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 Date Submitted:30-09-2014
 Last Modified:01-10-2014 (04:54)
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 Current job:Senior Aerospace Engineer - Senior Consultant
 Employment Term:Permanent
 Job location:Anywhere
 Date available:within 2 months
 Industry:Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, , , Consulting/Engineering Services
 KeywordsSenior Aerospace Engineer, Consultant, Tutorial/Coursework Assistant, Project Engineer - Aerospace with almost 30 years' experience in Aerospace-related fields, i.e. Projects in Industry, Academia, Government Institutions for Civil and Military Projects.

Senior Aero-Mechanical Engineer

Nationality: Indonesian

Personal Profile

Profile:Senior Consultant,Lecture Assistant,SeniorProject Engineer-Aerospace with almost 30 years’ experiencein Aerospace-related fields, i.e. Projects in Industry, Academia, and Government Institutions, for both Civil and Military. This includes all aspects of Project Management, Commercial and Business Development. 


Objective:  To apply my knowledge in a context that will use my Technical/Engineering skills, Organisation and Management as well as my Academic background.


Present Main Occupation: Managing Director/Senior Consultant, Jakarta Aerospace –JAe


Contract/Full-time/Permanent; Notice: 4-6 Weeks. 

Skills Summary

Specialist Knowledge/Skills and Abilities: Diversity of skills in Aerodynamics [Analytical, Experimental Techniques, CFD]; Skill in Engineering Design (2D/3D-CAD with 'Solid Edge', FEA, CATIA v.5, ‘Fluent’-CFD); Skills in Matlab, Mathcad and Labview; Skills in Manufacturing Method and Process; Skills in Project Management:  Project, Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting, Cost Control and Negotiation.  Skill in Organisation Management; Skills in Computing (Windows OS XP/Windows 7; all Microsoft Office Applications: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook], Project Management Tools: Microsoft/MS- Project, Prince2 Methodology & Frameworks.

Miscl: International [UK] and Indonesia Driving Licences.       -


Career History

January 2008 – Present

Managing Director/Senior Consultant at Jakarta Aerospace [JAe].

Main Achievements/Completed Aerospace Projects – [related to Aerodynamic]:   

·          Technical Assessment for “Indonesian Army - Special Force requirement for “Indoor Skydiving Facility – Vertical Wind Tunnel”. Partnership with Local Private Company; March 2013. Project Value: ~$1,000.000-~$2,000,000.

·          Technical and Commercial Proposal, Project Engineering and Management for ‘An Assessment and Re-Utilization of Indonesian Low-Speed Wind Tunnel [ILST/LAGG] for ‘K-FX/IFX’ [Korea-Indonesia Exp.Fighter] Wind Tunnel Testing Program in ILST/LAGG. June 2011 – 2012. Project Value: ~$400,000.-

·          Technical and Commercial Proposal: Selection and Specification of VTOL and Related System for Maritime Surveillance [for International Client]. June 2011

·          Technical and Commercial Proposal: Selection and Specification of State-of-the-Art Fixed-Wing UAVand Related System [for International Client]. May 2011

·          Technical Evaluation Stage: Multi- UAV ‘Hardware-In-Loop’ [HIL] Software for UAV Research Center – Malaya University, March 2010. Total Projects Value: ~$25, 000.

·         Specification Design, Procurement, Project Management, Installation and Application of Aerospace Tests Facility and Equipment [for International Client].  The Facility is for Experimental Aerodynamic Laboratory [Tri-sonic Wind Tunnel]; and the equipment are for ‘Turbine Powered Simulator’; Aircraft Structural and Vibration Tests. These include related Software’s.

Projects temporary postponed. Sept. 2010.  Est. Total Projects Value: ~$2,650,000.

  • Specification Design, Procurement, Installation and Application of Aerospace Eng. Software’sfor the Office of Aero-Gas Dynamics and Vibration Lab. [LAGG-BPPT].  The Engineering Software’s are: Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] Software ‘Fluent®’; ‘’RMXprt’, ‘WASP’, and ‘P-Spice’.  Completed – Dec. 2008. Total Projects Value: ~$200,000.




January 2005 – 30th December 2007

Project Manager/Consultant – Aeromechanical Construction Projects at Jakarta Aerospace, Ltd.

Main Achievements/Completed Project Consultations:   

  • Design, Construction, Calibration and Project Management of: Transonic Wind Tunnel Facility for Scale Rocket Aerodynamic Testing Development National Laboratory for Aeronautics and Space - [LAPAN] Jakarta. Period: April 2005 - May 2006. Total Projects Value: ~$600,000.
  • Design, Construction, Functional Tests, and Project Management of :
    Low and High Speeds UAV, Ground Stations, Motion Simulators, Mock-up for Wing & Tail Deployment Research for Missile Application, and Telemetry System - National Laboratory for Aeronautics and Space - [LAPAN] Jakarta - 2007. Total Projects Value: ~$825,000.


From 18/2 /02- 11/04:


·  Tutorial Assistant to Aero/Auto Undergraduate Student.  Loughborough University-UK

Module: 01TTA003 Fluid Mechanics [Part of the job as PhD Research Student in Aerodynamics]

·  MSc. Thesis Supervisory Assistant: Experimental Aerodynamics Works; Loughborough University-UK

From 1st December 2001 – 30th November 2004

Aerodynamics Research Staff [PhD Research]– Aeronautical Eng. - Loughborough Univ.–UK.


Job/Task: An Experimental Investigation and CFD Assessment for the Aerodynamics of Battle Damage Finite Aspect Ratio Wing.


Research Objectives:To determine how span-wise location of single hole simulating gunfire damage influences the aerodynamic characteristics of a finite aspect ratio wing.


Skills needed:  Design of the wind tunnel experiment; Manufacture of model; Use of ‘Fluent’ – Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] code to determine wind tunnel corrections and modelling the experiments; Wind tunnel testing and Analysis of model to obtain undamaged (baseline) data incl. comparisons with published data; Wind tunnel testing and Analysis of model with single hole damage to produce aerodynamics coefficient increments; Production of Journal Paper.

Achievements/Improvements made:  Analysis of experimental aerodynamics data and CFD Assessment.


From 1 December 1982 – 30 November 2001


Senior Engineer - Project Aerodynamics – Indonesian Aerospace Inc. [IAe], Bandung – Indonesia.

Project Leader for new aircraft development [Projects Aerodynamics].  This include Design and Manufacturing of Wind Tunnel Models and Wind Tunnel Facilities Assessment


Responsibilities: Project Engineer of wind tunnel testing incl. preparation, conducting, and reporting of wind tunnel tests. 


Skills needed: Project Management concepts and techniques; Knowledge of the tools associated with project planning and cost and performance analysis.


Achievements: [International Assignments and Job Accomplishment] - [Related to Aerodynamic]:


In the period of 1983-2001: More than fifteen years extensive and diverse experience and at least twenty International Assignments that related to Project Aerodynamics; Design/Manufacturing of Wind Tunnel Models and its related Wind Tunnel Facilities; and Project Management. These jobs were accomplished in Europe [CASA-Spain, NLR-Amsterdam, ONERA-France, DERA-UK, DAP-UK, DASA-Germany, and VTI-Belgrade Yugoslavia] as well as in the United States [Boeing-Seattle; TDI Dayton-Ohio, NASA Lewis Research Centre]. 


Typical Jobs and International assignments: [Related to Aerodynamic]

[With Partners and Customers]


·          03/1999 – 06/2000:‘Project Leader’ at ‘Aeronautical Institute-Belgrade’ (VTI), Belgrade-Yugoslavia. Job accomplishment: Final Design Review; Acceptance/Check out and Wind Tunnel Tests execution for 3D Clean Wing and large Power-on Half Modelof IAe N2130 (1st jet- program) at ONERA-F1 & S1 – France.


·          01/1997 – 06/1997: Test Engineer’ at NASA – (LeRC) Cleveland-Ohio USA. Job accomplishment: Initial design, Manufacturing, Technical Review and Wind Tunnel Icing Tests executionfor the Implementation of N250-100 Icing Certification tested at NASA Icing Research Tunnel.


·          07/1992 – 08/1993: ‘Project Leader & Test Engineer’ at Dowty Aerospace Propeller (DAP), Gloucester-Cheltenham; UK and Aerospace Research Association (ARA) - Bedford-UK. Job accomplishment:  Props. Blades Design, Mfg., Inspection and Wind Tunnel Power-on Tests executionof N250 at DAP. This includes Propeller Test House Activities: Structural. Integrity, Dynamic Characteristics Vibration Monitoring and Balancing. 

·          10/1990 – 11/1990:‘Project Leader’ at Aerodynamic Research Labs. ‘Boeing –BCAC, Seattle. Job accomplishment: Design Review for the Design and Manufacturing of IAe N250 wind tunnel model; and as ‘Test Engineer’for the Wind Tunnel Tests execution at Indonesian Low Speed Wind Tunnel _ILST.


·          8/1989 – 10/1990:‘Project Leader & Test Engineer’ at National Aerospace Lab. (NLR). Job accomplishment: Initial Works, Final Design Review (FDR), Acceptance/Check–out and Wind Tunnel Tests execution for IAe N250 at NLR – High Speed Wind Tunnel– HST – Amsterdam.


·          02/1988 – 03/1988:‘Research Engineer’ at Boeing Commercial Aircraft –Aero Div. Seattle – US. Project: ‘IAe-Boeing Joint Expr. Research Program for Large Half Model’ for ILST Tests execution.


November 2004

PhD - Aerodynamics.  – Aeronautical & Automotive Eng. Department -LoughboroughUniversity – UK


November 1996

M.Sc. Aerospace Design, Manufacture and Management – Aerospace Eng. Dept.Bristol Univ.-UK


July 1982

B. Eng/”Ir”[Hons] – Mechanical Engineering -Hasanuddin State University - Indonesia


December 1975 

High School Certificate in Physics -Pembangunan State High School, Indonesia, Makassar – Indonesia



Graduate Trainee [On Job Training] on Aero-elastics & Wind Tunnel Testing Techniques

·          06/1993 - 08/1994: Aero-elastics Model Design and Wind Tunnel Flutter Testing Techniques for Indonesian Aerospace [IAe] Test Program; Germany


·          07/1984 - 07/1986: 'Engineer Trainee' at Inst. fur Stromungsmechanik, Braunschweig Univ. - Germany.  Total 2 years period of 'On Job Training' in the fields of: Wind Tunnel Testing Techniques, Wind Tunnel Model/Basic Instrumentation Design and Manufacturing.


Professional Qualifications and Training [related to Aerodynamics]

   (Non-formal education/qualification)



Course title and content

Organising body

Date Attended


Aircraft and Aerospace relevant-

Certification Short Course/Lecture on:


Bandung Inst. Technology (ITB); Indonesian Aerospace (IAe); Agency for the Assessment and Appl.Techn. (BPPT)


Period of

‘93 to ‘89 :


·          Flight Performance by Prof. Ruygrok

ITB-IAe-BPPT-Delft Univ. - Netherlands


·          Airplane Stab. & Control by Prof.Gerlach

ITB-IAe-BPPT-Delft Univ. - Netherlands


·          Aerodynamics of Wing Section by Prof. Hummel

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Braunsch.-Germany


·          Structural Mechanics by Prof. M. Jens

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Munchen-Germany


·          Aerodynamics of the Wing by Prof. Hummel

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Braunsch.-Germany

March 1984

·          Flight Control I by Prof. Brookhaus

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Braunsch.-Germany


·          Expr. Aerodynamics by Prof. Ganzer

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Berlin-Germany

Mar. 86

·          Flight Contr. System Dsgn. II by Prof. Brockhaus

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Braunsch.-Germany


·          Aeroelasticity by Prof. Forsching-DFVLR

ITB-IAe-BPPT-TU Braunsch.-Germany


·          Aeroelasticity  by  Prof. Zwaan

ITB-IAe-BPPT-Delft Univ. - Netherlands




Professional Seminars


Organising body





·          'Second Scientific Discussion' on Lab. of Aero Gas Dynamic and Vibration of BPPT (Agency for Assess.and Applic. of Techn.of Indonesia)


June 1984

·          Missile Aerodynamics by Prof. Gregoriou



·          Effect of Moving Surfaces on the Airfoil Boundary Layer Control  by Prof. Modi


May ‘88

·          'Twenty Seven Years of Aeronautical Institutions of Indonesia'


Dec. ‘88

·          Wind Tunnel Test on Half & Full Model  by

       Ir. L.L.Veldhuis

IAe- Delft Univ.


·          Aerodynamic Theory, Experimental and Application by ASA-Indonesia

ITB-IAe-BPPT-ASA (Association of Aerodynamic Specialists)


·          Aerodynamic Theory, Experimental and Application by ASA-Indonesia

ITB-IAe-BPPT-ASA (Association of Aerodynamic Specialists)




Professional Symposiums


Organising body



·          International Symposium of Aeronautics, Science and Technology of Indonesia/ISASTI, Jakarta

BPPT-IAe-TU Braunschweigh

June 1986

·          Compressibility Effects of Fluids Flow,

 by Prof. Steiner



·          National Symposium on Analysis, Comp. & Testing in Aero-Servo-Elasto-Mechanics, Bandung Institute of Technology-ITB; Bandung



·          National Symposium on Science and Technology in Aeronautical Engineering (SITRA'93), Bandung





Research Project - Past Years [(Relevant to Experimental Aerodynamics/

Wind Tunnel Tests at Low Speed and Transonic Tunnels)


Project Name

Position in the Project

Sponsored by





Tri-sonic Wind Tunnel- Specification Design, Procurement, Project Management, Installation and Application of Aerospace Tests Facility and Equipment, i.e. ‘Turbine Powered Simulator’; Aircraft Structural/ Vibr. & related Software’s.


Project Director


International Client


Sept. 2010




Design, Construction, Calibration and Project Management of: Transonic Wind Tunnel Facility for Scale Rocket Aerodynamic Testing Development Period. Total Projects  

Project Engineer

National Lab/ for Aero.& Space-LAPAN] Jakarta.


April 2005




Wind Tunnel Testing Research of Three 3D Models Constant Chord, Swept Variation at IAE Tunnel Facility (NLST), Bandung, Indonesia.

Lead Eng. Model &

Tunnel Ops.

BandungInst.of Techn.(ITB)






Wind Tunnel Testing Research on Aero Stability, Vortex Excitation & Buffeting Response for Asymmetrical Cabled Stayed at IAE Tunnel Facility (NLST), Bandung, Indonesia.

Lead Eng. Model &

Tunnel Ops.

ITB + Ministry of Public Works






Gust Load Alleviation (GLA) Research on Half Wing N250, Scale 1:11.2 at IAE Tunnel Facility (NLST), Bandung, Indonesia..

Lead Eng. Model &

Tunnel Ops.

ITB+ IAe R/D Division





Joint research on Aerodynamics Activities Based On the Optical Refractor Shadow Interferometer System Visualization at IAE Tunnel Facility (NLST), Bandung, Indonesia.

Lead Eng. Model &

Tunnel Ops.


IAE+Dr .Lipkin

(IAMC/ HNDT (Australia)






Propeller Slipstream Research, Joint Research Program, at Indonesian Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility (ILST), Jkt-Indonesia

Lead Eng.







Testing of Three 2D Model—Clmax, Cdmin, and GA(W)1 NASA Supercritical Airfoils at IAe Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility (NLST), Bandung, Indonesia.

Lead Eng.

Model + Tunnel Ops.


(Mitsubishi Heavy Indust]





Large Half Model-Constant  Wing Chord, Joint Research Program at Indonesian Low Speed Wind Tunnel Facility (ILST), Jakarta-Indonesia


Lead Eng.




Phase I/II:





Published International Journal[s] and Conference[s]:





Vol. No.




Aerodynamics of Battle-Damaged Finite-Aspect-Ratio Wings [An Experimental and CFD Investigations]

Journal of Aircraft

Vol.46. No.3

May-June 2009




Computational Study of a Battle-Damaged Finite-Aspect-Ratio Wings

30th AIAA Applied Aerodynamic Conference

Published by



25 - 28 June 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana


Honours and Awards:

-       Prasetya Mulya Scholarship Award, for B.Eng. Degree in Mechanical Engineering  Hasanuddin University 1977-1982

-       Dowty Aerospace Propeller Scholarship Award, for M.Sc. Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Bristol University, UK, 1995-1996

-       Loughborough University Overseas Studentship Award for Ph.D in Aeronautical & Automotive Engineering, UK, 2001-2004


6/2014 – Present :

7/1/97 - Present :      


Associate Member AIAA - Membership ID number 503858

Member of Aerodynamic Specialist Association-ASA, Indonesia

Member of Indonesia Engineers Association – PII, Indonesia

References: Available on Request

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