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 Date Submitted:31-12-2012
 Last Modified:01-01-2013 (05:12)
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 Current job:Project Engineer
 Employment Term:Permanent
 Job location:Anywhere
 Date available:immediately
 KeywordsSoftware Engineer, Ground Segment, Mission Control, Mission Planning, Java, ECSS, Data bases, Distributed Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Technical Manager, XML, ICD, ESAC, ESOC


Work experience

Project engineer at Deimos-Space S.L.U. (January of 2010)

·          (MPSF) Mission Planning System Framework project- Design and development of a generic framework for mission planning. This framework was implemented as a distributed system where several independent servers interact to perform the mission planning. My duties in this project: Design and development ofthe MPSF database Manager; Design and development of the MPSF CORBA library; Design and development of the MPSF Configuration Data Manager; Design and Implementation of the MPSF Data Model (based on the ESA Planning File ICD, EMS ICD, MATIS ICD); Design and development of the MPSF Data Injection Manager. Technologies involved:

Database: JDBC, Mysql Server, Mysql Workbench, TOAD data Modeller, Apache ibatis.

XML: XMLspy, Document Object Model (DOM) library.

Test Tools:JUnit Framework

Language: Java

IDE: EclipseRCP

Others: CORBA library; Ant (Java built tool); SWT & JFace (User Interface toolkit) Jibx library (Binding XML to Java code).

ICDs:Planning Files, EMS, SAF, MATIS, SCOS 2000 TC sequence definitions, SCOS 2000 Stack Import.

OS: Suse Linux 10.

Version Control Systems: CVS.

·         (RBCMPS) Rosetta & BepiColombo Mission Planning System project- Tailoring of the Mission Planning System Framework (MPSF) for the Rosetta & BepiColombo MPS. Technologies involved:

Database: Mysql Server, Mysql Workbench, TOAD data Modeller, JDBC, Apache ibatis.

XML: XMLspy, Document Object Model (DOM) library.

Test Tools:JUnit Framework

Language: Java

IDE: EclipseRCP

Others: CORBA library; Ant (Java built tool); SWT & JFace (User Interface toolkit) Jibx library (Binding XML to Java code); FreeMarker (Templates)

ICDs:Planning Files, EMS, MATIS, SCOS 2000 TC sequence definitions, SCOS 2000 Stack Import, Rosetta MIB import.

OS: Suse Linux Enterprise 11.

Templates engines: XSLT, FreeMarker.

Version Control Systems: SVN.

·         (SEISOP) Space Environment Information System for Operations project-Multi-mission and multi-user system that provides to the mission operators, project teams, development engineers and scientist a system capable to supply, in a structured manner, information and extracted knowledge related to the Space Environment and its effects on the spacecraft. My duties on this project were: Design, development and documentation of the security infrastructure and authorization mechanisms to be implemented on the SEISOP Project. Technologies involved:

Web-service: Apache-Tomcat, Axis2, Rampart module

Language: Java

IDE: Eclipse RCP

OS: Windows XP, SuSe Linux 10

Version Control Systems: SubVersion

-         HMA-FO project- Tailoring of the OpenGis ® Sensor Planning Service application profile for Earth Observation sensors. My duties in this project were: Design and documentation of“Validation & Verification Plan”; Design of the XML schema (XSD) for the entry requests following the system requirements specifications. Technologies involved:

XML tools:XMLspy

Language: XML, XSD

OS: Windows XP

Software support of the XMM-Newton Science Operation Control system at ESAC. (February of 2009- January of 2010).

Development and maintenance at Science Operation Center of XMM-Newton mission, focused on Downlink (Payload Monitoring System and Observation Data System), processing and data archive based on SCOS-2000. Technologies involved:

Database: Mysql, Oracle, sqlplus, TOAD data Modeler.

Science Archive Systems:AMS (Archive Management System)

Mission Control System:SCOS 2000

Language: C++, Cshell script

OS: Windows 2000, RedHat Linux, Unix

VersionControl Systems: CVS

Project engineer at DEIMOS Space S.L.U (July of 2008- April of 2009).

·         SMFS2K project- SMFS2K system was implemented in order to expose the SCOS 2000 (Mission Control System) functionalities to external systems (e.g. MATIS) using the EGOS Service Management Framework (SMF) infrastructure. My duties in this project: Development of automation Test for the SMFS2K. Technologies involved:

Language: Java, Python.

OS: Suse Linux 9

MissionControl System: Scos 2000 (version 5.1)

Test tools: JUnit Framework

Others: Ant (Java built tool), Integrating Design and Automated Test Case Generation (Idatg), Test Commander (TECO), CORBA library.

-         HMA-T project- Implementation and documentation of a prototype for the SPS server functionality. Technologies involved:

Web Server: Apache Tomcat web server.

Language: Java

OS: Suse Linux

XML tools:XMLspy

IDE: Eclipse

Database: Hibernate 3, Mysql 1.4, JDBC

Others: SOAP, SPS (Sensor Planning Service) library, CFI (Customer Furnished Item) mission library.

Software Developer at “Cerámicas Gala S.A” (July of 2007-September of 2007).

Design and development of a user application aim to monitoring and controlling the production chain at the “Ceramicas Gala S.A” of Burgos. Technologies involved:

Database: Microsoft office Access, Mysql.

OS: Windows 2000.

Language: Visual Basic C++.

Others: Microsoft Remote Data Object library


Technical skillsandcompetences



·      Object-oriented programming and modeling

·      Multithreading and synchronization

·      Asynchronous programming

·      Relational database manipulation and design

·      Web-services

·      Distributed systems



·      Programming- Java, C++, Pascal, Cshell, IDL, Perl, Python.

·      XML- Manipulation and Modeling.


IDE's and Tools:

·      Java- Eclipse, Jbuilder, Netbeans.

·      C- Eclipse

·      Pascal- Turbo Pascal

·      Junit Test

·      Ant (Java built tool)


GUI widget toolkit:

·         SWT

·         JFace

·         Swing


Web services implementations:

·      Axis2 (+ rampart)

·      Tomcat



·      CORBA



·      Servers- Mysql, Oracle, Sqlplus

·      Hibernate

·      JDBC

·      Mysql workbench 5.2

·      TOAD

·      Microsoft Access


Version Control Systems:

·      CVS

·      Eclipse built in CVS client

·      Subversion


·      Windows

·      Linux

·      Solaris

·      Unix


Mission Control System:

·      Scos 2000 – Software support (XMM-Newton Operation Control System) and developing automation test.


Science Archive Systems:

·         AMS (Archive Management System) – XMM-Newton Science Operation Control System.


Aerospace related Projects:

·      Automation Test Scos 2000 (version 5.1)

·      HMA-T (Web-service)

·      HMA-FO (Web-service)

·      SEISOP (Web-service Security – Rampart module)

·      MPSF (Mission Planning System Framework)

·      RBSMPS (Rosetta & BepiColombo Mission Planning System)



·      Astronomy (Basic knowledge)

·      Spaceweather (Basic knowledge)

·      Experience with numerical computing software: Mapple, Matlab.

·      Some experience with scientific graphing and data analysis software: SigmaPlot, IDL

·      Used to work within an international environment.

·      Experience working within projects following the ECSS.

·      Some experience in 2D and 3D graphic design applications.

·      Some experience developing preventive maintenance Software and production Software (Industry sector).


Education and training


From: September 2002 To: July 2008

Title of qualification awarded

Computer Engineer (Superior)

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

·        Object-oriented programming and modeling

·        Multithreading and synchronization

·        Relational database manipulation and design

·        Distributed systems.

·        Graphic User interface


Name and type of organisation providing education and training

University Complutense of Madrid(2002-2007)


University of Leeds(2007-2008). Erasmus Scholarship

Projects & Publications


“Clasificación de texturas naturales mediante técnicas de visión por computador”




From: October 2011 To: May 2013

Title of qualification awarded

Master of Science and Aerospace Technology

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

·        Astronomy.

·        Astrophysics.

·        Sun-Earthinteraction: Space weather.

·        Mathematicalmethods.

·        Real time control software for space systems.

·        Spacecraft system engineering.

·        Artificial intelligence.

·        Software engineering for space projects.

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

University of “Alcalá de Henares”

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)










Spoken interaction

Spoken production













Social skills and competences

Ability to establish and maintain good working relationships with people as a member of a team.


Used to work within an International environment



Organisational skills and competences

Ability to accept orders from a supervisor as to take responsibilities and take decisions facing up the consequences.


Proved Ability to learn fast and take control of a complex system.

Artistic skills and competences

6 years of Spanish Flamenco Guitar

Driving licence

Full clean driving license (Spanish)


Additional information

TOEFL Reading: 25/30; Listening:26/30; Speaking: 25/30; Writing: 26/30;



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