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 Date Submitted:14-04-2014
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 Current job:Lead Embedded Software Engineer / Systems Engineer
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 Date available:immediately
 KeywordsEmbedded Firmware Software Manager Medical Device Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Technical Manager/Senior Embedded Software/Systems Engineer with over twenty years of extensive knowledge in software and hardware integration, Parametric Modeling, and through experience in algorithm design and evaluation on conventional as well as Fuzzy logic control systems. Demonstrated leadership in partnering with senior teams on systems designs and solution initiatives focused on leveraging customer demand and attaining operational efficiencies for increased compliance and risk management. Recognized ability to prepare essential software design documents and implement the software code in compliance to its relevant SDD, SRD and STP as well as Software Validation and Verification process. Acknowledged understanding of complex computer software technology and architecture. Considerable software test procedure design for satellite instrument data acquisition and data storage systems. Successful management of moderate size technical teams to achieve project goals and meeting the deadlines. Excellent communication and problem solving skills with the ability to forge cross-functional teams within fast-paced changing multi-cultural environments.

SYSTEM DESIGN IN HARDWARE/SOFTWARE & OPERATING SYSTEMS C++, C#, Java Script, HTML 4/5, CSS, C, CShell, Microsoft .NET, Delphi 2010, Visual C++ Builder XE4, Tcl/Tk, Microsoft VB, LabView, LabWindows/CVI, SQL, Microsoft Office/Excel/Access/PowerPoint/MS-Project, Matlab Fuzzy Simulator, FuzzyLab Simulator, Simulink, Visio TECHNICAL, Chart FX, CodeWright, UNIX, APT, CADAM, AUTOCAD, Pro/Engineer, IBM Rational Rose Real Time UML environment, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Windows XP, NT, 7 & 8, Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Freescale MQX 3.8, SUN SPARC Station SLC, IBM 586/RISC, IBM RS6000, RS400, IBM Graphic work-station 5085, Freescale MPC5566EVB microcomputer design system, Microprocessor families 80/86, Microcontroller families 8051/2, 6805/8/1, PIC24 Microchips, Hitachi H8 3048F and 3067F processor family, PowerPC MPC750, MPC5554, MPC5566, MPC5674F, Emulators such as Lauterbach Trace32 and Ashling CT68HC05, CT68HC08, DSP Processors 56K, RS232C RS422 and IEEE-448 interfaces, BYTE-CRAFT, HI-TECH, HI-WARE, Eclipse, CodeWarrior IDE Cross-Compilers and Cygnus GNU Compiler. Async Professional 3.0 communication drivers for C/C++, Delphi and ActiveX, Installation packages such as InstallShield-express, Version Control Software VSS, QVCS, DOORS, “National Instruments” Counter/Timer and signal generator boards. SBS communication boards MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429/629, PCAN, CANXL, CANX, CAN Analyzer, CAN to USB Monitoring software, Hantek DSO-5200A USB Oscilloscope Software 2&4 channel Oscilloscopes and Signal Generators, Rectify and DOORS requirement management tools. WCEDB and Eclipse Database, CECIL language, RTCA/DO-178B, PRD generation tools such as ALTOVA Authentic environment.

- Comprehensive protocol design experience for communication systems including MIL-STD-1553.
- Broad experience of UML design and tools such as IBM Rational Rose Real Time package suite.
- Widespread knowledge of generating documents such as SDD, SRD, STP, SVP, SVR and UG.
- Working knowledge of end to end software life cycle as well as software Verification, Validation and Risk Management.
- Over 18 years of experience in Windows Delphi, C, C++, C# system programming.
- Thorough understanding of user-interface software design in terms of ergonomics and safety.
- Extensive knowledge of real-time software design including proprietary RTOS integration on embedded environments.
- Hands on experience on optimization algorithms for Class-D power amplifier PWM controlled motors.
- Complete comprehension of interrupt/event driven computer software design.
- Comprehensive background in embedded firmware programming and design.
- Working knowledge of World Wide Web control software design and implementation of Web activated devices such as UPS, PDU, printers and cameras.
- Successful management of modest software development teams.
- Hands on experience in implementation of DO-178B processes protocol in Avionics/Defense companies.
- Through understanding of embedded multithreaded software design in Windows CE environment.
- Good understanding of eTPU microcode/C programming on PowerPC family of processors.
- Successful implementation/porting of MQX RTOS on Freescale PowerPC processors.

Aura Systems® is the sole manufacturer of AuraGen, a Revolutionary Axial Flux Induction Machine (Magnet less) that is one-third the size and one-third the weight of conventional machines. AuraGen have extensive applications in green energy production (Automotive industry and mobile power generation) of all sorts. Current usages of AuraGen are in hybrid vehicles, mobile refrigeration systems as well as military and naval mobile communication motor vehicles.
Lead of Embedded Software Group / Principle Engineer
- Accepted the Lead responsibility to start a new group project (30KW, Class-D Power Amplifiers) to research and select a new processor and design a new hardware/software for ECU unit. This is to replace a currently used system that was out of date and unfit for future expansion and manufacturing.
- Thoroughly investigating and identifying the aged system’s functional requirements as a launching pad for the new ECU systems design based on automotive industry requirements.
- Selected Freescale PowerPC family of processors and specifically MPC5566 processor as the central processor due to its brilliant design and accommodations for automotive industry such as eQADC, eMIOS, eTPU, INTC and CAN bus modules to name a few.
- Designed an embedded class-D Power Amplifier control software system to manage the outgoing Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) signals according to implementation of complex PID algorithms (Volt Per Hertz and Vector Control). This is to excite and control an Axial-Flux induction-machine generator/motor.
- Studied the capabilities of various real time systems and selected MQX RTOS as the substrate to design and build the entire Axial-Flux induction-machine control system.
- Designed and implemented a Windows based interpretation package for critical data downloaded from the real-time process of the control system via USB port/protocol.
- Built remote control functionality via socket messaging (TCP) on HTTP Server (RJ45) on the real-time control system to be able to remotely upload control code and download status data via internet (IE) communication.
- Interviewed and hired senior/junior electrical, software engineers and technicians for the group.
- Prepared yearly technical/personnel evaluation reports, promotional and bonus/ budget requests for the group and members of the team.

BAE Systems® is the 3rd largest global defense company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defense, security and aerospace systems in the air, on land and at sea.
Principle Software/Systems Design Engineer
- Worked on the team involved with Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) subdivision (nine different combat vehicles) of the Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. This was a government project assigned to Boeing as the primary supplier, General Dynamics and also BAE Systems as the sub-contractors.
- Through validation of the MGV control Software Architecture Description Document (SADD) to identify anomalies and misrepresentations of the current implementation of the system. This was done according to the pertinent System Requirement Document (SRD) and MGV System/Software Test Document (STD). In several occasions the relevant JAVA or C++ code needed to be implemented or modified to fit the STD. All the modification in documents and implemented code shall be adhered to the DO-178B process control.
- Assigned to the Vehicle Training Management Software (VTMS) team to lead the revision of the component design in compliance to the entire MGV control software. VTMS would provide a set of collective functionality that supports the control and execution of all training related activities on the integrated vehicle platform. VTMS utilizes both synthetic and operational systems within the vehicle to support training activities, which effectively become part of the MGV system.
- Enhanced the MGV, VTMS design document according to the latest requirements changes requested by the project primary customer.
- Clarified and documented the role and correlation of the VTMS component and the Training Common Component (TCC) within the overall MGV control software design.
- Improved the component diagram representation for the VTMS Domain Applications that are Training Coordinator, Training Factory, Exercise Manager, Session Manager, Fault Manager and E-TESS Manager. Additionally, for the Domain Services that comprises of Ownship Model Services, Sound Generation Services, TCC Interfaces and Scene Generation Services sub components.

CAPSTONE MICRO TURBINE INC, Chatsworth, CA 2008 -2009
Capstone Turbine Corporation® is the world's leading producer of low-emission micro turbine systems, and was first to market with commercially viable micro turbine energy products.
Sr. Software/Systems Design Engineer
- Designed and implemented multi-threaded software projects for a cluster of 27 synchronized software application on Axiomtech and Advantech Panel PCs.
- Synchronized several multi-threaded project applications utilizing Windows CE 5.0/6.0 Database (WCEDB) capabilities.
- Embedded control software design on Windows CE 5.0/6.0 environment for Advanced Power Server control system. The goal was to orchestrate several Micro Turbines in generating electrical power on several predetermined schemes.
- Led a group of software and hardware engineers in testing the entire system and interpreting the results according to the software design document and requirement test specification documents.
- Drove the responsibility of implementaion, debug, and validation of new features for the usage and expansion of the Advanced Power Server (APS) environment.
- Troubleshooting Capstone Remote Control System (CRMS) software package to commission and control new/current power plants.

California Institute of Technology, Instrument Software Systems Section; JPL is managed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Laboratory's primary function is the construction and operation of robotic planetary spacecraft, though it also conducts Earth-orbit and astronomy missions.
Sr. Software/System Engineer
- Remote control software design for Web activated (IP) devices namely UPS in UNIX and Windows environment utilizing JAVA and C# languages.
- Spacecraft simulation software design and implementation for CheMin instrument on MSL mission.
- Embedded control software design for EDT (PCI bus) communication board. Flight Software design on Windows and VxWorks environment for MIRI instrument on James Web Space Telescope (JWST) mission (This new telescope is scheduled to replace Hubble telescope in 2013).
- Flight Software Design and Implementation utilizing IBM Rational Rose Real Time Development environment.
- Extensive experience with Flight Computer Power PC-750 (VME bus), VxWorks Real-Time Operating System and IEEE-1355 Spacewire interface.
- Comprehensive experience on Eclipse Databases Environment, PRD generation tools and CECIL language on implementation of ground control system software.
- Implementation of algorithms for multi ranges, multiple sensor system integration.
- Software design and implementation for OSTM/Jason-2 Project, AMR instrument GSE Software package utilizing Microsoft IDE, Visual C++ environment and C# language.
- Communication Software design utilizing Arinc429, MIL-STD-1553 and RS422 protocols for AMR GSE S/W
- Control Software design for National Instrument Counter/Timer boards.
- Acting as deputy manager in overseeing a group of 5 software and hardware engineers in terms of their performance, scheduales, budgeting, yearly reviews and their promotional recommendations.
- Designing software and software test specifications (STP) for instrument embedded software according to software design specification RTCA/DO-178B.

MEDTRONIC MINIMED, INC., Northridge, CA (1996 – 2003)
Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Sensor Development (R/D)
Sr. Software/Systems Engineer
- Software design and implementation for MiniMed CGM embedded Application program.
- Software Driver design for Continuous Glucose Monitor Controller program User Interface.
- Software Driver design for Infrared communication protocol RS232 and SPI.
- Software design in Windows environment for Data Download process via Infrared communication cradle from Continuous Glucose Monitor.
- Data storage protocol design for new Continuous Glucose Monitor Controller program to improve data storage performance by 50%.
- Participation in preparing patient/clinical data for 510K submission to FDA on the first generation of Medtronic MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitor device.
- Providing answers and evidence data for FDA inspection inqueries on multiple occasions for Medtronic MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitor as a member of the Procedure Quality Report Board (PQRB) team.
- Data analysis/tabulation and evaluation on Continuous Glucose Monitor Downloaded data.
- Software design and integration for illustration of Continuous Glucose Monitor collected data on a graphic chart for the purpose of physician diagnosis and evaluation.
- Software Design and implementation for the new data storage algorithm on new generation of MiniMed Telemetry Continuous Glucose Monitor.
- Design and implementation of a proprietary Closed Loop control system based on MiniMed Continuous Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pump for the support of the research on the current and future calibration algorithm development. The Closed Loop Control system could support post processing data analysis as well as real time data manipulation methodology.

Systems Engineer
- Software design and implementation for graphic file handling and interpretation.
- Software Driver design for stepper/Servo motor hardware controller.
- Software Driver design for data acquisition controller system.
- Network administration on Windows NT environment.

Project Engineer (PhonaVision, the First Attempt on Designing a Video/Audio Communication Device)
- State-of-the-art software/hardware design for image and voice communication systems.
- Hardware selection, integration, test and troubleshooting.
- Extensive experience with device driver design and computer interfacing.
- Supervised programming team and evaluated test procedures.
- Real-time software design for data acquisition and data-base updating.
- Testing and commissioning of the first Phonavision prototype between UCLA and UC Berkeley.

Systems Analyst / Programmer
- Database support and user interface design.
- Investigation of capabilities of highly specialized computer products and electronic instrumentation.
- Worked in a team environment on system development for a stock warehouse management system.

MS, UCLA, Manufacturing Engineering Computer Controlled Systems, CNC machines, Robots, etc;
BS, Computer Science

“Mastering Rational Rose Real-Time using C++” (IBM Rational University, JPL)
Software Architecture (Center for Software Engineering, JPL)
Communication Protocol MIL-STD-1553 (Test Systems, Inc., JPL)
“Fundamentals of Launch and Orbital Mechanics” (JPL)
“Medical Device Development From Concept to Approval” (NI, MiniMed-Medtronic)
Leadership 2000 Management Training (Zenger Miller Institute, MiniMed-Medtronic)

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