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 Date Submitted:24-04-2019
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 Current job:Researcher
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 Job location:Own country
 Date available:immediately
 Industry:Satellite Operators
 KeywordsSystems Engineer, Researcher, CubeSats, Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery, FDIR, Safety and Autonomy, Business, Project management


01.10.2013 15.07.2015  Master’s Degree in Avionics and Aerospace Navigation,    GPA: 9.58/10

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.

01.10.2009 15.07. 2013 Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering,                     GPA: 9.17/10

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania.

01.10.2009 15.07.2012  Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Science, Faculty of Economics Sciences, Specialization: Banking and Finance, Ecological University of Bucharest, Romania.

MSc thesis        “Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) Algorithms for Nanosatellites“, Grade: 10/10

Project  MOSOM – national project – 1U CubeSat;

BSc Thesis       “Attitude Control of a Nanosatellite with Reaction Wheels”,               Grade: 10/10

Project  MOSOM – national project – 1U CubeSat;


01.10.2017-present        Researcher - TU Delft – “Space Engineering” department, Delft, Netherlands

.) Systems Engineer for Delfi Satellite Program (CubeSats, PocketQubes);

.) Design & concept (Phase A) deployer for PocketQubes;

.) Defining, mediating discussions and writing the PocketQube Standard;

.) Organizing environmental testing and launching campaigns within Delfi Satellite Program;

.) LUMIO (Lunar 12U CubeSat)- Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) – preparation for Phase-A;

.) Searching for funding opportunities, forming consortiums (ESA, NWO, H2020);

.) Supervising & coordinating team members on technical aspects;

.) Supervision of MSc Thesis on FDIR and PocketQubes;

15.07.2013-22.09.2017  Researcher, Institute of Space Science –”Gravity, microgravity and Nanosatellites” department, Măgurele, Ilfov, Romania

.) FDI &  Attitude Control System for 1U CubeSat

.) FDIR for PROBA-3 Rendezvous mission (CDR);

.) Brushless DC motors for space + fly wheel - design, implementation and testing;

.) Solidworks CAD design for various missions and projects;

.) Reviews (PDR and CDR) & Assembly Integration and Testing for QB50 mission;

.) Searching for funding opportunities and forming consortiums and collaborations (ESA, national calls, FP7);

01.11.2012-14.07.2013  Student Internship – part time, “Politehnica” University of Bucharest – Research Centre for Aeronautics & Space – MOSOM Project – focus on attitude control of a 1U CubeSat.


01-11-2018- present      Lumio: 12U Lunar CubeSat

.) FDIR preparation for Phase-A – Autonomy and Contingency Analysis;

.) Developing preliminary failure scenarios;

.) Failure Modes Effect (and Contingency) Analysis FMEA/FMECA – preliminary;

01.10.2017- present       Delfi-PQ: The first PocketQube of TU Delft

.) Systems Engineering (System Requirements, Mission Definition, Technical Budgets, ICD);

.) Coordinating the team, involving & supervising students within project;

.) Planning & supervising FlatSat testing and software testing;

.) Defining and coordinating the writing of the PocketQube Mechanical Standard.

01.01.2017-22.09.2017  Proba-3 mission: FDIR RVX experiment: SENER (Coordinator)

.) Design of Rendezvous (RVX) FDIR scenarios and recovery actions;

.) RVX mission FDIR, Failure Modes Effects Analysis FMEA/FMECA

.) RVX mission FDIR logic flow and algorithm development;

.) PDR and CDR documentation  for FDIR RVX.

15.07.2013-22.09.2017  QB50 mission RoBiSAT:  The Von Karman Institute (Coordinator)

.) SolidWorks CAD design; Assembly Integration &Testing;

01.01.2014-01.01.2016  EMSIS - Electric Motor Spin Into Space -  ESA contract

.) Definition of motor requirements (technical, orbit & launch environment);

.) Space Brushless DC motors –testing.

01.06.2016-01.01.2017  Assessment of an Anchoring Device for CubeSat Landers – ESA contract

.) Technology heritage review and method selection.

01.11.2012-01.12.2015  MOSOM,  1U CubeSat – Romanian Space Agency (Coordinator)

.) Mission concept, orbit analysis, definition and requirements;

.) Engineering and flight model design and prototype manufacturing;

.) Defined, designed and implemented a minimised 3-axis attitude control system for a 1U CubeSat using reaction wheels and BLDC motors;

.) Fault Detection and Isolation System.


01.05.2019 – present UTQ – University Teaching Qualifications (all 4 modules completed);

Pending last diploma;

25.03.2017 Amateur Radio Novice Examination Certificate & Authorization (based on CEPT ERC NOVICE) – applicable in the countries that follow recommendations CEPT ECC;

14.02.2014 ESEO Certificate of Completion Lecture Courses (9 ECTS) – highest grade in exam 25/30

Held by: ESA – European Space Agency, Alma-Space, University of Bologna – ESEO Lecture Courses Session B, Bertinoro Residential Conference Centre;

Attitude Determination and Control, Flight Dynamics, Orbital Mechanics (Prof. James WERTZ), EPS, AIV, TT&C, STK, Propulsion, Remote Sensing, Structures, System Engineering.

01.05.2013 Certificate of Completion KARI Space Training, held at KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute), International Space Training, Daejon, South Korea;

Systems Engineering, Orbits, Satellite Control, Space Science, Electro-Optical Payload.

01.06.2012-01.09.2012   Training at TAROM – Romanian national airline – awarded 3rd place at TRIPOD scholarship: AVIONICS tests.

01.05.2012          Scientific papers university contest - 2nd place: Orbiter Flight Simulator: Time propagation, gravity calculation, rigid-body model and super-structures, air-breathing engines, docking to ISS in Orbiter Flight Simulator.


.) Extensive knowledge in FDIR Systems;

.) Very good knowledge in safety analysis for interplanetary CubeSats  (for FDIR development);

.) Very good knowledge in Systems Engineering (requirements definition, budgets, ICD, functional flows, etc);

.) Very good knowledge in Sensors & Actuators for micro and nanosatellites;

.) Good knowledge in Attitude Determination and Control Systems.

.) Good knowledge in CAD design in SolidWorks and Catia;

.) Basic Knowledge of electronic design and construction gained through space related projects and prototype hardware design;


System Engineering        

.) Experience in requirements definition, system analysis, budgets, building and verification satellite subsystems; experience in building space prototypes;

.) Experience in FDIR Systems for microsatellites (analysis, design, implementation);

.) Experience in mission logistics and overview for PocketQube & CubeSat projects; 

.) Experience in working with some ECSS standards during ESA contracts;

.) Experience in mediating, negotiating, defining & writing standards – PocketQube Standard;

.) Knowledge in AIT for CubeSat/PocketQube subsystems;

Mechanical and Electronics         

.) Soldering and integrating electronic components;

.) Use of CNC machine and LPKF machine for PCB manufacturing;

.) Building 3-axis BLDC motor assembly (with/without fly wheel) for 1U CubeSat.

Business development

.) Experience in writing proposals (Romanian calls, FP7, NWO, H2020, ESA) for more than 6 years;

.) H2020 proposals: forming consortium as coordinator, writing proposal (as coordinator or partner), coordinate technical and managerial negotiations and discussions;

.) ESA – experience in writing proposals and perform negotiations gained within several Romanian & Dutch GSTP contracts;

.) Dutch national calls (NWO-GO, Open Technology, etc) – proposal writing & consortium forming;

.) Coordinating business discussions in order to seek for new opportunities and funding;

TALKS & invited presentations

05.11.2018          Key note speaker – 1st Asian PocketQube Workshop;

28.10.2018          Speaker at Femtosat Workshop in Bremen on 29th of September;

08.03.2018          TU Delft Microsatellite course – Invited Lecture on FDIR for microsatellites;

03.08.2017          In Orbit Demonstration Satellite Program – Mamaia 6th IAA Conference on Space Systems and Critical Infrastructure;

26.06.2017          Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery Systems in the context of PROBA-3 mission – Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;

01.04.2017          FDIR and PROBA-3 mission (general aspects) – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering;

10.04.2013          Romania in the Space Sector – Korean Aerospace Research Institute, Daejon.


Good Skills: Matlab, Simulink, MathCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, STK, Visio, LabView;

Basic: AutoCAD, C/C#;

Other: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Project).


Romanian: Mother tongue

English:  Expert User: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing;

                Academic IELTS Test (05.03.2016) score 8/9;

Spanish:  Expert User: Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing;

French:  Intermediate: Writing, Reading, Beginner: Listening and Speaking.

Russian: Beginner - currently studying;


.) Good observation and analytical skills, attention to details, excellent time management skills;

.) “can do” attitude, demonstrates leadership and involvement;

.) Experience in leading, organizing teams, project phases and events;

.) Excellent team player and team leader with initiative, very organized and flexible;


.) Clear and effective communication skills gained through national and international collaborations and projects;

.) Excellent business development skills gained through consortium forming and budget/task negotiation within many proposals and projects; Forceful negotiator and vocal decision maker;

.) Ability to adapt to multicultural environments;

.) Bold, energetic and outgoing;

.) Inaugural Speech of Dean of Aerospace Engineering Faculty wrt sustainability: Making Satellites Smaller: 


.) Professional membership - Women in Aerospace: organization dedicated to increase leadership capabilities and visibility of women in the aerospace community;

.) Supervision activities: Tutoring final year university students in FDI & FDIR research topics;

.) Engineering activities: Tutoring MSc students in TU Delft on practical assignments related to Spaceflight;

.) NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest: Tutoring high school students about space topics for this contest;

.) Journal Reviewer within the International Journal of Aerospace Engineering;


Sports: Ex-professional volleyball player (2000-2010), table tennis, fitness, hiking, opera & ballet. 


[1] Silvana RADU, M.S. Uludag, S. Speretta, J. Bouwmeester, A. Dunn, T. Walkinshaw, P.L. Kaled Da Cas, C. Cappelletti, “The PocketQube Standard Issue 1”, June 2018: ; 

[2] Silvana RADU, M.S. Uludag, S. Speretta, J. Bouwmeester, N. Chronas, E.K.A. Gill – TU Delft, “ Delfi-PQ: The First PocketQube of Delft University of Technology” , IAC2018, Bremen;

[3] P.F Silva, B. Parreira, M. Hagenfeldt,; A. Fabrizi; A. Pagano; A. Russo; S. Salvi; M. Kerr; S. RADU; A. Daoud-Moraru; C.A. Pandele; A.M. Stoica,A.S. Massaro,J.L. Jørgensen, S.T. Riveras, R. Contreras, A. Cropp.“Autonomous Close-Proximity Operations in Space: The Proba-3 RendezVous eXperiment (P3RVX)”, IAF 69th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen, Germany, October 2018; 

[4] J. Bouwmeester, Silvana RADU, M.S. Uludag, N. Chronas, S. Speretta, A. Menicucci, E.K.A. Gill – TU Delft, “Conditions and Application Domains for PocketQubes”, The 4S Symposium 2018;

[5] V. Pallichadath, Silvana RADU, M.A.C. Silva, D.C. Guerrieri, A. Cervone – TU Delft, “ Integration and Miniaturization Challenges in the Design of Micro-Propulsion Systems for Picosatellite Platforms”, Space Propulsion Conference 2018, Spain;

[6] Silvana RADU, Alexandru PANDELE, Mihnea ION, Dan SELARU,  Mugurel BALAN, Claudiu        DRAGASANU, Florin TRUSCULESCU, “Multipath Prediction Model for Global Positioning Satellites Using Neural Network”, IAC2017 Adelaide, Australia;

[7] Mugurel BALAN, Claudiu DRAGASANU, Florin TRUSCULESCU, Alexandru PANDELE, Mihai RACHERU, Dan SELARU,  Silvana RADU, David Binns, “Trajectory Analysis for Cubesat landing on Didymoon in context of AIM mission”, IAC2017 Adelaide, Australia;

[8] Mugurel BALAN, Claudiu DRAGASANU, Marius Florin TRUSCULESCU, Silvana RADU, Claudiu Ionuţ CHERCIU, Alexandru PANDELE, Marius-Ioan PISO, Mihnea Eduard ION, Ion CIOBANU “CubeSat Orbiting Didymos Asteroid System – Simulations in the Context of AIDA Mission”, IAC2016;

[10] Silvana RADU, Claudiu Ionuţ CHERCIU, Adrian-Mihail STOICA, Dragos COSTEA, Claudiu DRAGASANU, Marius Florin TRUSCULESCU, Mugurel BALAN, “Individual Fault Detection and Isolation System for CubeSats using Neural Networks and Multimodel Algorithms”, IAC2015 Jerusalem: I presented the research paper within the 22nd IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SMALL SATELLITE MISSIONS;

[11] Silvana RADU, Claudiu Ionuţ CHERCIU, Adrian-Mihail STOICA “Comparison of FDI Methods Applied on Nanosatellites With Actuator Failures”, Scientific Bulletin UPB, 2015;

[12] Mugurel BALAN, Claudiu DRAGASANU, Marius Florin TRUSCULESCU, Silvana RADU, Claudiu Ionuţ CHERCIU, “RoBiSAT Mission: Double Unit CubeSat Power Estimation in Context of QB50 Mission”, IAC2015 Jerusalem.


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