS (old experience, please consider it as a reference at present date)
·     NASTRAN for Windows (FEMAP + NASTRAN as a reference know-how, not current used tool)
CAD 3D modelling, FEM analysis (mechanical and thermal), H/W parts Assembly & Integration (mechanical and electrical), Data acquisition systems, Unix-based Workstations, Windows 2000, XP-based PCs, Testing Equipment, H/W development (mechanical and thermal) technologies.
·     Italian, mother tongue.
·     English, fluent oral and written.
·     French, fluent oral and written.
·     Spanish, fair oral and written.
·     German, a little oral and written.

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