Recruiting Generation Z

  • Generation Z are entering the business scene are you ready for them?
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  • Flexible Working
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Recruiting Generation Z

Generation Z are entering the business scene – are you ready for them?

Generation Z (or Gen Z) is the demographic cohort following Millennials. Born from 1998 onwards, they have never known a time before computers and mobiles. They are tech-savvy, entrepreneurial, and are engaged with social media. They are the ‘switched on’ generation and expect 24/7 access to information. They will soon be joining our current largest working group, the Millennials, so how can recruiters appeal to this tech-dependent sub-group?

The Human Touch

Although Gen Z rely heavily on technology, they appreciate the human touch with the ‘majority of Gen Z respondents say they prefer in-person communications with managers (51%), as opposed to emailing (16%) or instant messaging (11%).’ So if you really want to make an impact on Gen Z, don’t hide behind your computer screens – arrange a meeting face-to-face or call their mobile instead.

Flexible Working

According to Tech Target, ‘in the workplace, Generation Z expects greater flexibility and the capacity to work remotely, collaboratively and seamlessly across their various devices.’ Companies that develop their flexible working policies will be ahead of the curve in attracting these emerging tech-experts. Being able to access work remotely doesn’t mean they’ll be less committed – they are just less interested in the 9-5 presenteeism practices that many hierarchical companies currently expect. With the rise of business digital support, Gen Z can and will work anywhere. So is it time to review your HR policies?


Generation Z are keen entrepreneurs: ‘72% of Gen Z wants to start a business someday.’ So how can recruiters attract this aspirational group? How about giving them the opportunities that come with starting their own businesses? ‘To keep those interested in entrepreneurship close to the firm, leaders might want to consider ‘intrapraneurship,’ giving employees the ability to work on start-up projects within the firm.’ By entrusting Gen Z to channel their creative drive into new areas, both the business and employee can benefit from this symbiotic arrangement. They might be the youngest employees in the company but they have the determination to drive the business into new territories.  

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to prepare your business for Generation Z.


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