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 Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Launch Systems, Consulting/Engineering Services, Space Tourism
 KeywordsEngineer & scientist combining writing & performance skills to provide comms activities in: Public engagement, podcasts, digital content creation, social media, public events, STEAM activities, comms and media coaching

2013 - to date

Owner/Director 'Dream Big' Space Communications


Niamh Shaw Limited (Ireland & France)- Offices at Booster Rhinespace (Strasbourg, France) and Dundalk (Ireland)


▪ As a STEM professional with two degrees in engineering and a Ph D in science and over 20 years as artist, I am passionate about awakening people’s curiosity. I set up my business to push boundaries in telling the human story behind science, to attract those people who feel that space and STEM isn't rightfully theirs to explore, to be an advocate for space for sustainabilty, and to support diversity and equity in STEM.

▪ Sharing a new perspective of Earth from space for the general public- creating outreach and artistic content to attract non-STEM audiences to space, to raise awareness about protecting our planet and of Europe's rich space legacy.

▪ With offices in Ireland and at Rhinespace Cospace on International Space University Campus in Strasbourg, I have been working with many teams on outreach & public engagement activities since 2013. Collaborators include European Space Agency, ESERO Ireland, Arts@CERN, British Council, & private corporations. 

▪ In some of my work, I have embarked on space-related activities and shared my personal experiences in video, and in writing. Previous missions include a parabolic flight (Star City, Moscow), analogue Mars crew missions (Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA  & at DMARS, Israel), and a trip to cover the launch & re-entry of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst at Baikonur cosmodrome.

▪ Many of the space-themed STEAM projects have received government support including Eurometropole/CNES (France), Science Foundation Ireland, Arts Council of Ireland, Culture Ireland.

▪ Further details of these projects and more are detailed in 'Space STEAM projects' section


STEM & Space communicator, educator, entrepreneur

2016-To date

Global Faculty member- Space Humanities activities


International Space University (ISU), Strasbourg, FRANCE


▪ Global faculty is a non-academic status for those who contribute their time & expertise to ISU. I have been working with Space Humanities colleagues and students since 2016 contributing as lecturer, workshop facilitator, mentor and coach on their in-person and virtual space studies programmes, their masters degree programme and executive space programmes.


STEM & Space communicator, educator, collaborator


Freelance actor, improviser and writer in STEM and the Arts.


Various venues and locations in IRELAND


▪ Theatre, screen and TV actor, member of resident improvisation troupe in Dublin from 2003-2016. Further information at IMDb.

▪ During my time as full-time actor, I collaborated with teams of creatives & technicians to write, produce & perform science-themed theatre shows, including 'That's About the Size of it'. I facilitated communications workshops for early career scientists in universities and research centres using drama and improvisation. As company member of ANU productions I worked with the team to create and devise theatre to highlight socially-conscious issues in Ireland's past and present. Using sensors and Arduino mini-computers, I added multi-media cues to performances that were triggered by audience movements.


STEM communicator, performer, writer, programmer




Post-Doctoral Research Manager


Dept. Food Science & Technology, University College Cork, Cork, IRELAND


▪ Installed and maintained a new analytical chemistry laboratory (HPLC, GC-MS), managed two EU-funded research projects, supervised and collaborated with three postgraduate students, prepared research project proposals, published our research in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences.


Science team lead, lab manager, technical writer


Lecturer in Healthcare & Food Technology (part-time) in BSc, Diploma & Certificate courses


Bolton Street & Cathal Brugha Street Campus, Technological University, Dublin, IRELAND


▪ Taught students to prepare for careers as laboratory technicians for the health care & food industries. Subjects included quality management, statistical process control, waste water treatment, plant design & layout, automation, unit operations.

▪ Volunteer tutor of programming languages C++, Computer Hardware and Microsoft Office Suite to mature students as part of the colleges adult education programme.


Educator in science, engineering and programming


Engineering Operations Manager


CONVITEC Ltd, Warrenpoint, Newry, Co. Down, NORTHERN IRELAND


▪ Project managed the creation & installation of bulk solids handling equipment, use of machinery- lathe, forklift, diggers, fabrication tools. Design of digital weighing systems, worked with a team of 15 tradesmen on the production floor, use of MS project.


Engineer team lead & team member, project manager, use of heavy machinery


Engineering Services Manager


Victoria Line, London Underground, Transport for London, UNITED KINGDOM


▪ Working for the Victoria Line, I worked with many teams of engineers, contractors, station managers and staff to maintain the day-to-day running of the transport service. i was responsible for the engineering services of escalators, track, rolling stock & stations. One of the perks was the opportunity to drive rolling stock during the nighttime maintenance sessions.


Team lead & team member, engineer, heavy machinery

Other relevant positions



Physical Therapist (part-time)




▪ Practitioner of a physical therapy called Amatsu orthopath therapy, to supplement income whilst being an actor and supporting a sick partner. Trained in First Aid, Physiology, human anatomy, & ligamentous & muscular therapies. Managed my own clinic for 4 yrs treating 100+ clients.


Physical therapy, businesswoman, public-facing


Company Tutor in MSOffice (part-time)


All New South Wales & Queensland Branches, Brambles Equipment, AUSTRALIA


▪ A crane and heavy machinery hire firm, I was employed to train the entire Queensland & New South Wales teams on the use of their first personal computer using MS Office from beginner to advanced level. Some had never used a computer before, and others required me to teach them coding. The course was written & delivered to 8 divisions over 6 months. I also got to operate their machinery in the warehouse, as a bonus.


Educator, travel abroad, heavy machinery





2019- 2020

Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science Communicating


Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall, Cambridge University, UK


▪ This one year course covered the sociology of science communication, history of science communication, multimedia communications, and required the preparation of a portfolio of work as essay, video, and audio assignments.

2015 - 2015

ISU Annual Space Studies Programme (Distinction), Ohio, USA


International Space University, 1 Rue Jean-Dominique Cassini, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, FRANCE


▪ A nine week residential graduate programme covering seven space disciplines: science, engineering, humanities, law, business & management, human performance in space and applications. Worked with team of 30 early career graduates in team project 'Vision 2040' predicting the space sector in 2040. Helped prepare the final presentation.

1996 - 2000

Ph.D in Food Science


Dept. Food Science & Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, IRELAND


▪ My research investigated the use of whey protein, found in milk, as a biodegradable alternative to synthetic packaging. Skills learned included wet laboratory skills, use of engineering and analytical science equipment, experimental design, data analysis, academic science writing. Four scientific papers were published from the work and results shared at international food science conferences.

1993 -1995

Masters Degree (Research) in Biosystems Engineering (MEngSc)


Dept. Biosystems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, IRELAND


▪ A research masters, in collaboration with Golden Vale Food & Dairy Co-operative tosource, install and test a contaminant detection system which used x-ray vision and advanced robotic and camera systems.

1986 - 1990

Bachelors (Hons) Degree in Biosystems Engineering (BE)


Dept. Biosystems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, IRELAND


▪ A combined degree in agricultural, food & environmental engineering. Practical aspects of the course included animal and crop husbandry, basic farming and food production skills, and food technology and web laboratory science skills.

2011 - 2016

Qualified Amatsu Orthopath Physical Therapy


Dept. Biosystems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, IRELAND


▪ A physical therapy which treats the source of the injury using ligamentous and muscular treatments. Topics covered included human anatomy, physiology, first aid and emergency procedures. Through practise, I also gained skills in how to care for patients, administering first aid and remaining calm in health emergencies. 





Mother tongue(s)


Other language(s)







Spoken interaction 

Spoken production 









Leaving Certificate Grade B (Hon,1986), Living in France since Feb 2021








Leaving Certificate Grade C  (Hons, 1986)


Communication skills

▪ With my unique suite of skills in science, engineering, writing and performance and over 10 years of experience combining them together,  I have an innate understanding of how to communicate space and STEM topics to audiences who are not already engaged in STEM. By humanising science, whether in theatre, video, or live events there is better understanding of science for the audience.

▪ Qualification in Practical Science Communications from Cambridge University and over 8 years experience in communicating space activities with the general public.

▪ Public speaking- 100+ events including TEDxUCD (2014), New Scientist LIVE Cosmos stage (2018), WIRED Live UK (2018), NASA Johnson Cross-Industry Innovation Summit, Irish President's residence Arts an Uachtarain on International Women's Day, 2019

▪ Creator of 50+ public events in Ireland, the UK and Europe

▪ Interviews with ESA astronauts and ESA STEM professionals : Thomas PesquetSam Cristoforetti, & Romain CharlesAidan Cowley

▪ Active engagement in social media channels to promote space: YouTubeTwitterInstagramFacebook


Organisational / managerial skills

In my current role, I regularly 

▪ lead teams in collaborative projects involving a number of stakeholders

▪ facilitate team building & communications workshops as part of my current role

▪ manage a number of concurrent projects across different teams, timelines and budgets 

Space-related skills/experiences

▪ Analogue Mars mission at Mars Desert Research Station, Utah, USA (2017):  Assigned the Crew Journallist for Crew 173 the mission lasted 15 Sols. I know that the experience only slightly simulated the real-life experiences of surviving uninhabitable environments, but I still gained a lot from the experience: the importance of maintaining strong team communications, putting the needs of your crew first, when to lead and when to follow. What I hadn't expected to happen however was a better appreciation of the resources of our planet, and how we can apply a lot of technology developed for space (closed loop systems, more efficient recycling systems) as feasible sustainable solutions on Earth. When I returned home, I learned to live more minimally. Space for sustainability is an important topic to share with the general public.

▪ Parabolic flight, Star City, Moscow (2017) onboard the  Ilyushin-76 MDK which made ten parabolic flight manoeuvres. 

▪ Baikonur Cosmodrome/Kazakstan (June, Dec 2018) to share the launch and return of ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst six-month mission onboard the ISS with the general public.

▪ My training as a physical therapist has given me the skills to remain calm in health emergencies and administering first aid


Computer skills

 ▪ Good command of Microsoft Office™ & Apple Mac desktop tools, Project management tools, video, sound and photography editing tools (Adobe Creative Cloud), AutoCAD

▪ Coding: Basic, C+, Cobol, Fortran

▪ Use of Arduino and sensors hacking tools


Other skills

 ▪ Vehicles: Tractors, agricultural machinery, forklift,  mini-excavators, trains- during degree in Biosystems engineering and working at Brambles equipment and London Underground

▪ Physical activities: Horse-riding, running, basketball, swimming, yoga, hiking

▪ Medical: qualified in occupational first aid.

▪ Other: Tandem parachute jump, SCUBA diving, snorkelling

▪ Photography, filmmaking


Driving licence


▪ Categories B, W, AM





Space STEAM projects


• Podcast: 'Humans of Space'- a blend of space, curiosity and creativity for ears of all kinds. Season 2 presented on BBC's Radio Astronomy podcast channel as part of 'Sky at Night' magazine.

• Television: 

o Children's: RTE Home School Hub- Creator & presenter Space Hub news.(2020-2021)

RTE Space correspondent: communicator of space activities to Ireland's national broadcaster since 2020,

o Consultant Editor, 'To the Moon and Back' Apollo50 event RTE 1, Indiepics (2019)

• Social media: Space news - YouTube, Instagram, Twitter personal channels


Event Highlights:

• Irish Girl Guides: as their STEM Ambassador (2019-2020), I worked with the Ladybirds (5-7 yrs olds), Brownies (8-10 yr olds) and Girl Guides (11-14 yr olds) groups about dreaming big, and challenging prejudices around girls in STEM. Working closely with the branch leaders, we created a new Space Badge of space-themed STEM activities in partnership with ESERO Ireland and Blackrock Castle Observatory. The badge was launched during World Space Week 2020 on International Day of the Girl 2020. 

• Baking in Space: Combining baking and space, with ESA guests. Created in partnership with British Council of Ireland &  ESERO Ireland. Science week Ireland (2018, 2019, 2020), Edinburgh Science Festival 2018.

• Space Storytellers, Co-Host & communications coach, ESA Open Day, 2019- ESA staff communicate their space story as part of their annual open day for the public

• Spacerocks Live- The Arts & Space segment, ESA Open Day, 2018

• The Irish Astronauts of 1991: Re-uniting Ireland's 4 finalist in the 1991 ESA astronaut selection. Science week 2018

• My Place in Space: An interactive  family event about the scale of the Universe and our place in it. Cheltenham Science Festival, (2019, 2018, 2017), Festival of Curiosity (2018, 2016, 2014), Space week (2019-2015).


Promoting Irish Space Careers at ESA and Women in STEM:

• Working with Science Foundation Ireland, ESERO Ireland and CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, I created a series of careers videos to highlight the Irish scientists and engineers working at the European Space Agency. The purpose of these videos was to highlight Irelands active role in the space sector and that a career in space is possible for the next generation of Irish citizens. 


Theatre maker/ Performer:

• 'Diary of a Martian Beekeeper' theatre show: performed in 2017 and 2018 nationally. A collaboration between CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, ESERO Ireland & European Space Agency Astronaut Centre (EAC).

• ‘To SPACE’ Theatre show: A collaboration between ESERO Ireland, CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory & European Soace Agency, ESTEC,. Premiered at Dublin Fringe 2014 and toured internationally at Adelaide Fringe Festival (2016), Edinburgh Int. Science Festival (2016), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2015) with the support of Culture Ireland.

• 'That’s About The Size Of It'- Theatre show biographical live art science multimedia performance inspired by CERN, particle physics, and the human quest for The Higgs Particle. Festival of Curiosity 2013, Dublin City of Science 2012, Dublin Fringe Festival 2011.

Honours and awards

Co-recipient of 'Outstanding Achievement in STEM Communications' annual award from Science Foundation Ireland (2018) 

Tango&Scan Laureate 2021, for new childrens Space-themed STEM book incorporating augmented reality, awarded by Creaccro, France & sported by CNES.

Artist/Communicator in Residence, CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Ireland (2014-2019)

Science Communicator in Residence, Abbeyleix Climate Action Project (2020-2021)

BT Young Scientists and Technology Exhibition (1985). First prize, Environmental & Socialgroup

Committees & Memberships

STEAM Advisory Board for the development of Primary Science Curriculum, Irish of Department of Education, Europlanet Society UK & Ireland Regional Public Engagement committee (since 2018) , Women in Aerospace Europe, International Association of Astronautical Artists (IAAA), Europlanet Society, Engineers Ireland, Women in Technology & Science (WITS), Association of British Science Writers (ABSW), American Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Irish Equity

Papers presented at space-related conferences

CAP (Communicating Astronomy to the Public) International Astronomical Union (2018)

European Geosciences Union Annual Assembly, Vienna, Austria 2017, 2016, 2015.

International Astronautical Conference 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015.

European Planetary Science Congress, Nantes, France 2015



'Amelie & JoJo and their Spectacular Space Portal' (work in progress). Illustrated Children's book for 5-9 year olds embedded with Augmented Reality. Winner of Tango et Scan Space Laureate 2021, supported by CNES & Creaccro.

'Dream Big- an Irishwoman's Space odyssey', 2020. Mercer Press. ISBN 9781781177150



Going back to the Moon: how humanity can repeat the success of Apollo. July 2019.

The Story of Apollo 10 Mission, May 2019

Preparing for Mars, Aug 1, 2018  



Shaw, N.B., Genockey, A. 2019. Using puppets, Skype and Space to introduce STEM in Rainbow House Educational childcare facility, in Jobstown, Ireland. Proceedings of the 70th International Astronautical Congress.

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Shaw, N.B., Blake,R., Pons Lorente, A., Musilova, M., Naor, R., Sisaid. I. 2017. Pleading the case for the artist in future human space mission: the Crew 173 experience at Mars Desert Research Station. Proceedings of the 68th International Astronautical Congress.

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Shaw, N.B., Sorkhabi, E., Gasquez, O., Yajima, S. 2016. STEAMakers- a global initiative to connect STEM career professionals with the public to inspire the next generation and nurture a creative approach to science, technology, maths & engineering. Proceedings of the European Geosciences Union Annual Congress. 

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