Recruiting for Non-HR Professionals in 2023

  • Think of Job Candidates As Customers
  • Make Your Job Descriptions Stand Out
  • Job Boards and “Sponsored” Jobs – Why They Can Help Small Business Recruiters

Recruiting talent is difficult. There is a global talent shortage which has made onboarding great talent difficult. Socio-economic pressures from the Ukraine and beyond are creating recessionary pressures on many businesses and economies. And to make it even more problematic, recruiting great talent is about balancing the perseverance and creativity of your recruitment staff in utilising digital and traditional methods of recruitment in order to engage with talent. However, if your organisation doesn’t have a defined recruitment professional, recruiting talent can be even more difficult. In this article we will explore recruitment strategies for non-HRM professionals.

Think of Job Candidates As Customers

The first impression counts. This matters a great deal to candidates. Digital technology is a great resource – and one that saves a great many companies both time and money. However, candidates find digital-only recruitment to be dehumanizing. Therefore, the first strategy is to put the candidate first. This means whilst digital platforms might send text messages with interview details to candidates – a quick telephone call to introduce yourself and the organisation can go a long way in helping you make a great first impression on behalf of the company.

Great ground rules for non-HR professionals working in recruitment is to always be respectful of their time. Your time is finite. You might have a busy schedule – and digital communications might save time. However, a quick phone call or Zoom chat shows that you and your organisation care. Always be friendly, make people who have made the time and effort to attend an interview or open day feel as welcome and comfortable as possible – offer tea or coffee, the location of restrooms, ask introductory questions to help settle the candidate’s nerves. Finally, always make yourself available to candidates pre- and post-interview for feedback or general questions. These small steps help to promote a friendly and engaging recruitment experience and are the foundation of good recruitment practice.

Make Your Job Descriptions Stand Out

Crafting the right job description is a critically important endeavour if you want to connect and engage with the right talent for your organisational needs. If you are new to recruitment or work in a small business (start-up) here are a few hacks you may need to implement to help write attention-grabbing job description copy that makes a real impact.

The first element of a great job description is accuracy and specificity – this means being specific with key details like job title, duties, reporting to, and other key areas. You need to really captivate your audience – this means in the opening statement you need to make candidates excited about joining your business – this is your space to highlight what makes your business tick and why people should be excited about working for your organisation? Brevity is always best. According to Indeed, job adverts with descriptions with word counts less than 750 - 1,500 receive more than 30% more applications. This means that if you are specific with the details, really showcase why your business is a great place to work and be concise with your advertisement people will apply.

Job Boards and “Sponsored” Jobs – Why They Can Help Small Business Recruiters

Hundreds of thousands of new jobs are posted every day globally. To stand out you will need to dig a little deeper. Whilst free job board postings are a great way to get started, using promoted or sponsored posts to get the message out further can really help recruitment for non-HR professionals by making it easier to engage with a more defined audience. EuroClimateJobs board, for example, provides High Visibility Job advertisement packages that will keep your job in the top search results page for 10 days whilst also being distributed via newsletter to clients worldwide. These solutions can help save time and effort for small business managers, who lack the HR Recruitment experience, to focus on high-quality talent.

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