Simulation Platform Principal Engineer

Simulation Platform Principal Engineer

The Exploration Company

Munich, Germany

We want you as a talented Simulation Platform Principal Engineer to help us in our mission by revolutionizing our spacecraft testing capabilities through advanced simulation technology.

You will be successful in this role if you are able to help us

  • Define and refine the architecture of our simulator platform and infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and scalability;
  • Lead discussions with stakeholders to gather requirements and ensure alignment with overall project objectives;
  • Evaluate and select the appropriate simulation frameworks and libraries;
  • Perform make or buy tradeoffs; collaborate with external partners or vendors to request, evaluate and integrate third-party simulation framework, models or tools;
  • Build and scale the team developing and maintaining the simulation platform;
  • Lead the implementation and integration of spacecraft models, including models developed by other teams, into the simulator platform for hardware in the loop (HIL) and software in the loop (SIL) testing;
  • Support the develop and optimize simulation algorithms and models to accurately replicate spacecraft behavior and the environment in a simulated environment;
  • Develop tools and interfaces for data visualization and analysis within the simulation environment;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of the simulator platform with other spacecraft subsystems;
  • Drive continuous improvement efforts to enhance the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of the simulator platform.

Key Responsibilities

In your capacity as a Simulation Platform Principal Engineer, your role will be continuously evolving, but day to day your duties will include:

  • Taking ownership of the simulator platform, including defining its architecture, components, and interfaces;
  • Implementing robust simulation algorithms and models to meet performance requirements;
  • Defining the technology stack of the simulation platform, including make or buy trade-offs;
  • Conducting thorough testing and validation of the simulator platform to ensure accuracy and reliability;
  • Providing technical guidance and support to junior engineers and team members;
  • Collaborating with system engineers and other teams such as Avionics and GNC to ensure seamless integration of the simulator platform with other spacecraft subsystems;
  • Actively participate in system-level tests and provide support for troubleshooting and resolving integration issues;
  • Keeping up with industry standards and emerging technologies in simulation;
  • Build and scale the team developing and maintaining the simulation platform.

What we would love to see from you

In the role of Simulation Platform Principal Engineer ideally, you will have the following:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or a related field. Alternatively, five years of professional work in a related area;
  • Proven experience in implementing and operating simulation platforms for aerospace or similar complex systems;
  • Proven experience in real-time distributed system design, implementation, and debugging, with a focus on timing constraints, synchronization, and deterministic behavior in safety-critical applications;
  • Strong background in software development, with proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Python, or MATLAB/Simulink;
  • Familiarity with hardware in the loop (HIL) and software in the loop (SIL) testing methodologies;
  • Experience with containers such as Docker for deployment and management of simulation environments;
  • Strong software architecture background;
  • Leadership experience will be a plus;
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, collaborative environment;
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to convey complex technical concepts to diverse audiences.

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