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Fri, 17 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100
Landing on Mars is difficult and not always successful. Well-designed advance testing helps. An ambitious NASA Mars rover mission set to launch in 2020 will rely on a special parachute to slow the spacecraft down as it enters the Martian atmosphere at over 12,000 mph (5.4 kilometers per second). Preparations for this mission have provided, for the first time, dramatic video of the parachute opening at supersonic speed. The Mars 2020 mission will seek signs of ancient Martian life by investiga...
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 15:07:00 +0100
The U.S. Navy's Communications Satellite Program Office, PMW 146, and Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) handed over full operational control of the fifth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite to the Naval Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC). The October 11 milestone followed the successful completion of the MUOS-5 satellite's on-orbit testing and delivery of all operational products needed to "fly" the satellite. In April, the Navy, working with Army Forces Strategic Command (ARSTRAT), con...
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 14:04:00 +0100
As part of ESA's strategy to foster commercial competitiveness in Europe while focusing on its core aims, the agency has transferred ownership of several ground tracking stations for reuse by external organisations. By the end of 2017, ESA will have transferred three stations to national organisations in Spain and Portugal, who will take over the provision of satellite tracking services to a wide variety of commercial customers. The three stations involved in the transfer are all equipped ...
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 19:33:00 +0100
Boeing [NYSE:BA] won large commitments across its twin- and single-aisle commercial airplane families, debuted key capabilities including the CST-100 Starliner docking and KC-46 refueling simulators, and announced services agreements at the 2017 Dubai Airshow. "This has been a very successful show for Boeing. Our regional customers have maintained their trust in our products and technology, and our partnerships in the Middle East region continue to grow," said Bernard Dunn, President, Boeing ...
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 12:00:00 +0100
A temperate Earth-sized planet has been discovered only 11 light-years from the Solar System by a team using ESO's unique planet-hunting HARPS instrument. The new world has the designation Ross 128 b and is now the second-closest temperate planet to be detected after Proxima b. It is also the closest planet to be discovered orbiting an inactive red dwarf star, which may increase the likelihood that this planet could potentially sustain life. Ross 128 b will be a prime target for ESO's Extremely ...
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 11:29:00 +0100
Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), has been chosen by the Italian space agency ASI to develop an instrument called RIME (Radar sounder for Icy Moons Exploration) for the JUICE (JUpiter Icy moons Explorer) mission, part of the European Space Agency's "2015-25 Cosmic Vision" program. Scheduled for launch in 2022 with an expected arrival in 2029, the JUICE mission is designed to study the Jovian system and more specifically its icy moons, Ganymede, Call...
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100
The Ariane 5 for Arianespace's December 12 year-ending flight for 2017 has completed its initial build-up at the Spaceport in French Guiana - where preparations also are moving ahead with four satellite passengers that will further expand Europe's Galileo global navigation system once in their final orbit. During activity in the Spaceport's Launcher Integration Building, this heavy-lift vehicle for Arianespace Flight VA240 underwent the assembly process that began by mating its two solid prop...
Tue, 14 Nov 2017 19:47:00 +0100
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded BAE Systems a contract worth up to $12.8 million to develop an innovative space evaluation and analysis testbed to support the development, integration, evaluation and analysis of advanced space enterprise command and control (C2) tools and capability technologies. The U.S. military must be able to quickly establish situational awareness and execute operations in space. Within the space domain, many thousands of objects that ar...
Tue, 14 Nov 2017 13:45:00 +0100
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, today announced that the "S.S. Gene Cernan" CygnusTM spacecraft successfully completed its rendezvous and berthing maneuvers with the International Space Station earlier this morning. This marks the company's eighth successful berthing with the orbiting laboratory. Cygnus launched into orbit aboard an Orbital ATK Antares(tm) rocket at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on November 12. The spacecraft then executed a ser...
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:45:00 +0100
Thales Alenia Space has signed a contract with ArianeGroup, prime contractor and design authority of Ariane 6, to design, develop, qualify and manufacture the telemetry transmitter of the new European launcher. The telemetry transmitter is responsible for transmitting to the ground the data generated by the launcher throughout the whole launch mission. It is the first contract of the company in Spain in the launchers segment. After three decades of activity in the space sector participating i...
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 17:00:00 +0100
What seemed at first like a rare instance of a huge, ancient galaxy revealed itself to be an even rarer pair of extremely massive galaxies, seen on the brink of merging when the Universe was only a billion years old. This outstanding source was first identified by ESA's Herschel space observatory, and later exposed in greater detail with the ground-based Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile. The earliest galaxies in the 13.8 billion-year history of our cosmos starte...
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:00:00 +0100
Gas giant Jupiter, organic molecules in star-forming clouds and baby galaxies in the distant Universe are among the first targets for which data will be immediately available from the James Webb Space Telescope once it begins casting its powerful gaze on the Universe in 2019. Thirteen "early release" programmes were chosen from more than 100 proposals after a competitive peer-review selection process within the astronomical community. The programmes have been allocated nearly 500 hours of obs...
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100
After a successful year-long test campaign by Airbus at IABG in Ottobrunn near Munich, the twin GRACE-FO (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On) satellites will soon travel to their launch site in California. During testing, the gravity-measuring satellites, which will track the continuous movement of liquid water, ice and the solid Earth due to Earth's changing seasons, weather and climate processes, earthquakes and even human activities, were subjected to conditions similar to t...
Sun, 12 Nov 2017 16:15:00 +0100
Orbital ATK (NYSE:OA), a global leader in aerospace and defense technologies, successfully launched its Antares(tm) rocket carrying a Cygnus(tm) spacecraft today at 7:19 a.m. EST, from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Wallops Island, Virginia. The launch is Orbital ATK's eighth cargo delivery mission to the International Space Station for NASA. During the mission, designated OA-8, Cygnus will deliver vital equipment, supplies and experiments to the astronauts aboard the space station, as well a...
Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100
A contract for two new generation communications satellites was signed today by Turksat with Airbus Defence and Space. The satellites, Turksat 5A and Turksat 5B, are based on the latest Electric Orbit Raising (EOR) version of Airbus' highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, which uses electric propulsion for in-orbit raising and station-keeping. "We are very pleased to welcome Turksat as a new Eurostar customer for the most powerful satellites of their fleet. We were the first to demonstra...
Thu, 9 Nov 2017 14:04:00 +0100
NASA's Orion spacecraft aims to send humans further into space than ever before, and ESA's European Service Module will provide the essentials for keeping the astronauts alive and on course. A review of the programme by NASA to assess progress is now showing a launch date from December 2019 to June 2020. The first Exploration Mission-1 will circle the Moon without astronauts to lay the foundation and prove the technology for a second mission with a crew. In Bremen, Germany, integration ...
Thu, 9 Nov 2017 11:42:00 +0100
A UK company has been selected to undertake the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) for a satellite which will help tackle climate change, Science Minister Jo Johnson announced today. Thales Alenia Space has signed a contract with the UK Space Agency to work on MicroCarb, a joint UK-French satellite mission which will measure sources and sinks of carbon, the principal greenhouse gas driving global warming. It is the first European mission intended to characterise greenhouse gas fluxes on Ear...
Thu, 9 Nov 2017 00:00:00 +0100
At the Dubai Airshow, which runs from 12th to 16th November 2017, Airbus will showcase its wide range of innovative technologies, products and services, from market-leading commercial and military aircraft to helicopters and space systems. The Airshow, which was launched in 1986, represents one of the largest and most important aerospace events in the world. The Dubai Airshow is an important platform for Airbus to demonstrate its products and services to customers as the organisation looks to...
Wed, 8 Nov 2017 22:05:00 +0100
ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global broadband services and technology company, today announced it expanded its relationship with JetBlue, and will serve as the direct in-flight internet service provider to the airline. JetBlue aircraft will be upgraded to the latest ViaSat hardware, and will have access to the additional coverage and capacity offered by ViaSat's next-generation ViaSat-2 and ViaSat-3 satellite platforms JetBlue first offered the ViaSat in-flight internet service, branded Fly-...
Wed, 8 Nov 2017 19:05:00 +0100
Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley scientists were part of a team that helped to decipher one of the most bizarre spectacles ever seen in the night sky: A supernova that refused to stop shining, remaining bright far longer than an ordinary stellar explosion. What caused the event is puzzling. A Las Cumbres Observatory press release about the supernova, which was discovered by the Palomar Transient Factory in September 2014, noted that the explosion at first appeared to be an ordinary supernova. "Se...
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    Job Description
    TitleExpert Technique en TI
    Job codeF017/FG/1128
    Job posted on13/06/2017 (modified on 14/06/2017)
    CountryFrench Guiana
    Contract typePermanent
    Start date>3months
    Job Description

    SERCO est un fournisseur de service important qui compte plus de 60.000 collaborateurs au niveau mondial. Nous fournissons des services essentiels aux gouvernements et à leurs services publics ainsi qu’à des entreprises privées dans les domaines des services aux personnes, de gestion des processus, et des technologies.

    Par ses valeurs de conduite, sa culture d'entreprise et son éthique qui sont au cœur de tout ce que nous entreprenons, Serco conseille les décideurs politiques, trouve des solutions innovantes et améliore les services en manageant les êtres et les processus plus efficacement.


    Package description

    Type de contrat: CDI.


    Le candidat sélectionné bénéficiera de conditions spécifiques liées à un statut de détachement (salaire et avantages en nature associés) pendant toute la durée de sa mission.

    Le cas échéant​, une aide au déménagement peut être offerte.

    De plus amples informations seront communiquées ultérieurement. 


    Main responsibilities

    Dans le cadre de notre contrat de services informatiques pour notre client, Serco Europe propose une mission en détachement (entre 3 et 6 ans maximum) pour un/e Expert/e Technique en informatique basé/e en Guyane Française.



    Sous la responsabilité directe du Responsable Technique, l’Expert/e Technique de notre contrat de services informatiques assure la coordination des opérations techniques ainsi que l’orientation des équipes de techniciens sur le site du Client. Il/Elle doit maitriser techniquement la totalité du périmètre de la prestation et prendre en charge les activités de veille technologique et de conseil associées. Il/Elle sera également l'interlocuteur privilégié sur l'ensemble des sujets techniques avec le client, la base arrière de Serco et avec les différents fournisseurs du contrat. Le périmètre de nos prestations couvre un parc de 60+ serveurs et nous fournissons le support à 1300 utilisateurs.

    L’Expert/e Technique aura notamment les responsabilités suivantes (liste non exhaustive):

    L’Expert/e Technique Industriel supervise l’équipe des administrateurs systèmes, travaille étroitement avec l’équipe de support bureautique (intervenants et agents du helpdesk) et est amené dans le cadre de ses activités à avoir des relations directes avec le Client;

    Assurer la planification et l’organisation des interventions ou opérations sur le site du Client;

    Superviser le déroulement des activités de maintenance des systèmes (y compris celles des sous-traitants);

    Optimiser les méthodes de traitement des interventions correctives ou preventives;

    Analyser précisément les pannes majeures et consigner son diagnostic dans un rapport écrit;

    S’assurer de l’enregistrement de l’historique des pannes et interventions;

    Informer le client et le responsable technique de l’avancement des interventions;

    Assurer une  veille technologique permanente et conseiller le Client;

    Participer aux réunions techniques internes Serco ainsi qu'à celles du Client;

    Assurer la rédaction, le traitement, l’archivage et la mise à jour de la documentation  technique;

    Respecter et faire respecter les consignes de sauvegarde conformément à la règlementation du site  du Client et aux normes en vigueur;

    Seconder le Responsable Technique dans ses activités quotidiennes (afférant aux systèmes informatiques) et le remplacer pendant ses congés.


    Ideal candidate

    Idéalement, le candidat sélectionné réunira les principaux critères suivants:


    Qualification minimum de technicien supérieur;

    Au moins 5 ans d'expérience en tant qu'Administrateur Système dans un environnement technique hétérogène (Microsoft, VMware, SAN, Clusters, etc…);

    Expérience significative en gestion de projets;

    Parfaite maîtrise de la langue française (parlée et écrite) avec une bonne capacité rédactionnelle, une bonne connaissance de l’anglais serait un plus;

    Connaissances en GMAO, bonnes pratiques ITIL et excellentes capacités rédactionnelles;

    Bon relationnel, disponibilité, réactivité et goût prononcé pour relever des challenges techniques;

    Permis de conduire B indispensable;

    Début de la mission:  Dès que possible;

    Les candidats doivent être éligibles pour travailler dans l'Union Européenne.

    Le poste est basé près de la ville de Kourou en Guyane française, département français d'outre-mer situé au Nord du Brésil sur le continent sud-américain.

    Le candidat sélectionné bénéficiera de conditions spécifiques liées à un statut de détachement (salaire et avantages en nature associés) pendant toute la durée de sa mission.

    Any offer of employment is contingent upon you providing documents to verify your identity and employment eligibility, as required by law. Applicants are reminded that they will be requested to produce such documentation during the recruitment process. Please contact a member of the recruitment team if you require further details of acceptable types of documentation required for verification of identity and work authorization. For positions located within the Darmstadt Support Office please note that only applicants with no family affiliation within the Company will be considered.

    Data Protection:

    When creating a profile on the Serco Career Centre you agreed to the Data Protection policy, a copy is available upon request. You may submit a written request revoking your consent to this agreement at any time.


    About the company

    Pour obtenir des informations sur le groupe Serco : et sur Serco Europe :


    Web Page
    Contact information
    CompanySerco Group Plc
    Contact nameAlina Contoriu
    AddressSerco Services GmbH
    Lise-Meitner-Str. 10

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