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Date of birth



Work experience





01/06/2009 – today

Occupation or position held

 Internship contract at RUAG Space Zurich

Main activities and responsibilities

 Internship in OptoElectronics&Instrument Group. Support in Projects and activities  of the Optics and Electronics Engineering Team (OE2).

 Supporting in Testing and validation in projects:


Name and address of employer

 Teamleader: Peter Böhle

 RUAG Space – Schaffhauserstrasse, 580, 8052 Zürich

Type of business or sector

 Space Engineering Company





01/02/2009 - 31/05/2012

Occupation or position held

Grantee of ASI (Italian Space Agency) contract for collaboration and research activity on “Analysis of Solar Corona observations made by Hinode/XRT satellite”.


Main activities and responsibilities

 Image diagnostics and data analysis using multi-filter observations by UV 

 and X-Ray Telescopes. Numerical models. Skill with filters response and 

 filter calibration. Information Technologies skills.


Name and address of employer

 Prof. Fabio Reale,

 INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Palermo, p.zza del Parlamento 1, Pa.

Type of business or sector

 Research and Space Agencies




01/06/2009 - 01/10/2009

Occupation or position held

Grantee of a Research Project “Analysis of solar corona with HINODE satellite”

Main activities and responsibilities

  Satellites data processing, data screening and handling, also with 

  collaboration with international research groups, weekly-seminars at the  

  host Institutions.

Name and address of employer

Type of business or sector

Prof.Saku Tsuneta, NAOJ ,Osawa-Mitaka, Tokyo (Japan)

Dott.Taro Sakao, ISAS/JAXA, Sagamihara-Kanagawa (Japan)

Research and Space Agencies


Type of business or sector

 Research and Space Agencies






  Title of qualification awarded

Thesis Title















                         Principal subjects        

          occupational skills covered




















   01/01/2009 - 16/05/2012

  PhD in Physics (Astrophysics and Space Science Curriculum)

  “Analysis of small-scale variability of coronal observations with the  

  Hinode/X-Ray Telescope”


   The analysis of the time variability of coronal emission is one useful tool to 

  look for evidence of pulsed heating. During my PhD program, I analysed

  the small-scale variability of an active region, that was observed by XRT/ 

  HINODE when it was close to the disk centre in 2006 Nov 14, in the  

  Al_poly filter band. I compared measured fluctuation intensity distributions 

  with the distribution expected for Poisson noise and found small but  

  important asymmetries. Using Monte Carlo simulations, only part of the

  asymmetries can be explained by Poisson photon statistics, and we have

  to include a tendency for exponentially decreasing intensity, such as

  would be expected from a cooling plasma produced after a nanoflare

  (Terzo et al., 2011).


  •   Analysis of small scale variability (seconds) of emission of solar coronal plasma with statistical analysis of X-ray images sequences of the solar Corona, gathered by the solar satellite HINODE/XRT.
  • Managing, visualization, and analysis of the large set of data from the satellite was made by tools and self-made routines, programs and simulation in IDL programming language, in UNIX environment.
  • Serial and Parallel computing: solution of plasma physics and MHD

equation with C, Fortran and MPI (Message Passing Interface)

  • Computational methods, numerical algorithms and simulations with
  •                 Fortran, C, IDL, MPI. 
  • Application of numerical models (Monte Carlo simulations) and MHD

              simulations on plasma physics.

  • Research Activity in Plasma Physics, Statistical Physics, data analysis,  
  • Serial and Parallel Computing.
  • Comparison of theoretical results with observational results, and data analysis results.


  University of Palermo, INAF—ASI (Italian Space Agency)


  Title of qualification awarded


                                    Thesis Title                                          

                                       and Topic


  Master Degree in Physics


  “Analysis of Active Region's Loops observed with HINODE/XRT”

  Nine filters on two filters wheels are available on HINODE/XRT. The ratio of 

  the emission measured in different filters is well known to provide an

  estimate of the temperature of the plasma assumed isothermal along the  

  line of sight. During my Master Degree Thesis, I addressed temperature 

  diagnostics, in an Active region (AR10923) observed in 2006-11-12 in five 

  different filters (Al_poly, C_poly, Be_thin, Be_med, Al_med). I compared the 

  temperature obtained from the filter ratio along selected coronal loops

  with those obtained from a hydrostatic loop model, concluding that a good

  description of the observed loops needs different and/or more complex




                        Principal subjects                       

           occupational skills covered 





















   Particle Physics, Mathematical Analysis, Physics, Chemistry, English, Nuclear  


  • Training with satellite data processing, e.g., data decompression,  

          de-spiking, de-jittering, and with other operations of data screening      

          and handling and displaying and applying mathematical filters;

  • Application of numerical hydrostatic models on solar coronal loops;
  • Multi-filter temperature diagnostics of solar corona plasma with developing IDL tools and scripts;
  • Electronics and Microelectronics: 2 years course and Lab (2002/2003) on microelectronics components (MOS, CMOS, TTL), circuits project, design, making and testing.
  • Astrophysics Labs: 1 year course (2005) and Lab experiences with Lasers experimental tests, reflection and refraction of lenses and filters for astrophysical applications. 
  • Dynamical Systems: 1 year Course, practise with mathematical models for statistical analysis and complex dynamical systems with industrial and economy application with MATLAB (2006).
  • Numerical Modelling: 1 year course and Lab (2007) in solution of physical and mathematical problems with numerical models through C, and Fortran programming languages.


Universityof Palermo, INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Palermo


Personal skills and competences


Mother tongue


Other languages

English, Japanese




Social skills and competences







Publications and Talks





Organizational skills and competences


Excellent ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained though my  

 work and research experiences in international environment and research

 groups, Team spirit, Sense of organization, Skills in scientific and technical 

 problem solving. Preparing and giving seminars in international institutions,

 skills in writing scientific papers published on international refereed journals.


  • Co -supervisor for degree thesis in physics at the Palermo University;

 Co-responsible for planning and management of internal scientific seminars 

 in  Astronomical Observatory of Palermo;

 Co-responsible for Installing and updating of SSW-SolarSoftWare at 

 Astronomical Observatory of Palermo.


 Technical skills and competences

  - Managing of very large data sets;

  - Satellites response and operational filter calibration, reduction and  

    preparation of solar satellites data;

  - Creation of IDL tools and scripts with the purpose of scientific data          

    analysis and forward modelling.

- Practise with mathematical models for statistical analysis and complex  

  dynamical systems with industrial and economy application with MATLAB.

- Computational methods, numerical algorithms and simulations with

  •       Fortran, C, IDL, MPI.
  • -   - Comparison of theoretical results with observational results, and data  
  •       analysis results.

  - Application of numerical models (Monte Carlo simulations) and MHD

    simulations on plasma physics.

  - Academic education and background on semiconductors and


  - Lab experiences with microelectronic components, design, building,   

    modelling and testing the of electronic circuits (MOS, CMOS, TTL);

  - Lab experiences in testing transmission and reflection of optics, lenses  

    and filters of satellites detectors (telescopes, X-ray detectors), using laser   

    and Lab tools.



- On-flight calibration of Focal Plane Filters of  the X-Ray Telescope on   

  board on the Hinode/XRT satellite through data analysis and 

  mathematical modelling, using database of solar corona plasma  



Computer skills and competences

Skill in manage large data sets, displaying and conducting statistical 

  analysis. More than 5 years of experiences with MS Windows,

  UNIX/Linux, Microsoft tools (power-point, excell, word, etc.), LaTeX Text

  editor, IDL (programming language for creating scientific data visualization

  from complex numerical data) and Gnu Data Language (GDL),

  SolarSoftWare (NASA/GSFC). Matured in Master Degree and PhD courses I

  experience with C, Fortran 77/90, MATLAB, and MPI

  (Message Passing Interface).



Other skills and


Participation at Scientific Outreach Projects, in particular on 

  Astronomical subject, in collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory

  of Palermo; Participation and oral contributions at Scientific International   

  Congresses. Skills in scientific seminars and of outreach.



Additional information

During my free-time I like to play tennis, practice martial arts (Wu-Shu, Wing-Chun), cycle and swimming. I like to play bass guitar, and learn foreigner languages.




For Reference please call:


  prof.Fabio Reale

  Astronomical Observatory of Palermo “G.S.Vaiana”,

  Palermo, Italy,

  e-mail: reale(at)


  prof.Saku Tsuneta

  National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Osawa-Mitaka, Tokyo,

  Japan, e-mail: saku.tsuneta(at)


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