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Berlin, Germany

The Network Specialist (w/m/d) will hold a technical role within KLEO, based in the Berlin office, and involved in defining and implementing a global network architecture using space- and ground-based infrastructure. The successful candidate will be responsible for assessing the risks and identifying industry solutions and best practices. They will actively interface between Engineering and Commercial teams and international technical partners to ensure that the system design and processes fulfills the company’s service delivery objectives.

Main Responsibilities

  • Define and implement a network topology appropriate for a space-based communication system with intersatellite links
  • Assess requirements for ground infrastructure necessary to provide peer-to-peer connectivity and seamless connectivity to the internet
  • Determine requirements and hardware needs for gateway connections between the KLEO network and external networks
  • Support definition of routing, QoS, firewall, encryption, and other regulatory functionality required for the User Terminals
  • Build and implement simulations to determine routing in the space and ground segments (and in between), as well as assessment of the total latency
  • Define needs for on-site network experimentation lab or hosted services, and define requirements for hardware to be procured
  • Evaluate various on-orbit routing algorithms to balance load on the network and manage high-priority/low-latency traffic efficiently
  • Forecast workload and maintenance needs during design, rollout, and operational phases of the project
  • Support Hardware-in-the-loop testing of the satellite communications payload within the simulation environment
  • Perform analyses to determine network loading, stress testing, and failure modes
  • Support the network architecture development and Regenerative Communication Payload System design to ensure best practices are implemented to minimize or eliminate cyber threats
  • Support development of routing and transparent switching functionality within the regenerative communication payload
  • Collaborate with RF engineers to assess the benefits and drawbacks of different coding schemes and how this affects system throughput
  • Collaborate with Security Specialists to assess the security implications of various network implementations and take appropriate measures to safeguard the network and customers’ data
  • Identify key industry leading security technologies and practices to incorporate into the KLEO architecture; and, support the development of strategic partnerships
  • Support transition from development to operational environments
  • Define and support implementation of Network Operations Center and control infrastructure
  • Develop operational requirements, guidelines, and procedures for operations
  • Develop techniques for anomaly handling – e.g., automated passing data and rerouting on node failure or outage
  • Maintain awareness of technology trends and standards; and, assist in the development of new products and services needed within the KLEO system
  • Be aware of and follow communication and networking standards. Specifically, participate in industry working groups related to Network Coordination (RIPE), 5G standardization (3GPP), etc.
  • Assess benefits of making our system compliant (or partially compliant) with various networking and communication standards
  • Provide technical consultancy services to the Commercial team to support sales, pre-sales, and application development
  • Support the development of customer solutions, as needed
  • Mentor other engineers in security systems and practices to provide added redundancy for team expertise
  • Provide on-site information sessions and training

Skills and Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in a related field (i.e. Electrical, Computer or Systems Engineering) or demonstrated suitable experience.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in networking field with knowledge in hardware, software, and procedurals solutions
  • Practical knowledge and experience in communications and networking standards and protocols
  • Practical knowledge of systems engineering
  • Confidence in working directly with potential customers, suppliers and subcontractors
  • Experience developing systems documentation, requirements, test plans and procedures, and operational procedures
  • Ability to work independently and effectively, co-coordinating tasks and responsibilities
  • Strong analytical and excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent communications and inter-personal skills (written and verbal)
  • Fluency in English, other languages considered an asset
  • Willingness to travel overseas

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