System Engineering Manager

System Engineering Manager


Rome, Italy


The Operational Competence Manager (OCM) will manage the System Engineering Competence Center and relevant team allowing a competence center evolution in terms of competence development and customer strategic engagement.

Job Responsibilities

The OCM will have the responsibility for designing, coordinating and improving the System Engineering Unit project carried out by relevant System Engineering Team within RINA Space and Defence Business Unit. The OCM will manage the System engineering portfolio competences required to obtain new contract, renewal of existing contract and deliver the relevant contractual end-service.

In addition, OCM will have the responsibility for enhancing existing performance by developing and implementing strategy for the System Engineering competence center working in strictly in coordination with Business development manager/Sales Manager to evaluate and prepare for relevant opportunities.

Finally OCM will manage System Engineering unit budgets and invoice, monthly reports on System Engineering competence center performance (e.g hours/budget/revenues/invoice) and develops industry partnerships following RINA standards, process and regulations.


  • At least five years of experience in project development and management, R&D project management and/or strategic competence development.
  • Strong project management skills, including organization and attention to detail.
  • Financial literacy to understand budgets/invoice/revenues and financial statements in general.
  • Excellent knowledge of all System Engineering principles (e.g V model, technical documentation (SSS, Tracing and managing of requirements using DOORS),knowledge of Model-Based System Engineering, Design of complex systems, DOORS
  • Experience in integration and validation of systems / subsystems (including test report)
  • Knowledge of main used standards in System Engineering (e.g. MIL-498, ECSS, etc)
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize duties
  • Excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Excellent analytical, research, reasoning, problem‐solving and decision‐making abilities.
  • Excellent italian and english written and oral communication skills.
  • Develop and maintain teamwork with all staff members in a trustful, respectful, and cooperative work


  • BUILD NETWORK - Forge trust relationships, across departments, and outside the organization
  • MAKE EFFECTIVE DECISIONS - Structure activities according to priorities, actions, resources and constraint
  • ADDRESS THE WAY - Have a big picture of different situations and reinterprete it in a perspective way
  • PROVIDE VALUE WITH PEOPLE - Value everyone's contribution through honest feedback
  • THINK FORWARD - Capitalise on experiences and translate them into action plans for the future
  • CLIENT INTIMACY - Embrace internal and external client needs, expectations, and requirements to ensure maximum satisfaction
  • MANAGE EMOTIONS - Recognise one's and other's emotions and express and regulate one's reactions
  • EARN TRUST - Take everyone's opinion into account and remain open to diversity
  • PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Promote commitment by keeping promises as a Role Model
  • PIONEER CHANGE - Actively embrace change and benefite from the new circumstances


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering General or Electronic/TLC Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Engineering General or Electronic/TLC Engineering

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