How Space-Careers Can Help You Find and Onboard The Right Talent

  • Why Screening Candidates is So Important

  • Remember to Keep One Eye on Business Growth Potential

  • Innovative Applicant Screening and Talent Management Support

The selection of talent is defined by two co-existing processes, one is the shortlisting process and the other is the assessment process. According to the CIPD, in “both stages employers should ensure that their selection methods treat candidates fairly, without discrimination or bias, and that selections are made based on the candidate’s ability to perform the role, contribute to the organisation, and their potential for development.” Easy, right? Well, many organisations do stumble at this first hurdle.

In this article, we will explore the importance of these two processes – shortlisting and assessment – and highlight how technology can help organisations save both time and resources when onboarding talent. Technology has helped organisations by providing a new approach to the acquisition of talent. But how can digital platforms, like Space-Careers, help your business succeed?

Why Screening Candidates is So Important

Screening, or pre-employment screening, is a framework used by organisations to better understand how an applicant’s personality, qualifications, soft-skills co-exist and in a way help limit liability within the organisation. These checks can help highlight the legitimacy and suitability of a candidate prior to employment.

Utilising screening techniques, employers can help boost the quality of new hires. This means you can better sift between qualified and unqualified candidates with ease. Helping your recruitment team focus on talent acquisition and onboarding. Screening can also help in sectors with greater legal compliance and regulatory overview; by sourcing candidates that help reduce risk in terms of penalties from non-compliance of regional regulatory guidelines.

Talent Acquisition – Remember to Keep One Eye on Business Growth Potential

Failure to successfully execute a complete pre-employment screening check could result in an organisation recruiting a candidate who isn’t the right fit – this could be, for example, from the perspective of cultural differences between the candidate and the organisation – who could therefore end up resigning or worse getting fired. This will increase your employee churn rate and increase your costs. All of which is linked to your organisation’s failure to adequately pre-screen candidates prior to recruitment, which hampers your business and its own growth potential.

Space-Careers – Innovative Applicant Screening and Talent Management Support

Space-Careers can help organisations looking to source high-quality candidates by delivering cost-effective job board services tied with a comprehensive back-end recruitment management system that provides useful employee pre-screening tools allowing recruitment professionals to sift talent according to need.

By providing pre-employment screening tools like the Applicant Tracker and Pre-Selection Questions, Space-Careers can provide businesses with a bespoke and useful toolkit to help sift talent in a time and cost-effective way. Remember, candidate screening can help businesses thrive by helping to make sure your potential new hire is the right fit for your organisation. By focussing on soft and hard skills and other key attributes, along with any relevant regulatory requirements, candidate screening can help businesses attract the right talent and help improve organisational culture, build an inclusive and diverse team, whilst delivering growth for success.

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