Latest Space News
Mon, 25 May 2020 01:04:22 +0000
A report sent to Congress last week proposing changes to Space Force acquisition programs was an “initial version” and not the final product, the Air Force said.
Mon, 25 May 2020 00:00:24 +0000
To get a new, state-of-the-art crewed spacecraft ready to carry astronauts, SpaceX and NASA had to overcome problems with a technology long thought to be understood.
Sun, 24 May 2020 17:10:50 +0000
SpaceNews Senior Staff Writer Jeff Foust and Editor-in-Chief Brian Berger lead a live panel discussion about NASA's use of public-private partnerships to develop lunar landers that could return astronauts to the surface of the moon as soon as 2024. Featuring Draper, Dynetics and the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.
Sun, 24 May 2020 01:49:38 +0000
While both the president and vice president plan to attend the Demo-2 commercial crew launch, there will be far fewer people attending the first American human orbital spaceflight in nearly a decade than once expected.
Sat, 23 May 2020 20:36:35 +0000
Virgin Orbit says that it’s ready for its first orbital launch attempt, scheduled for May 24, while acknowledging potentially long odds of successfully placing a payload into orbit.
Fri, 22 May 2020 23:05:28 +0000
NASA has given SpaceX approval to proceed with final preparations for the first commercial crew mission with astronauts on board, although there is still work to complete ahead of the planned May 27 launch.
Fri, 22 May 2020 15:58:59 +0000
Join us the day after NASA’s Demo-2 commercial crew mission, scheduled to launch May 27, for a SpaceNews Live discussion with Maj. Gen. John Shaw, the two-star general responsible for ensuring the renowned 45th Operations Group’s Detachment 3 team is ready at a moment’s notice to lead astronaut-recovery operations.
Fri, 22 May 2020 12:55:39 +0000
Many space companies began working with their banks to apply as soon as PPP was unveiled in March, but were frustrated when the initial tranche of $320 million was committed in less than two weeks.
Thu, 21 May 2020 22:56:58 +0000
The U.S. Space Force is asking for changes in the rules that currently are in place for buying new weapon systems.
Thu, 21 May 2020 21:55:30 +0000
Satellite imaging companies are embracing long-awaited reforms to commercial remote sensing regulations, although one member of Congress doesn’t think the changes go far enough.
Thu, 21 May 2020 20:46:49 +0000
SDA wants information on "potential launch solutions" for its first 30 satellites to be deployed in low Earth orbit.
Thu, 21 May 2020 17:12:00 +0000
Bruno Carvalho, D-Orbit’s vice president of business development, said the company hopes to launch one of its InOrbit Now (ION) propulsive cubesat deployers every two to three months after proving out the system and lining up customers.
Thu, 21 May 2020 15:30:04 +0000
Preparations for the launch of a SpaceX commercial crew test flight with two NASA astronauts on board are continuing despite the unexpected departure of the head of the agency’s overall human spaceflight program.
Thu, 21 May 2020 11:53:09 +0000
The Senate Commerce Committee backed the nomination of Neil Jacobs to be the head of NOAA May 20, despite some lingering concerns by some members.
Thu, 21 May 2020 00:03:53 +0000
Space Force will have a field command focused on acquisition that will bring together several existing organizations
Wed, 20 May 2020 21:50:21 +0000
Virgin Orbit announced May 20 it will make the first flight of its LauncherOne air-launched vehicle as soon as May 24, but is setting modest expectations about the probability of success.
Wed, 20 May 2020 21:31:08 +0000
The agreement was signed last week between Maj. Gen. Javier Tuesta Marquez, of Peru's space agency, and Rear Adm. Marcus Hitchcock of U.S. Space Command.
Wed, 20 May 2020 20:56:23 +0000
Mike Griffin, undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said DoD will seek help from Congress to get the FCC to reverse its decision.
Wed, 20 May 2020 19:54:23 +0000
The longtime chief executive of Ruag Space, Peter Guggenbach, is leaving to “take on a new challenge outside the company,” Ruag announced May 19.
Wed, 20 May 2020 17:00:49 +0000
NASA announced May 20 it is renaming a major space telescope under development after an astronomer who led the agency’s early work in space-based astronomy, even as the mission remains under threat of cancellation.
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    Candidate Profile
     Date Submitted:05-01-2010
     Last Modified:09-01-2019 (06:52)
    Job information
     Current job:Project Manager
     Employment Term:Permanent
     Job location:Anywhere
     Date available:within 3months
     Industry:Civil Agencies/International Organizations, Satellite Manufacturers and Subcontractors, Launch Systems, Business Services, Consulting/Engineering Services, Space Tourism
     KeywordsProject Management Interface Engineering Missions Management Requirements Management Procurement & Contracts Management System Engineering Mechanical Engineering Test & Flight Data Exploitation MATLAB programming DOORS Database Management


    Sex Male | Date of birth 19/03/1980 | Nationality Italian




    Feb 2017 – Present

    Project Manager


    APCO Technologies SA, Space Division, Aigle, VD, Switzerland


    Design, Development, qualification technical and programmatic management for:

    Telecommunications satellites: ESAIL and recurrent platforms (Triton X) for LuxSpace, OHB group; H2Sat (defence dual mission) and ELECTRA (ESA mission) recurrent platforms for OHB System

    Earth Observation subsystems & payloads: Sentinel 3 SLSTR instrument for Leonardo Company, Italy; Biomass Structure development for OHB Italy; Sentinel 2 MSI production for ADS-France

    Science mechanisms and Instruments : Solar Orbiter SPICE and EUI innovative systems for ESA and Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium center; EUCLID VIS Read Shutter Unit innovative mechanism for ESA/ Prodex Office and University of Geneva

    Space MGSE: MPMS Satellites MoI and CoG measurement automatic system: concept, refurbishment and re-qualification for extra EU customers and TAS-I; system definition compliance towards extra EU standards (e.g GOST)

    Research & Development: new technologies projects as flexible reflective structures module development and  low cost light deployable solar array in coherence with  European Space Technology Master Plan

    Industrialization for serial production: definition of mega constellation satellite platform manufacturing line and implementation strategy based on lean manufacturing and six sigma principles

    Project Management, responsible of end-to-end:

    Technical management:

    Coordination of studies, manufacturing, procurements and tests performance

    Identification, monitoring, verification of projects requirements and interfaces consistency

    Verification and approval of project documentation (plans, specifications, reports, etc.) and HW/SW deliverables; management and execution of project reviews.

    Quality (PA/QA) and risks management: risk plan and register management; assessment and approval of NCR, RFW, RFD, NCR items; internal/external audits organisation and participation.

    Organisation management:

    WBS, WP production; Project Management and DDQ Plan realisation, validation and approval;

    Changes management: aggregates and configuration impacts assessment and monitoring.

    Master schedule issuing and optimisation, roadmaps identification, issues and conflicts resolution.

    Resources management of internal and external assigned teams

    Management of suppliers and subcontractors sub-projects

    Communication and relationship management towards the customers and stakeholders

    Financial management:

    Contract and contractual issues negotiation; CCNs preparation and negotiation; budget and financial status monitoring and reporting to executive board; contracts closure.

    Offers and bidding management

    Offers preparation and coordination with sales division: participation to business strategy definition; customer requirements and planning analysis, interfaces identification; innovative, cutting-edge technologies and design-to-cost strategies identification

    Mar 2016 – Feb 2017

    LEO Launcher Interface Engineer


    HE Space Operations for EUMETSAT, LEO Division, Darmstadt, Germany


    Responsible for Metop-SG launch service procurement:

    Identification, definition, management and drafting of Metop-SG high level and interface requirements, Service SoW; liaison with high level management for procurement and industrial policy implementation

    Interaction with launch service candidates (AE Soyuz, SpaceX Falcon 9) for mission feasibility analyses and design; impacts on space segment due to launch service market evolutions (Ariane 6, F9, Vostochny launch base, etc.)

    Metop-SG launch service and launcher interface requirements definition and management

    Metop-SG system studies and interface studies: i.e. instruments cleanliness and purging; communication links architecture, mechanical environment consolidation (Kourou, Baikonur, VAFB).

    Responsible for Metop-C recurrent mission implementation

    Arianespace ICD, PMAR, FMAR, Satellite and Combined Operation Plans (POS, POI & POC) documents assessment and acceptance; launch reviews preparation

    Launch service related technical activities at Metop C system level (mission analysis, environment assessments, RFW, etc.), both technically and programmatically

    Launch campaign preparation; safety submission process implementation, launch campaign security plan definition; responsible for CSG/CNES regulation compliance during campaign operations.

    Follow up of specific mission hardware and services: i.e. instruments purging operations identification (coordination with ADS F); communication links architecture; LEOP and Commissioning/operational phases

    Liaison between launch service providers (Arianespace, SpaceX) and satellite teams for the management of interfaces, mission analyses, feasibility studies, etc.

    Responsible for launch service quality management

    Metop-C and Metop-SG missions, coordinating with EUM QA: RFW/RFD and NCR treatment, QA audits organisation and participation, etc.


    May 2006 – Feb 2016

    Launcher System Engineer for VEGA and VEGA-C Programmes

    Kelly Services for European Space Agency, VEGA IPT, Launchers Directorate, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

    System Engineering

    VEGA Launch Vehicle Environment Responsible: interface specification (SI 1/3) approval; technical authority for the environment definitions and evolutions studies

    Chairman of the VEGA Finite Element Models Working Group: definition of activities; leadership and coordination of group technical activities.

    VEGA Launcher system requirement management (e.g. VEGA ST-01, VEGA-C SRD-01)

    Liaison with VEGA Launch service provider in User’s Manual definition and implementation VEGA Launcher phases analysis: assessment of launch sequence and mission timeline consistency; coordination and organisation of review group activities. Secretariat of working groups and reviews.

    VEGA flights data exploitation (Real time, level 0 and 1 reviews) on structures dynamics, system environment and mission transients (e,g lift off, separations).

    Assessment of RFW/RFD, NCR specific for each mission and dealing with payload and payload IF; operational specifications. Quality audits (thermal CLA) and failures investigation boards (e.g. PL Fairing flight failure, etc.) participation

    LV System team support to the procurement of VEGA-C contract for phases 0/A – B

    Mission Analysis & Preparation, Satellite/Launcher Interfaces

    Interface management for VEGA and VERTA 1 - 5 missions preparations (PROBA V, IXV, Sentinel 2, AEOLUS, LISA PF missions); part of ESA qualification authority for VEGA maiden flight and VERTA missions;

    Missionisation Working Group Member, as missionisation expert and technical advisor

    Assessment and approval proposal of missionisation technical documentation: mission specifications, e.g. SAMF, ICD, Combined Operation Plan for each satellite(s)

    SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) feasibility studies: identification of system requirements; contribution to SSMS statement of work issuing; assessment of mission analyses and satellite aggregates environment specifications; launcher to satellite interfaces and services allocation

    VEGA Small Spacecraft Interface System (SSIS): technology development cost effective strategies and system requirements identification; qualification, tests and integration preparation phases management; EQSR assessments for COTS; monitoring of ITAR products releases.

    Multi payloads aggregate configurations (LARES, Almasat and Cubesats), (PROBA V, VNRedsat-1, EstCube) Analysis and Optimisation with Launcher prime (ELV),

    VEGA mission specific system studies: e.g. instrument purging during operations, verification of envelope margins inside fairing, etc. verification of technical coherence between Satellite, LV and GS

    Upper Composite interfaces management during launch campaigns preparation and execution (e.g. IXV): for combined and integrated operations, integration plan and SMOs approval and implementation at the French Guyana Space Port.

    PMA and FMA follow up; coordination with ELV and Arianespace for launch reviews organisation; mission PMAR, FMAR, FRR, LRR, CRAL and post flight level 0/1 participation.



    July 2016


    Project Management PMP® Certification


    Cert.: Project Management Institute Inc., Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States

    Sep 1999 – Dec 2005

    Laurea in Aerospace Engineering


    Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome “ La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy





    Mother tongue


    Other language(s)






    Spoken interaction

    Spoken production




























    Communication skills

    Strong and proficient communication, consensus building and negotiation skills developed in different International environments, entities and towards diverse audiences; concerning technical and programmatic matters, the skills were developed within council, management boards, launch reviews, contracts negotiations, executive reporting, etc. contexts.


    Organisational / managerial skills

    Demonstrated transversal and analytical mind set, proven orientation to success, confirmed timely tasks completion attitude, confirmed stress resistant attitude and sense of initiative

    Attention to Detail, autonomous, ability to prioritize work flow in tight schedules and critical activities.


    Other skills

    Proven ability to quickly adapt to new environment and entities. Strong ability to perform in multi-cultural, diverse contexts. Recognized attitude to establish solid and trustworthy relationships with peers, superiors and external professionals.


    Computer skills

    Microsoft Office Package: MS PROJECT, MS WORD, MS POWERPOINT, MS EXCEL, MS VISIO: advanced knowledge

    DOORS Package: proficient knowledge

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): proficient knowledge

    Eclipse suite applications: DCCM, eRID, AIM: advanced use

    Lotus Notes applicative and environment tools (PLATO, SMOS, VCDB)

    MATLAB: advanced knowledge for dedicated tools realisation

    FEMAP/ TMG/ NASTRAN: 24 months experience.

    SAMCEF/ MECANO: experience 12 months

    CATIA V.5 R.12: 12 months experience.




    Honours and awards

    ESA Corporate Achievement Award 2012, January 2013: VEGA Maiden Flight success




    The Euclid Vis Read-Out Shutter Unit: A Low Disturbance Mechanism At Cryogenic Temperature, 20th- 22nd September 2017, 17th European Space Mechanism and Tribology Symposium, ESMATS, Hatfield, United Kingdom

    “VEGA Launch Vehicle Dynamic Loads due to Solid Propulsion Ignition Transient & Pressure Oscillations”, July 25th, 2016, 52nd AIAA/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, AIAA, Salt Lake City, United States

    “VEGA Dynamic Model Updated Correlation Status after Flight Experience”, 29th June – 2nd July 2015, 6th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS), Krakow, Poland

    “Filament Wound Solid Rocket Motors Experimental Analyses and Their Impact on Payload Environment”. 1st-5th October 2012, International Astronautical Congress, IAF, Naples, Italy

    “Cross Correlation Analysis on Experimental Data for Detection of Physical Phenomena Coupling”, 8th-11th July 2007,  Joint Propulsion Conference, AIAA, Cincinnati, United States

     “A new Approach for Aerobraking at Mars: Return to Earth”, 19th-23rd June 2006,  SpaceOps 2006, AIAA, Rome, Italy


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