Senior Product Manager - Flight Software

Senior Product Manager - Flight Software


Espoo, Finland

What will you do in this role?

Step into the driver's seat and take ownership of the Flight Software that ultimately controls what ICEYE’s satellites are doing at any given time. You are expected to be supporting and empowering your engineering team every step of the way. You'll be their ultimate ally, providing them with the clarity, guidance, and processes needed to achieve top-notch results efficiently. This isn't just any role—it's a pivotal one, with immense responsibility and visibility. It's yours to shape and drive to new heights.

Your mission? Define and chart the course for the Flight Software roadmap, ensuring it aligns tightly with all our commercial products, from Missions to Data to internal operations, as well as with other components in the full end-to-end system covering both space and ground based components. Dive deep into the technical architecture, contributing valuable insights to shape future discussions, especially in response to customer needs.

But it doesn't stop there. You'll be the bridge between customer demands and our product roadmap, translating feedback into actionable plans with precision. As the beacon of truth, you'll communicate the Flight Software roadmap clearly across the organization and collaborate with commercial teams in bid processes, showcasing ICEYE's capabilities directly to clients.

When it's time to face clients, you'll be the face of ICEYE in Flight Software related discussions, confidently discussing the Flight Software capabilities and roadmap, and representing our expertise. Behind the scenes, you'll motivate your team, ensuring their focus remains sharp as they drive execution forward. From reviewing delivery statuses to refining scopes, you'll be there every step of the way, ensuring excellence is achieved.



  • Proficient in embedded systems, with hands-on experience;
  • Proven track record of successfully delivering product releases;
  • Experienced in leading product development across various life cycle stages;
  • Demonstrable leadership traits and excellence in providing purpose and direction;
  • Quick thinker, intelligent and curious;
  • Background or education in geospatial science, computer science, physical science, or engineering.


  • Experience in people management, including recruitment, training, and development;
  • Comfortable performing in both large crowds and small meetings;
  • Possesses advanced influencing and negotiation abilities;
  • Familiarity with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CICD) release methodologies in embedded systems context.

How will your success be measured?

  • Your success will be measured on the non-exhaustive criteria below;
  • Your product will deliver material growth and revenue for ICEYE, and your product will be influenced by your choices, decisions, and leadership;
  • You will act as topic expert, and will work to gain credibility across multiple domains and products;
  • You will challenge and collaborate with customers to ensure the success of your product;
  • You will act with autonomy, making decisions that are right for the product and the business, including the kill, delay or acceleration of products.

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