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 Date Submitted:23-09-2019
 Last Modified:24-09-2019 (10:11)
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 Current job:R&D Manager
 Employment Term:Either
 Job location:Anywhere
 Date available:immediately
 Industry:Satellite Operators, , , Consulting/Engineering Services
 KeywordsAIT Engineer/Manager, Design, Procurement, Project Engineer/Manager, Technical Engineer/Manager

Last Function / Position    R&D Manager at RENOVA srl

Date of Birth: 24/04/1960  

Marital Status: Married

Children: 2 daughters (14 and 11 years old)

Availability: immediate

Relocation: without family          


Profile Summary

Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering; • Years of Professional Experience; Engineering Manager, Vice COO, Test Engineer 

Short summary: 15 years as technician in a multi-brand car workshop; 29 years of experience in management of  highly professional Departments, Manager of Projects and Personnel (normal workers , technicians and engineers). Maximum budget managed 51 millions Euro. Motivated to do the best for the future as done in the past.


Work Experience #9

02/2019- 06/2019, Renova, Sesto San Giovanni,Milano, Italy


< >Brakes, Clutches, Torque activated chucks, Pneumatic chucks, Roll ejector chucks 


< >R&D Manager, Project Engineer, Mechanical Process Engineer, Test Engineer, AIT Engineer

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Main projects: Duplex Pneumatic Ejector, Duplex Spring Ejector; Clutches new Project• Design, Manufacturing and Testing• Manufacturing Process Development • Design and Testing Documents, Re-design, re-design testing and Installation of consolidated products taking care of cost, market needs, reliability and maintainability. Design, testing and Installation of new products. Quality System Support, Commercial Support , Production Support.


Work Experience #8

04/2016- 12/2018, Leonardo Space Division, Nerviano,Milano, Italy


Solar Array for Satellites 


Project Engineer, Solar Generator Engineer, Mechanical Process Engineer, Test Engineer, AIT Engineer

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:


• Design and Testing of Solar Array

• Manufacturing Process Development

• Design & testing of Composites Materials

• TAT Diode, TAT Cells, DVT Qualification and Testing, STM, EQM and Flight Model AIT, System Documents, Contractual Documents, Reliability Prediction Documents, Specification Documents, Management Documents, Test Plan & Procedure Documents, Preliminary  and Critical Design Review Documents and Meetings, Meetings with Customers and Suppliers, NRBs (Non conformances Review Board), TRR (Test Readiness Review Board) MRR (Manufacturing Review Board) IRR(Interface Readiness Review), TRB (Test Review Board) MRB (Manufacturing Review Board) DRB (Delivery Review Board), Marketing Support, Quality System Support, Production and Logistic Support.


Work Experience #7

08/2008- 04/2016, Duferdofin – Nucor srl, San Zeno Naviglio, Brescia, Italy


Steel Beams & Merchant Bars Production 


Vice  COO, Vice  Plant Manager, Project Manager, Mechanical & Machineries Maintenance Engineer, Plant Production Technologies Development, Lean Manufacturing Engineer, Investments Engineer, Procurement  Engineer, Tester of Industrial Plants or Machinery, Research & Development Manager, Writer of: Specifications, Acceptance  & Test Procedures, Contractual & Purchase Documents, Environmental and Safety issues, Interfaces with ARPA Lombardia (Regional Environmental Authority), Expediting Engineer, QA Engineer, Responsible of Certification Industrial Plants and Machinery in accordance with European Machinery Directive.

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Upgrade of Drop out Box and Cooling Duct of IV hole of a 100 tons EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)• Upgrade of Voest  Alpine Continuous Casting for blooms and billets,• Upgrade of exhaust gas/powder plant of primary and secondary powders discharge from EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) and LF(Ladle Furnace)with Dog House configuration. • Upgrade of Weighing system for Trucks and Trains.• Provisions to decrease the Acoustic Levels of the plant.• Danieli’s Merchant Bar Rolling Mill , Erection & Commissioning at Giammoro Plant (Sicily)• 2 Hi Profiles of Danieli Automation to measure the section dimensions of the laminated beams and merchant bars of the two rolling mills of Giammoro Plant.• New Canopy Fluid Dynamic Design and Procurement (Collector of exhaust gases during Electric Arc Furnace charge)• Design & Validation of an analytical model for Beam Blank Casting Production• HBI (Hot Briquetted Iron) Silos • Analysis & Evaluation of the Acoustical Impacts of the Plant on the surrounding Ambient• 3db Decrease of the acoustical noise of the chimneys • Optimization Electric Arc Furnace and Ladle Furnace energy consumption• Quenching Tower (improved functionality and optimization)• Cost Control, Investments Analysis & Control, Outsourcing.• 6 MW photovoltaic array for Giammoro plant• Active Carbon Dispenser for dioxins pollution reduction• Revamping of the Cooling Water Plant of the EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)• Revamping of  the filtering System for Steel Plant Exhaust Gases • Revamping of the Cooling Water Plant of Continuous Casters • Bag Filter for de-dusting of exhaust gases of  the furnaces EAF and LF • Metallurgical Vacuum Degasser erection and commissioning 


Work Experience #6

07/2007- 07/2008, Duferco Engineering SpA, Genova , Italy


Main Contractor for Design, Project Management, Construction and Erection of Plants on Green and Brown Field, Revamping of Steel Production Plants.


Project Manager, Contractual Manager, Commissioning and Expediting Manager

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Procurement, Installation, Commissioning of:• 1 New Bendotti Heating Furnace for slabs,  • Various Cooling beds,• Various Roller ways, • 1 Descaling high pressure Pumps System, • Various Overhead Bridges with different functions, • 1 IMS thickness measurement of steel plates.• Cost Control, Resources Control, Outsourcing, Recruitment of staff, Interface with Universities


Work Experience #5

03/2007- 07/2007, RDS Costruzioni Meccaniche, Bareggio,  Milano , Italy


Design and Manufacturing of Ancillary Machineries for steel production plants


Head of R&D, Sales Manager, Contractual Manager and Lean Production Manager

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Management of Projects, • Lean Production, • Construction & Commissioning of 5 kick-off machine to remove billets from heating furnace; • Design, Construction & Commissioning of various Roller ways


Work Experience #4

12/2003-02/2007, Cimma Ing. Morandotti e C., Pavia ,Italy


Design and Manufacturing of Plants for grinding, micronization, milling  and distribution of various materials: Spices, Ceramics, Food, Chemicals, Coffee


Manager of Engineering, Project Manager, Director of R&D, Lean Production Manager

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Design and manufacturing of 4 new micronization machines, and the biggest mill for coffee at that time; • Design Manufacturing & Commissioning of Plants for mixing and dosing additives in chemicals, food industries, industries for ceramics; • Design of Experiments; • Cost Control, Marketing Support, Quality Support, Logistic Support


Work Experience #3

09/2001- 12/2003, Sagitta S.p.A. Vigevano, Italy


Design and Manufacturing of Machines for footwear, leather goods and machinery for rubber, plastics and gaskets


Head of Engineering, Project Manager, Director of R&D, Lean Production Manager 

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Design and manufacturing of 6 new machines with the optimization of the spare parts; • Design of Experiments; • 7 patents presented at the European Patent Office; • Cost Control, Resources  Control, Outsourcing, Recruitment of staff, Marketing Support, Quality Support, Logistic Support, • Lean Production and Investments for Production.


Work Experience #2

07/1997- 08/2001, FIAR S.p.A. Space Division, now Leonardo Space S.p.A, Milano , Italy


Design, Manufacturing of Electronic Equipment and Solar Array for Satellites


At the beginning Project Engineer of the HMMI, external console of the robotic arm for the International Space Station, Italian frame.

• From july1999 to August 2001, Mechanical Engineering Manager  

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Mechanical Responsible of the following projects:

ERA (European Robotic Arm) EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) EMMI (Electronic Man/Machine Interface) console; • PCDU (Power Control & Distribution Unit) for ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle); • PCDU for Prisma Project; • Photovoltaic Array for ATV project; • Photovoltaic Array for Rosetta project; • Photovoltaic Array of Rosetta Lander project; • Sac-C (satellite of Argentine Space Agency) Photovoltaic Array; • Precision Clock Hydrogen Maser. 

Other activities:

Plasmocer process coating (white oxidation of aluminum alloy) qualified in the frame of ERA EVA EMMI project for ESA programs,  • System Documents, Management Documents, Contractual Document, Preliminary (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR) Documents & Meetings, Meetings with Customers and Suppliers, NRB (Non-conformances Review Board), TRR(Test Readiness Review Board) MRR (Manufacturing Review Board) IRR(Interface Readiness Review), TRB (Test Review Board) MRB(Manufacturing Review Board) DRB (Delivery Review Board), interface with Marketing, Quality System Support, Production Support, Logistic Support• Management of personnel (mainly space engineers 6 and space technicians10)


Work Experience #1

10/1989 – 06/1997, FIAR SpA Avionic Division (now Leonardo Avionics), Milano, Italy

Engineering Mechanical System Manager• Military Radars for Airborne and Helicopters



At the beginninganalyst of structural and thermal FEA (Finite Element Analysis) on EFA (European Fighter Aircraft) project.

• From 1991 to 1997 Engineering Mechanical System Manager, Responsible for Thermal and Structural subjects for avionic military Radars (for: Northrop F5E/F for Singapore and Brazilian Air Force, Mirage IIIE, MIG 21and L59 Czech Republic).  

Personal contribution to the team and the projects:

Development, Design, Manufacturing, Ground Support Equipment & Test Set-up of all the structural and thermal parts of Radars .• Problems solved on the Radar Synthesizer, because the oscillators gave rise to an out of spec phase noise. The local oscillators had been mounted on an anti-vibrating frame linked with elastic rubber spring to the chassis of the Synthesizer. The elastic suspension was a tuned as a seismograph with the adequate mechanical natural frequencies to avoid any interference with the carrying frequencies of the synthesizer. • Solved mechanical interference between Radar antenna and Radome due to Gun Fire environment. • Gun Fire test arranged and carried out successfully. The global content of energy was 24 g’s  RMS. Engineering and Qualification test passed.

• Design and Construction of a Test Set-up for Radar Temperature-Altitude test as per Mil-Std-810E. It was,at that time in the world, the only set-up fully compliant to the standard requirements

• Structural validation by analysis and testing of the MDM’s antenna. MDM rejected any responsibility about the mechanical survival of the antenna when submitted to the Gun Fire Pulse Test. I took the responsibility of the structural capability, of its dimensioning, and calculations. Test confirmed the adequacy of the Antenna to the thermal and vibration environment

• Procurement  Specification, Design Reviews e Acceptance of F-5 E/F Radome, at Brunswick Composites(USA) and Supervisor of the relevant test at Wyle Laboratories (USA)

• Audit at Varian, ST Microwave and American Microwave after their components failed, during the preliminary engineering test  at the beginning of the project.

• Hydraulic Dummy of the whole Radar to simulate its pressure losses vs the mass flow. This tool was used to validate the theoretical curves of hydraulic losses of the Electronic Units of the Radar. • Design, Assembly Procedure, User Manual, and Accuracy Calculation of an optical tool dedicated to the Radar-Aircraft Boresight Harmonization. The Installation of our Radar requested to cut the fuselage of the F5E/F aircraft. FIAR with Singapore Aerospace were responsible for the structural adequacy and alignment of the new bulkhead.

• System Document, Contractual Document,Reliability Prediction, MTTR, MTBF, Preliminary  and Critical Design Review, Meetings with Customers and Suppliers, interface with Marketing, Quality System Support, Production Support and Logistic Support• Management of personnel (mainly engineers and technicians) 


Work Experience #0

09/1974 – 09/1989, Multi-brand authorized Workshop , Milano, Italy

Automotive technician (part time)

Garage Martinetti, via Martinetti 1, Milano


At the beginningas apprentice. • From 09/1974 to 09/1989 technician at an automotive shop to fix and set-up normal cars and racing cars: Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, Formula 3, Alfa Romeo.

List of Performed Test

Pressure drop vs flow rate on Radar dummy to define the splitting of the flow rate inside the Electronic Units of the Radar. This dummy was used to validate the theoretical curves of hydraulic losses of the Electronic Units of the Radar (measure performed from 1991 till 1992).

• Random Functional Vibration on Radar Synthesizer 5,4 g’s RMS (1991)

• Random Functional 5,4 g’s RMS and Gun Fire Test (24g’s RMS) on MDM’s antenna full performance (1993).

• Rain Test on Antenna, Gimbal and Servoloop fully operating (1994)

• Radar Gun Fire test (Pulse Test) carried out successfully. The global content of energy was 24 g’s RMS. Engineering and Qualification test passed. (1hour each axis) (engineering and development test started on 1991and lasted on 1995) .

Qualification Test on 1997. In 1995, Design and Construction of a Test Set-up for Radar Temperature-Altitude test as per Mil-Std-810E. It was, at that time in the world, the only set-up fully compliant to the standard requirements• (1997) full Qualification Test campaign with Temperature altitude test in the Vacuum Chamber with additional set-up to meet the flow of cooling air into the electronic Units.

 • Shock Test at 15 g’s, half sine shape 11 ms duration (1997) (preliminary engineering and development test performed from 1991 till 1996)• Radar Random Functional Test 5,4 g’s RMS (1997) • Radar Acoustical Noise (140 dB overall)

(1997)• Acceptance of F-5 E/F Radome, manufactured by Brunswick Composites (USA) and under my supervision; test at Wyle Laboratories (USA) Shock Test 15 g’s (11 ms) three axes, Random Vibration Test  30 g’s each axis (1995)

• EMI-EMC test on full Radar (1997)

• Humidity Test (1997)

• Salt dust test (1997)    

(1999) Thermal Vacuum Test on ERA EVA EMMI console (ESA Project. Fokker Space Prime Contractor), • Engineering Random Test and Thermal Vacuum Test for

(2000) PCDU (Power Control & Distribution Unit) for ATV• (1999) Shock and Vibration Photovoltaic Array of Rosetta Lander project

• (1999) Sac-C(satellite of Argentine Space Agency) Photovoltaic Array , Deployment Test (at Nasa, Goddard Space Centre)

• Engineering and Development Random Vibration, Shock , Thermal Vacuum Test for Precision Clock Hydrogen Maser (2000-2001).        

Fatigue Test of various parts of machines (over 1 million of cycles under functional loads) (2001-2002)

Granulometry test of powders (2003-2007)• Balancing of rotors (2003-2007)

• Sine Vibration Test (2003-2007)

Danieli’s Merchant Bar Rolling Mill , Erection, Commissioning & acceptance at Giammoro Plant (Sicily)

• 2 Hi Profiles acceptance of Danieli Automation to measure the section dimensions of the laminated beams (2009)

• Measure of the Acoustical Impacts of the Plant on the surrounding Ambient (2015)

• Provisions for 3dB Decrease of the acoustical noise of the chimneys

(2010) • Measure of Dioxines on Active Carbon Dispenser for dioxins pollution reduction

(2008-2016) • Measure of Water Flow Rate and Pressure drop of Water Plant of the EAF and LF (Electric Arc Furnace – Laddle Furnace) 

Exomars Rover Solar Array: Thermal Vacuum Test (at IABG 2018 Stamp Acquisition Software) full performance , • Exomars Rover DVT : Corona Test (at SpaceTech 2018), Dust Test (at University of Physics Aarhus Denmark) , (Insulation test, Continuity test on Diodes’ Lines and on Cells’ Lines).• Thermal Vacuum Test:  NGSAR solar Array at (IABG 2017) full performance, Stamp Acquisition Software. • Thermal Vacuum Test on MPCV solar array; Wing 1, 2, 4 (at Intespace Toulouse France) full performance; • TAT Diode , TAT Cells, DVT Qualification and Testing campaign on several projects, STM, EQM and Flight Model

(2016-2018) • Reverse and Direct Current vs Voltage on silicon diodes and Cells

(2016-2018) • Flasher Test• Equivalent Capacitance and Inductance of the Solar Array



11/1979-07/1989, Politecnico di Milano – Italia

Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, • Department: of Mechanical Systems Dynamic,• Specialty: Dynamic and Vibration of Machinery

Thesis Title 1):“Experimental identification of the modal parameters of the foundations of rotating turbo-machinery by the measure of the rotor vibration””

Thesis Title 2):“Experimental and analytical Validation of the parameters of bearings with hydrodynamic lubrication, that give rise to the Whip and Whirl Oil Instability”



(Qualification Process) White oxidation of Aluminum Alloy for Space applications

General Skills

Contractual Documents, Statement of Work, Procurement Specification, • System Requirement Specification, • Commercial Offers Preparation, Economical & Financial Reporting, Earned Value Management, Project Management Plan, • Environmental Requirement Specification, Design Performance Analysis Report, Qualification Status List, Environmental Qualification Status Review, Verification Compliance Matrix, Test Plan & Procedure, Test Report, Non Conformance Review (NCR), Non conformances Review Board (NRB); • Design of Experiments,• Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Megaohmeter, Pico-amphermeter, Sound Level Meter usage, • Thermal – Vibration – Hydraulic Issues, Stress & Strain Measurement, Voltage-Current – Resistance- Capacitance – Inductance Measurement, • Accelerometers – Strain Gauges – Proximeters – Pressure sensors usage, • Acquisition System Usage, Sun Flasher Simulator Usage, Vacuum-Temperature Chamber Usage, Acoustical Noise • Measurement, • Finite Element Analyses, Thermal Calculus and Analyses (Conduction -Convection – Radiation), Shock and Vibration Calculus and Analyses, Modal Analyses, Stress and Strain Analyses,• CFD Simulation Mass Flow vs Pressure Drop Measure and Analysis, • EMI - EMC Design Provisions, Noise Reduction Design Provisions, • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems design and testing, • Lean Production, Six Sigma Procedure, Just in Time Production, KPI monitoring, Statistical analyses of production parameters;• Material and Processes applicable to: • Steel – Aluminum – Iron – Titanium- Ceramics – Rubbers – Plastics – Composites – Glasses, • Internal Combustion Engines Knowledge, Electrical Motors – Encoders & Resolvers usage, • Meetings with Customers and Suppliers (various subjects)

Software Skills

ERP-2, Word, Project, Excel, Power Point, SAP, Adobe

Solidworks, Inventor, Catia V5, Nastran, Ansys, HyperWorks, CosmosM, Cosmos Works, ESATAN, IDEAS Supertab, Fortran 77, Matlab, Python (beginner)

Knowledge of Languages

English (fluent), French (basic), German (beginner), Italian (mother tongue)

Personal Interest

Swimming, Karting, playing guitar; Teaching English, French and Mathematics to daughters.


1) Giorgio Diana giorgio.diana(at) Professor of Dynamics of Structures at Poilitecnico di Milano -

2) • Federico Cheli federico.cheli(at) Professor of Applied Mechanics at Politecnico di Milano

• 3) Davide Piscioneri davide.piscioneri(at)spacetech-i.comTechnical Manager at SpaceTech

• 4) Francesco Creatini f.creatini(at) Technical Manager at AIRBUS NL

• 5) Diletta Falconieri dilefalconieri(at) Product Manager at Alfa Laval

• 6) Silvano Padovani Retired, Head of Radar Systems at Leonardo Company

• 7) Michael Cohen dp18301(at) Head of Project Managers at Elbit Systems Israel

• 8) Tsvika Adir Manager, Environmental Engineering at Elbit Systems Israel

• 9) Liano Mattioni Retired Head of Radio Frequencies Space Division at Leonardo Company

• 10) Giovanni Carminati giovanni.carminati(at) Finance/Admin. Manager

• 11) Giovanni Motto giovanni.motto(at) Consultant at Duferco Engineering (Genova Office).• Carlo Torti Manufacturing Manager at CIMMA Ing. Morandotti S.p.A.

• 12) Andrea Iury a.iury(at) Project Manager at Danieli S.p.A

• 13) Carlo Toso ctoso(at) Sales Director at Danieli Automation

• 14) Hazan Davide davide.hazan(at)leonardocompany.comHead of Project Managers

• 14) Andrea Zamboni andrea.zamboni(at) Robotic Division Project Manager

• 15) Gianfranco Santero santero1957(at) Automation Freelance Consultant (Genova Office)

16) • Steve Jackson sbjaxn(at) NUCOR Supervisor  at Duferdofin-Nucor (Brescia)

17) • Antonio Caon Antonio.Caon(at) Head of Solar Generators Section at ESA/ESTEC

• 18) Gianfelice D’Accolti Gianfelice.Daccolti(at) Solar Generator Engineer at ESA/ESTEC

• 19) Céline Loiseau Solar Array Design Engineer at Thales Alenia Space Cannes

• 20) Ronan Rodrigues ronan.rodrigues(at) Program Manager

21) • Stefano Riva stefano.riva01(at) Engineering Manager of Solar Array Dept.

• 22) Ton Van Der Vegt ton.vandervegt(at) Engineering Manager at AIRBUS NL

• 23) Marco Stanghini mstanghini.ext(at) Consultant of the Managing Director for Institutional Relations at OHB Italia

• 24) Emanuele Ferrando emanuele.ferrando(at) Technical Manager at SpaceTech 

Many times abroad for business;

USA (at: Varian, St Microwave, Brunswick Composites, Wyle Laboratories, NASA, American Microwave), Singapore (at: Singapore Aerospace, Norpeth PTE), China (at: AVIC), France (at:Thomson Tubes, Sagem, Airbus Toulouse), The Netherlands (at: ESA), Switzerland (at: Physics Laboratory of Neuchatel), Germany (at: IABG, SpaceTech, IMS Messsysteme, PTS Jena, LAP Laser), Belgium (at: Duferco Plants), Czech Republic (at: IMF), Spain (at: Sener), Denmark (at : Aarhus University of Physics)

Advanced & Specific Courses

(1) Cost Analysis and Project Management (Athena).

(2) Theory and Analysis of Decisions (Athena).

(3) Methodologies of Presentations (Athena).

(4) Value Analyses and its Management (Alenia).

(5) English Language Course (Alenia).

(6) Engineering Design (General Purpose Course) (Assomac)),

(7) English Language Course (Duferdofin –NUCOR srl) ;

(8) PES-PEV Certification (Italian certification for operation with high Voltage Complex Systems)

Desired Salary and Benefits

Salary to be agreed, Benefits to be agreed. 

Security Clearance

From 1989 to 1997 I had the Security Clearance that in Italy is Called NOS( Nulla Osta alla Segretezza)• When I passed to the Space Division of FIAR, NOS was not needed anymore because the space projects were not military projects• Before the military service in 1986, I passed the selection to be employed in the Police Department of Milan. At that time instead of the traditional army service it was possible to ask to be selected for the Police Department and to work there for one year. The Police Department took too much time to accomplish the selection and to call me, so I had to do the military service in the army. After its conclusion the Police Department of Milan, when the selection was concluded, called me but I had almost finished university, so I decided to reject the employment in the Police of Milan.  

Privacy Statement

Data above listed shall be treated in accordance with the privacy law valid and applicable into the state where this CV is addressed to; (European Rule UE n. 679/2016).           


Cover Letter

To whom it may concern

I was born in mechanical environment; my father was the owner of a small company. At 12 years old, I repaired the Norton gearbox of the lathe. During the high school and university periods. I worked, part time, at a multi brand work shop on normal and racing car as technician. I was proficient in playing soccer in high level teams till 1979.

I have a manual ability in mechanical and electronic equipment usage. I have a good written and spoken English capability and proficiency with personal computers and software. I have a very good problem solving capabilities and ability to work in group, open minded, pro-active, flexible and familiar with complex multinational contexts.

The knowledge of different processes applicable to a variety of materials: steel alloys, Irons, rubbers, plastics, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, advanced ceramics, structural adhesives, composites do allow me to purchase, design and manufacture various products for various applications.

I can direct, coordinate and exercise functional authority for investments, design, purchase, manufacturing, maintenance, planning, budget control, operating plans, organization, control, quality policy integration, sales issues within area of assigned responsibility by performing the duties personally or through subordinates.

I always have had contacts with customers, suppliers, technical groups, universities in order to develop cutting edge products and keeps abreast of latest technical developments. I’m capable of leading  contractual meetings, design reviews, board meetings, non- conformances meetings. Many time I have been charged of strategic decisions.

I’m familiar with a lot of different standards such as PED, Atex, Machinery Directive (CE Applicable), ASTM,  FDA, ASHRAE, CUNA, NFPA, API, ASME, NACE, ANSI, ISO, DIN, AGMA, MIL, UNI, NASA, ESA

I graduated in Mechanical  Engineering at Politecnico of Milan. The courses I attended provided me with a sound theoretical knowledge of Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical Engineering.

I have been till 31st December 2018 responsible of the Electrical design testing and integration of solar array for space application.

I managed several team in the development and as support to purchase, manufacturing, quality and testing of the electrical/mechanical sub-system/ machines/ plants dedicated to Steel Making, Space, Avionic and Environmental Control.

What am I looking for?  I’m looking for a job that allows me to be proficient, and at the same time, to live a quiet life without the occupational precariousness that I’m experiencing in this period of my life in Italy. I did many different jobs and I reached also high level of leadership. (maximum value managed 51 millions of €; commissioning of 1 rolling mill for a value of 89 millions of €)

I am a proactive person and I make use of a methodological approach while working. I am able to adapt to changing circumstances and I am quick to pick up new competencies and enthusiastic in learn from others, and give my knowledge to others. I believe that be emphatic and built solid relationship with teammate ensure successful project outcomes.

I am inspired by the passion for mechatronic systems for space, aerospace, medical devices, automotive, heavy machines, steel making machines and for other various industrial products.

I’m also inspired by the challenge that comes from working in fields where the technological limits are constantly leading the minds of the persons. This position could provide me the way to express my analytical and communications skills in its exciting international environments.

I’m passionate about swimming, karting  and plying guitar and for the remaining free time, I pass it teaching English , French, German and Mathematics to daughters.

My motto is: “the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts” (Marco Aurelio)

I’m ready to relocate without family

My linkedIn address is:

Oh Yes, it is undeniable, I’m 59, and I don’t know if all the things I wrote in my CV and in this cover letter will convince you about my adequacy to the request you are doing; but it is my intention to work for other 20 years at high level; I keep my body fit, (I swim 2 Km minimum every afternoon). 

Thank you for the time you used to read this letter.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully

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