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  • Develop technical solutions in support to the Commercial and Strategy Department for the development of new systems and applications, in particular involving SDR satellites and...

    Posted 2 days ago   
  • Teamlead Ground Testing

    Weiterstadt, Germany

    You provide technical and managerial (disciplinary role) direction to young and motivated engineers within system Bench test/ground test domain. Being a product owner, you will be...

    Posted 2 days ago   
  • Senior Avionics Engineer

    Pilatus Aircraft
    Stans, Switzerland

    Coordinate the design, development, integration and testing of avionics systems; Demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations in order to support aircraft certification...

    Posted 3 days ago   
  • Satellite Imagery Quality Manager

    Toulouse, France

    As a Satellite Imagery Quality Manager at EnduroSat, your responsibility is to ensure that satellite data downloaded from satellites designed and developed by EnduroSat are at the...

    Posted 3 days ago   
  • ISS Crew Support Engineer (f/m/d)

    Telespazio Germany
    Cologne, Germany

    Support ESA Astronauts before, during and after their Mission as part of the ESA Crew Support Team. Gather and coordinate all necessary information for the organization of the...

    Posted 4 days ago   
  • Business Information Analyst - ESTEC

    Noordwijk, Netherlands

    Provision of input to the controlling requirements of financial and resource management support system and defining the necessary processes and related monitoring and reporting...

    Posted 4 days ago    Deadline 28 April
  • Work in all areas of the system development cycle including requirements, CONOPs, high-level and detailed design, integration, and test. Provide assessments of vehicle-level...

    Posted 5 days ago   
  • Digital Hardware Engineer - Satcom Terminal

    Lausanne, Switzerland

    We are looking for a Digital Hardware Engineer to lead the development of digital electronics in SWISSto12’s Satellite Communications (Satcom) user terminals based on AESAs....

    Posted 6 days ago   
  • Project Manager

    Turin, Italy

    You will be responsible for the preparation, execution, and monitoring of Small Sat development projects from phase A to F. It will interface the main Company functions such as the...

    Posted 6 days ago   
  • Additional Data Services Engineer

    EUMETSAT - European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
    Darmstadt, Germany

    You will lead the engineering activities to deliver this service and guide its evolution in line with the user requirements and in line with the strategic direction of EUMETSAT and...

    Posted 9 days ago    Deadline 6 May
  • System Engineer in LEO

    EUMETSAT - European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
    Darmstadt, Germany

    Takes responsibilities on all LEO system engineering activities, with a particular focus on the Space Segment, the Mission Control chain and the associated system interfaces and...

    Posted 9 days ago    Deadline 14 May
  • Project Manager Innovation

    Beyond Gravity
    Zurich, Switzerland

    Manages (planning, execution, control and transfer) R&D projects, within time and budget; Leads technically the different project teams; Boosts internal synergies to transfer...

    Posted 10 days ago   
  • Sales Manager

    Paris, France

    Manage Vega launch Services marketing and sales activity; Coordinate the internal process for issuing launch services commercial offers...

    Posted 11 days ago   
  • You will be responsible for managing the project’s client, the project team and you will ensure that the project schedule is executed in-line with everybody’s expectations...

    Posted 11 days ago   
  • Top Job

    You will be responsible for developing modular, reusable test and automation software primarily in Python and similar languages, focusing on testing subsystems and complete...

    Posted 12 days ago   

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