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 Date Submitted:24-03-2011
 Last Modified:09-12-2014 (01:12)
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 Current job:Aerospace Avionic Systems Engineer
 Employment Term:Permanent
 Job location:Anywhere
 Date available:immediately
 Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Satellite Operators, , , Launch Systems, Consulting/Engineering Services
 KeywordsProject Management (RUP, Scrum, Agile, Work Package Definition, Risk Analysis) Process Engineering (CMMI Level 3/4)) Requirements / Business Process Analysis (RDD, BPMN) System Modeling & Design (SCADE, Simulink, SysML, UML, OOA, OOD, TDD, HOOD) SW /


Date of Birth  9 November 1965

Place of Birth London, England

Marital Status Single

Nationality  British

Gender  Male


* Mission & Safety Critical Software & Hardware Systems Engineer - Aerospace, Spacecraft & Mechatronic Systems

* Aircraft Software & Hardware Systems Development, Integration & Test Engineer:
° Airbus A350 XWB, A380, & A400M, Eurofighter, Merlin Anti-Submarine Helicopter, ASTOR Sentinel R1 Aircraft.

* Spacecraft Software, Hardware & AIT & V Systems Engineer:
° QinetiQ STRV a & b, & TopSat Spacecraft; ESA Cluster, GOCE, ATV, GAIA, & Euclid Spacecraft.

* Spacecraft Systems Design & Research Engineer:
° QinetiQ UK-10 Ion-Thruster, ESA Solar-Wind Plasma Characterisation, Galactic Astrometry, Cometary Fragmentation Analysis, Robotics & Mechatronics.

* Project Management (RUP, Scrum, Agile, Work Package Definition, Risk Analysis)
* Process Engineering (CMMI Level 3/4))
* Requirements / Business Process Analysis (RDD, BPMN)
* System Modelling & Design (SCADE, Simulink, SysML, UML, OOA, OOD, TDD, HOOD) * SW / Algorithm Development (MATLAB, MISRA C, C++, Assembler, STL, Boost)
* Safety Critical SW & HW (DO-178B, DO-254, FAA / EASA certification, FMECA)
* Embedded SW (PLC, Microcontroller, Device Driver, BSP, RTOS, Embedded Linux)
* Data Analysis (MATLAB, IDL, Fortran, Monte Carlo Simulation)
* EMI, EMC (Def Stan 59-41, MIL-STD-461 / 462 / 464), TEMPEST (AMSG 720B)
* Spacecraft Systems Development (ESA ECSS-E40, ESA PSS-05, ECSS-Q-80)



PhD, Cometary Dust Particle Fragmentation with Rosetta GIADA Instrument, 2014, Planetary & Space Science Research Institute (PSSRI)

BSc (Hons) Class 2.1 Physical Science, 2010, Open University Milton Keynes

BSc (Hons) Class 2.1 Information Technology & Computing, 2005, Open University Milton Keynes

MSc, Astronautics & Spacecraft Engineering, 1992, College of Aeronautics, Cranfield University

Her Majesty’s Commission, 1989, Royal Air Force College Cranwell

BSc (Hons) Class 2.2, 1988, Department of Physics, Leeds University


Professional Experience

Altran AG, Zurich
November 2010 – Present

ESA Euclid Spacecraft - Solid State Mass Memory (SSMM) Design & Development:
* Specify & design SSMM architecture & Spacecraft Command & Data Management Unit (CDMU) Interfaces
* Specify system development processes
* Define SW / HW production tool chain
* Define & verify SW / HW required input's availability & consistency
* Define HW, SW / FPGA Interfaces (ICDs)
* Define, develop data compression & storage algorithms
* Develop HW, embedded SW & FPGAs
* Define HW, SW & FPGA AIV & AIT processes
* Specify, design & develop Ground Support Equipment (GSE).
* Define system Modelling & Simulation methodology & trade-offs

Robotic Laboratory Analysis Workstation: Sub-system SW Engineer:
* Specification, design, implementation and test of mechatronic sub-systems:
° 3-axis motion controlled arm & gripper, Optical scanner & sample analyser, Centrifuge, Sample incubator, Liquid handling system.
* Design, development of servo-motor and actuator control algorithms and position encoding.
* Integration and programming of sensors:
° 3-axis accelerometer, Reflected & ambient optical, Touch, 1-axis gyro, Temperature,Ultrasonic. * System & Sub-system testing and test automation,
* Preparation of Requirement-Test Analysis & Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) for FDA approval,
* Team Foundation Server, Enterprise Architect, HP Quality Centre, Wireshark, LabVIEW, Subversion, C++, PCD XML,
* PLC S7, AS-i, Industrial Ethernet, RT protocol for PROFINET CBA and PROFINET IO.

ALFApump & SmartCharger SW Engineer:

* Development, implementation of embedded firmware & boot-loader, MISRA C, Assembler, * Integration of uBlox LEON-G100 GSM/GPRS Modem,
* Implementation of 2-wire interface for SHT1x Humidity Sensor,
* Implementation of i2C protocol between ARM7 (SAM7X256) microcontroller, LPS331AP pressure sensor & DS2764 battery monitor,

* Setup of development, integration, & test bench,
* Protocol testing using Agilent MSO 6034A Oscilloscope,
* Preparation of development & integration training materials,
* System & Sub-system testing and test automation,
* Preparation of Requirement-Test Analysis & Failure Modes Effect Analysis (FMEA) for FDA approval,
* Keil uVision4 IDE, MISRA C, Surround SCM, Beyond Compare, TestTrack, Doxygen,
* E3633A PSU, JTAG, Rohde & Schwarz Digital Radio GSM Test Set. Wavetek Protocol Analyser.


Airbus, Germany
January 2009 – October 2010
Airbus A350 XWB, A380, & A400M Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) System Engineer

* Design, development of IMA system:

° Arinc 600 MCU, Common Remote Data Concentrator (CRDC), Core Processing & Input / Output Module (CPIOM), & Input / Output Module (IOM)
* Design, development of avionics communications network system:

° Arinc 429, AFDX.
* Design, development of Switching Table configuration software & process:

° Data base data extraction, Network Configuration Description generation, Configuration Check, Configuration load for switches.
* Integration, configuration of CPIOM SW:

° Boot SW, Drivers, Arinc 653 Operating System. * Development of Test Bench:

° Data translation tools, automated test suite, test harnesses.
* Software integration & test on Host (HBOSS), & on Representative Target (TBOSS), * Author / Technical Editor of IMA system Reference Manuals & User Manuals,
* Subcontractor/supplier management and coordination.

AFDX DO-178-B Linux Software Engineer:

* Development, maintainance of Embedded Linux BSPs, & Boot Loader Firmware,
° Scheduling, interrupt subsystem, concurrency, logical and physical memory management.
* Development of (2.6 series device driver model) Device Drivers:
° Optimisation, bug fixing & adding new functionality.
* Implementation & integration of interfaces & protocols:
° I2C, SPI, UART, USB, AFDX, PCI Express.
* Documentation control for hardware schematics, & datasheets,
* Protocol testing using oscilloscope, logic analyser, and bus protocol analysers,
* Porting of third party software libraries,
* Development, customisation of software tools & utilities (from free/open source and scratch), * Writing shell scripts for source code patching under Clearcase
* C, Clearcase, ARM7
* ARM Development Studio 5:
° Eclipse IDE, GNU cross-compiler, DS-5 debugger, Streamline performance analyser.


Astrium, Stevenage UK
January 2008 – December 2008
GAIA Spacecraft Video Processing Unit (VPU) Hardware / Software Integration & Test Engineer:

* Integration and configuration of focal plane control computer board and software.
* Configuration of BSP and focal plane control computer boot software.
* Integration and configuration of communications protocols and VPU start-up software.
* Design and development of Ground Support Equipment (GSE).
* Design and implementation of test and test automation software.
* Focal plane array integration & test @ Astrium, Toulouse.
* Spacewire (ECSS-E-ST-50-12C), Maxwell SCS750, IBM 750FX, cPCI v2.2, RS422, MIL-STD 1553
* C, VxWorks 5.5 BSP, C++, XML, Tornado, Eclipse

GAIA is an ESA mission to:
* Measure positions of ~1 billion galactic and local-group stars with accuracy ~20 μas,
* Perform spectral and photometric measurements of all objects,
* Derive space velocities of Galaxy's constituent stars using stellar distances and motions, * Create a 3D structural map of the Galaxy.


Airbus, Germany
April 2002 - December 2007
Airbus A400 Aircraft Mission Management System (MMS) Software Engineer:
* Design, development of Mission Data Management Subsystem (DO-178B, DO-254) DAL C,
* Design, development of Navigation Subsystem (DO-178B, DO-254) DAL C,
* Design, implementation of Navigational Data Model,
* Integration of Flight Management Computer Display Unit & Embedded GPS/INS,
* Design, implementation of Tactical Navigation Data Retrieval Subsystem,
* Design, development of Pilot Assistance System 4D flight control subsystem,
• Design, implementation of EGI Navigational Data 1553 Controller for Tactical Display,
* Design, implementation of Missile Warning System Passive Element (MWS-PE) (DO-178B, DO-254) DAL C,
* DOORS. Rhapsody, UML, SCADE, C++, MISRA C, GCC, Greenhills Integrity. eXtreme dB,
* PVCS, Eclipse IDE, ADS2 Simulation, VxWorks, MIL-STD 1553B & Arinc 429, Arinc 653.

Digital Electronic Control and Monitoring Unit (DECMU) Software Engineer:

* Safety critical software design, implementation to DO-178B DAL A,
* Hardware & Software Integration testing for DECMU to DO-254,
* Writing utilities to communicate with target hardware for HSI test scripts,
* Ensuring tool chain compliance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations, * Leading end of software life-cycle certification activities,
* Requirements analysis for tool chain certification,

* MatLab, Simulink, SCADE, DOORS 6.0, TI Code Composer cross compiler, C.

Eurofighter - Radar Test & Ground Support Equipment Engineer:

* Development, implementation of Radar Data Generator & Scenario Replay Facility
° Simulates IQ returns of various targets, differing operational conditions, weather effects.
° Scenarios definition, Range profile extraction, Doppler processing, Sensor coverage analysis, Multiple simultaneous target injections.
* Measurement the radar performance for different scenarios,
* Characterization of radar receiver designs.


July 1999 – April 2002
Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Propulsion & Reboost System Engineer:

* Design, development of Propulsion & Reboost Test System hardware:

° Control PC, Comms unit, Reboost System interface.
* Design, development of Propulsion & Reboost Test System software:

° MS-DOS Scripting, LabVIEW, C.
* Design, development of ATV Propulsion & Reboost System telemetry test interface:

° Ka-Band, S-band, ATV Control Centre & Ground Control Simulator (ATV-CC & AGCS) protocols. * Development & operation ATV propulsion and refuelling systems simulator,
* Design, development of ATV Attitude and Orbital Control System (AOCS) test system,
* Maintenance, upgrade of HP VEE 5.0 Test System,
* Assembly, integration, & test of Propulsion & Reboost System.


Lockheed Martin, Portsmouth, England
June 1996 - July 1999
Merlin (Anti-Submarine Helicopter) Avionics Test System (MATS) Engineer:

* Requirements management and analysis (RDD, Doors).
* Creation, maintenance and control of:

° Software Requirement Specification (SRS), ° Software Design Document (SDD),
° Software Quality Control Plan.

* Design, implementation of Avionics subsystems Test & Verification processes: ° Digital, Analogue, RF, Video, & Manometric.

* Sub-contractor management:
° Westland Helicopter, Logica, SERCO, Marconi, British Aerospace.

* Creation, maintenance & control of:
° Requests for Proposals (RFPs),
° Contractual Statements of Work (SOWs),
° Service Level Agreements (SLAs),
° Post Design Services (PDS) Task Management System, ° HW & SW Design & Specification Documents,
° Task Management Process documentation.

Airborne Stand Off Radar (ASTOR) Reconnaissance / Surveillance Aircraft

* RF, EMC & TEMPEST Design and Test
* Requirements Management & analysis (RDD, DOORS). * RF analysis & design for radar components.
* Creation, maintenance and control of:

° EMC & TEMPEST Control Plan,
° Hardware Design Specification (HDS),
° Interface Control Specification Document (ICD).


Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), University College London June 1993 - June 1996

Plasma Electron And Current Experiment (PEACE) Assembly Integration, Test, and Calibration Engineer:
* Assembly, integration & test of High & Low Energy Electron Analyser (HEEA & LEEA) sensors,
* Assembly, integration & test of Data Processing Unit (DPU),

* Development of Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) software,
* Development of Cluster Spacecraft Interface Simulator,
* Development & operation of HEEA & LEEA electron optics calibration and test using:

° Thermal vacuum chamber, Electron gun,
° 3-axis rotating sensor mount,
° Automated calibration sequencing software.

* Development of data capture, reduction and analysis software, * Assembly, Integration Test and Verification @:

° Clean room laboratory at MSSL,
° On spacecraft at the Astrium Spacecraft Assembly Clean Room, Friedrichshafen ° Industrie Anlagen Betriebs Gesellschaft (IABG) Munich.

* Support for Ariane 501 launch phase activities at Kourou, French Guiana. * C, Fortran, IDL, Lab Windows, LabVIEW.

* Cluster is an ESA mission to study how the solar wind affects the Earth,
* 4 Identical spacecraft travel in tetrahedral formation to provide 4D data,
* Each spacecraft carries 11 identical instruments to investigate charged particles, electrical, & magnetic fields,
* PEACE instrument obtains continuous plasma electrons' velocity moments distribution function,
* Detector counts collected in energy, polar-angle, & azimuth-angle bins to form a 3D matrix,
* Two sensors are used:

° LEEA (low-energy electron analyser)
° HEEA (high-energy electron analyser).
° Energy coverage is from 0.67 eV to 30 KeV in 92 levels.


QinetiQ, Farnborough, England
December 1990 - June 1993
STRV Development & Assembly, Integration Test & Verification (AIT/AIV) Engineer:
* Design, development, & application of environmental testing strategies (vibration, thermal vacuum, EMC)

* Test of radiation-hardened & non-radiation-hardened components using Gamma ray radiation sources, (60Co, 137Cs) at AWRE Aldermaston,
* Sub-system Radiated & Conducted Susceptibility & Emissions (EMC/EMI) Testing in RF Anechoic Chamber using HP Signal Analyser,
* Antenna test using LabVIEW & HP VXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AM/FM/PM, PSK/FSK/MSK, QAM, 250kHz-2.7GHz),
* Development of Pulse Height Analysis Sub-system for Cosmic Ray Effects & DOsimetry (CREDO) experiment,
* Test Atomic Oxygen Erosion experiment.
* Evaluation & calibration of attitude control magnetorquers using torsion bench.
* Development of Neutralizer Xe propellant system,
* Development & operation of Ground Support Equipment (GSE).
* Assembly, Integration Test and Verification in DRA clean room.
* Support for Ariane V64 launch phase activities at Kourou, French Guiana.

UK-10 Ion Thruster Development & Assembly, Integration Test & Verification (AIT/AIV) Engineer

* Research and development of UK-10 Ion Thruster & Neutralizer. * Assembly, integration, & test of UK-10 Ion Thruster:

° Xenon Flow Control Units (FCU), Power Processing Unit (PPU), Neutraliser.
* Design, development, & operation of portable RF transparent vacuum chamber rig for UK-10 Ion thruster EMC / EMI testing within RF anechoic chamber.
* Design, development of future spacecraft utilizing Ion Thrusters:

° SpaceCraft Orbital Reconnaissance Platform using Ion-thrusters for Orbit keeping (SCORPIO), ° ESA GOCE spacecraft

° QinetiQ TopSat spacecraft.


Royal Air Force, United Kingdom
September 1985 - September 1989
Flying Officer. General Duties (Pilot) Branch:
* Management, Leadership and Officer Training @ RAF College Cranwell.

* Ab-Initio Flying Training 62 Hours
° General handling, Instrument flying, Spin Aerobatics, Formation, Pilot-navigation

* Basic Fast Jet Training 124 Hours (40 Hours Simulator)
° General handling, Instrument flying, Spin Aerobatics, Formation, Pilot-navigation

* RAF Cranwell, RAF Church Fenton, RAF Finningley, RNAS Turnhouse, RMCS Cranfield, RAE Farnborough

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